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He was around seven years when the wait for new kidney began. Two years later, he had been called thrice informing him that there was still no match for him. Fortunately for him, a young adult involved in a bad accident agreed to donate his organs after death. His kidney was the match that my friend needed. Similarly, most people would want to be able to say that they have saved a life? What other selfless way than becoming an organ donor? B. Tie to the audience: You never know whether one of the people on the waiting list would be you or somebody you know. C.

Thesis statement: There is a growing need for organ donors and it is becoming a donor after death is a lifesaving decision. D. Thesis and Preview: I’d like to talk to you about the need for organ donors, how to become one after death and how it benefits both your family and the organ recipients. However, there are numerous stigmas associated with organ donation but most of them are false and as a result of lack of proper information about organ donation. Therefore I will also talk about the arguments against donations. (I’ll begin by informing you about the dire need for organ donors. ) II. BODY A.

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Everywhere in the world, there is need for body transplants which require our help. 1. The main problem is that there is huge lack of organs and organ donors. . The need is for organs and tissues such as liver, corneas, kidney, lungs, blood vessels among others. B. The waiting list for organs is updated every fifteen minutes with a new name. 1. Around 10 people die every day while waiting for a transplant (Lifesavers par 6) 2. The reason for this is that there are only very few donors. (Lifesavers par 2) c. It is possible for a person to donate an organ or choose which organs to donate after his/her death. Organ donations is important a. Robert Test’s poem ‘To Remember Me” shows in part the importance of donating our organs to others. “Give my sight to the man who has never seen sunrise, a baby’s face or love in the eyes Of a woman. Give my heart to a person whose heart has caused nothing but endless days of pain… ” (South Dakota Lions Eye Bank, undated brochure). B. Becoming an organ donor and the benefits of being a donor 1. Once you decide that you would want to donate some of your organs after death, inform your family as they will be involved in the donation agreements.

It is important to specify which organs or tissues you wish to donate. 2. Follow the laid down procedures in your country. A. Fill out a uniform donor card and always carry it with you. B. This card wows which organs you wish to donate, it should be signed by your family members as witnesses for your decision. (Gunderson Lutheran Hospital [Lacrosse, WI] undated brochure). 3. Donating organs gives the recipient a second chance in life. 4. Knowing that their loved ones helped save a life becomes a great consolation and helps families cope with the loss. C. Arguments against organ donation and refutations 1.

People of all ages can become organ donors; however children under 18 should get permission from their parents. (Hexameter) 2. Myths about becoming an organ donor. (mayo clinic staff par and 3) a. If people agree to donate their organs, doctors don’t work hard to save their lives. This claim is untrue as the doctors’ main focus is to save the patient’s lives. B. Am too old to donate – the effectiveness of the organs is based on medical issues and not age. C. Organ donation is not consistent with some religion- most religions allow organ donation in order to save lives. Ill.

CONCLUSION Transition sentence: As you can see, organ donation is an important decision that one can make to save a life. Summary: I’ve talked about the need for organ donors, the myths and beliefs surrounding organ donation, how to come an organ donor as well as the benefits. One becomes a donor by ensuring that your family knows about it and then by filing a donor card indicating your wishes. It’s easy to save a life. Tie Back to the Audience: imagine somebody needing an urgent transplant and was on the waiting list, and then one of your relative who had unexpectedly died and their organs were used to save the life.

What satisfaction and comfort would it give? Concluding Remarks: I will conclude with a message from Michael Jordan “Please make the decision to become an organ and tissue donor. Remember: Share your life. Share your decision. Speech Introduction Members of the Red Cross, thank you so much for this opportunity to talk about organ donation and for you continued support to human life. Organ donation is an issue close to my heart having lost one of my parents through a heart problem. There was no heart that could be used to save his life.

How would you feel lying in hospital bed so desperate and waiting for an organ that your body needs for survival? That was the situation my dad was in a few years ago. It was devastating, it was heartbreaking. Just like my dad there are millions of other patients requiring organ transplants but will die on the dating list. This is despite the fact that most of us die with our organs fully intact. The organs are buried with us to the grave, yet many are in the hospital beds with a dire need for them. If you were the one in need, wouldn’t you want to be helped? Most of us are good hearted and would be happy to have saved somebody life.

We as Red Cross members perform humane acts on a daily basis, we offer first aid for accident victims, and we donate blood and many other acts. Why not extend our passion for saving lives by becoming an organ donor. By donating your organs, you lose nothing yet you give somebody a second chance. What is organ donation and how does it work? Probably many of you are asking what organ donation is and how it works. To begin with, Organ donation is the healthy transfer of an organ or tissue from the human body of a living or dead person to the body Of another person in need of the organ.

