Coursework Three – Individual Assignment Essay

During the completion of the group project, I felt that initially it was difficult to allocate tasks as because of the nature of the essay, the majority of the work was research based and therefore required good research. To begin with it was discovered by all five group members that too much information was found, most of which was essentially the same but obviously worded in different ways. This caused problems as because of the volume of information found, it took time to identify which information was necessary and which was to be included ithin the work.

Also it became confusing to keep track of which websites has been used as the bulk of research was carried out on the internet. Eventually we came to the conclusion that it would be best that only two people carry out research working together and keep notes of the web pages.

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Coursework Three – Individual Assignment
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Also they made notes by hand to summarise the key points and therefore put it into our own words.

The other three group members were allocated the task of typing up the essay in turns once it had been written out by hand with collective input. I had the esponsibility of carrying out the referencing and sorting through what ended up being quite a number of websites. Another difficulty we came across was synchronising timings to work together as everyone clearly had different timetables and various commitments.

Overall however I do feel that the project was a success and the team worked well together. I feel that personally I work best individually as I have more trust in myself than others and can organise my time to suit me, but did not find it overly stressful working with other people s my communication skills are quite effective. My time management skills also enabled the team to be organised as a whole as we were all able to meet up effectively and without any clashes. We were able to meet quite regularly until the assignment was completed to a satisfactory standard. Also the notes that were made were clear and easy to follow so the assignment was easily transferred from a paper version to being typed up on a computer. As my I. T. skills are also quite good, I was able to type up the essay relatively fast and accurately nd therefore submit it on time.

It was easy to follow an essay format as well as every member of the group has quit extensive experience in writing essays from our academic lives. Referencing was also done with ease as we have been taught how to effectively reference within this module. I was responsible for that section and was able to reference accurately and properly. I believe we worked very well within a group situation and I would work with the same team members again.

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