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Counter Urbanisation

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Counter urbanisation is the movement of the population and economic activity away from the urban areas. When people choose to live on the edge of urban areas they do this because normally the urban areas are not very nice places to live due to pollution, crime and traffic. Also urban areas are very busy and noisy and people may want to move away from these places (Manchester, London and Liverpool) and move to less crowded and quieter places like the rural urban fringes and sometimes even into the countryside.

Other reasons might be that the increase in cars over the last decades means people are more mobile and travel around a lot.

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Counter Urbanisation
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So because of this they decide to move further away from their work in the city to a more peaceful place where they can relax and then travel into the city in the mornings to get to work. In places like Manchester it is very noisy and busy with lots of traffic and people crowded around.

Some people may not like this and want a more peaceful lifestyle in a quieter place and since most people have cars they can still drive to work so they move to places like Sutton where it is peaceful and quiet but they can still drive to work quite easily.

This is Prestbury a rural village close to Macclesfield counter urbanisation happens here because the houses here are mainly very big and expensive so rich people who need links to get into Manchester (e. g. footballers; Wayne Rooney and Carlos Tevez) easily move here because of the rural quiet setting and the large houses. However it lacks services and transport for the people as a lot of the people living there are rich and don’t need buses however some of the people are elderly and cannot drive so need these services but they are not there.

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Counter Urbanisation. (2016, Sep 29). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/counter-urbanisation/

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