This involves a surgical procedure known as transplantation. Transplantation has been referred as the greatest miracle in medicine. According to CBS News the first organ transplant was carried out in 1954. It was hoped that from that great invention, people would not continue to die due to failures in their vital organs. However, more than sixty years down the line, there is an estimated population of over 1 00,000 people in the United States alone waiting. Over 10% percent of these are children below ten years.

Similarly, in every fifteen minutes a new name is added to the waiting list and approximately ten people die every day while waiting for a transplant. We need to reverse this trend; we need to set an example to others. Is this not our role? Is this not what we have been called for? Robert Test’s poem “TO Remember Me” explains the plight of the many in hospitals who are suffering. Organ donation is very low almost every,Inhere in the world. It is from this point that I feel the need to let you know my opinion towards this issue and to inform you about what we can do to save lives.

The children below ten years have not lived their lives, why should we deny them a chance? Organ donation is taken from people who have registered as organ donors upon their death in hospitals. Once pronounced brain dead, extensive tests are carried out to ensure that the brain has stopped working. After the determination of the brain death, the potential donor is put in intense care. At this point, the patient is kept essentially alive by the machines. This is to ensure that the other organs that the donor wishes to donate are still functional. The doctors them inform the family members who give consent for the organ donation.

The doctors then carefully remove the organs and put them in highly refrigerated conditions awaiting transplants. However, if the organ donor dies outside a hospital facility, his organs will not be used since they would be dead and not functional. Such a donor can only be able to donate the corneas or body tissues. These procedures are carried out with a lot of care and therefore there is no need to worry. Organ donation is robbery one of the ways that a person can give back to others in death. How to become a donor So how can we help? It’s easy. Make the decision to save a life now.

Get in touch with your doctor who will give you more information. Register by filling out a form and receiving a donor card which can easily be carried in our wallets. The donor card tells the organs you would wish to donate after death. There are about eleven organs and tissues that can be donated. These organs are the heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, bone marrow, pancreas, corneas, heart valves, intestines, skin and connective tissues. Discuss your intentions with your family or relatives who will have the final say after you are gone. Then once you are gone, your organs will be removed to save a life.

The success rate for transplants is about 80%. However, it’s sad that most of people have appositive attitude towards donating but few have actually registered and received donor cards. Benefits of organ donation Perhaps you want to become an organ donor, but still asking yourself why you should. First, you can make a difference by saving life. Did you know that a single organ can save about 10 lives? To the recipients, you give them a second chance, you improve the quality of life, and some organ transplants allow the recipient to go back to their normal lifestyle without depending on costly routines for survival.

Strangely, the families of the dead are able to cope with the loss more easily knowing that their loved one helped save a life. Organ donation brings the satisfaction of giving somebody a second chance. Similarly, most families have admitted that donation helped them cope with the loss. And most importantly your soul rests in peace. Misconceptions about organ donation However, the misconceptions about organ donation are still high among any people. I do believe that these misconceptions contribute to the low rate of organ donations. I would like to dispel some of these false beliefs.

First, the ideas that once you have donated your organs, the doctor will not put much effort to save your life. This cannot be further from the truth as one of the major focuses of doctors is to save the life of the patient. Why would the doctor want to save the life of the person requiring the transplant and not yours? In addition, the doctors do not know that a patient has offered to donate his organs until he has been declared dead. Second is the notion that organ donation is against some religions. This is not true as organ donation for the purpose of life saving is supported by Islam, Catholicism, Protestantism among others.

Another belief which some people have is that they are too old to donate. However, I would like to assure that there have been successful organ transplants from donors above seventy years. Again the only criterion used to decide whether an organ can be used is not age but medical tests. Another misconception is the body can be disfigured and that it is impossible to have an open casket funeral. The surgeons take only the organ which is needed and repair all the incisions made. For example, if a bone is removed, they insert a rod where the bone was to maintain the figure of the donor.

Similarly, the body is fully clothed and therefore people cannot see the scars. Conclusion As you have heard, organ donation is an important decision and especially for us who are passionate about life. When I think about my dad, and how he could have been saved, only if he had received a heart transplant. I recall the best times we shared, his humor, advices and care, but he is no more. What would it feel like, when we are hooked in machines, waiting for that lifesaving moment when there will be a match for the organs we need with a desperate prayer that death does not call before the donor arrives?

I have talked about the serious need for Organ donors, the benefits and the easy process of becoming one. Similarly, I hope that I have been able to dispel some of the false beliefs and myths surrounding organ donation. Image the comfort and satisfaction your soul would have after death knowing that a life has been saved. Just like Michael Jordan “Please make the decision to become an organ and tissue donor. Remember: Share your life. Share your decision” It is important that your family understands your wish. Like Michael Jordan, this is how I see things and that’s why I am proud to be an organ donor.

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