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On the 23rd twenty-four hours of November at the Auditorium of Nueva Ecija University of Science and Technology Main Campus Sumacab Este. Cabanatuan City. 4th twelvemonth pupils of College of Information and Communication Technology held a seminar about Cyber Crime Law and Ethics for IT Professionals. At 12:00 o’clock midday. I and my schoolmates were met at the gate of the school. When they come all. at the same time we went to the auditorium and Saturday in our seats. When the clip comes where we start the seminar. Ma’am Ruth thought us a really simple action vocal. And after that Ma’am Ruth called Ma’am Gloria Alcantara to present our first talker at our seminar. Our Speaker is besides a merchandise of our school Nueva Ecija University of Science and Technology. he was an Engineering pupil in their clip. in his college life he received many awards. he is besides a merchandise of Nueva Ecija High School and every bit expected he received many awards like his college life.

After he graduated in our School at he make up one’s mind to be a Law Students At Aurollio University after that as expected he passed the saloon scrutiny. he was the legal adviser of Municipality of Laur and Municipalty of Gen. Natividad Nueva Ecija. His name is Engr. Atty. Bembol D. Castillo. Atty Bembol asked us many inquiries like “ Pagkatapos nyo makagradute Saan Kayo pupunta? “ and besides he joked us and he said “ Magiging director Po ako ng computing machine shop” . Many of us laughed when he said that. Then he still have many inquiry to us. he told us “ bkit Kayo nag IT bkit Hindi nursing. ? ” . He besides asked us “ Sino relish magturo? Sino relish maging Teacher? . And tonss of inquiries to follow. Atty Bembol besides tells narrative about his life after he graduated in NUEST. after all of this inquiry he start to discourse our subject about Cyber Crime Law. This is the first jurisprudence in the Philippines which specifically criminalizes computing machine offense. which prior to the transition of the jurisprudence had no strong legal case in point in Philippine law.

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The Act. divided into 31 subdivisions split across eight chapters. criminalizes several types of discourtesies. including illegal entree choping. informations intervention. device abuse. cyber crouching. computer-related discourtesies such as computing machine fraud. content-related discourtesies such as cybersex and Spam. and other discourtesies. The jurisprudence besides reaffirms bing Torahs against kid erotica. an discourtesy under Republic Act No. 9779 the Anti-Child Pornography Act of 2009. and libel. an discourtesy under Section 355 of the Revised Penal Code of the Philippines. besides criminalizing them when committed utilizing a computing machine system. Finally. the Act provides for a “catch-all” clause. wherein all discourtesies presently punishable under the Revised Penal Code are similarly punishable under the Act when committed utilizing a computing machine. with matching stricter punishments than if the offenses were punishable under the Revised Penal Code entirely.

The Act has cosmopolitan legal power: its commissariats apply to all Filipino subjects irrespective of the topographic point of committee. Jurisdiction besides lies when a punishable act is either committed within the Philippines. whether the mistaking device is entirely or partially situated in the Philippines. or whether harm was done to any natural or juridical individual who at the clip of committee was within the Philippines. Regional Trial Courts shall hold legal power over instances affecting misdemeanors of the Act. A takedown clause is included in the Act. authorising the Department of Justice to curtail and/or demand the remotion of content found to be contrary to the commissariats of the Act. without the demand for a tribunal order. This proviso. originally non included in earlier loops of the Act as it was being deliberated through Congress. was inserted during Senate deliberations on May 31. 2012. [ 4 ] Complementary to the takedown clause is a clause mandating the keeping of informations on computing machine waiters for six months after the day of the month of dealing. which may be extended for another six months should jurisprudence enforcement governments request it.

The Act besides mandates the National Bureau of Investigation and the Philippine Na. tional Police to form a cybercrime unit. staffed by particular research workers whose duty will be to entirely manage instances refering to misdemeanors of the Act. under the supervising of the Department of Justice. The unit is empowered to. among others. roll up real-time traffic informations from Internet service suppliers with due cause. necessitate the revelation of computing machine informations within 72 hours after reception of a tribunal warrant from a service supplier. and behavior hunts and ictuss of computing machine informations and equipment. It besides mandates the constitution of particular “cybercrime courts” which will manage instances affecting cybercrime discourtesies. Atty Bembol explained more about Cyber Crime Law. the Preliminary Provision. Declaration of Policy ( The State recognizes the critical function of information and communications industries such as content production. telecommunications. airing electronic commercialism. and informations processing. in the nation’s overall societal and economic development.

The State besides recognizes the importance of supplying an environment conducive to the development. acceleration. and rational application and development of information and communications engineering ( ICT ) to achieve free. easy. and apprehensible entree to interchange and/or bringing of information ; and the demand to protect and safeguard the unity of computing machine. computing machine and communications systems. webs. and databases. and the confidentiality. unity. and handiness of information and information stored in this. from all signifiers of abuse. maltreatment. and illegal entree by doing punishable under the jurisprudence such behavior or behaviors. In this visible radiation. the State shall follow sufficient powers to efficaciously forestall and battle such discourtesies by easing their sensing. probe. and prosecution at both the domestic and international degrees. and by supplying agreements for fast and dependable international cooperation. ) Punishable Acts. the Cyber Crime Offenses ( Offenses against the confidentiality. unity and handiness of computing machine informations and systems ) this contains Illegal Access. Illegal Interception. Data Interference. System Interference. Misuse of Devices. Cyber-squatting.

He discusses besides Computer-related Forgery. Computer-related Fraud. and Computer-related Identity Theft. Content-related Discourtesies like Cybersex. The wilful battle. care. control. or operation. straight or indirectly. of any lewd exhibition of sexual variety meats or sexual activity. with the assistance of a computing machine system. for favour or consideration. Child Pornography. The improper or forbidden Acts of the Apostless defined and punishable by Republic Act No. 9775 or the Anti-Child Pornography Act of 2009. committed through a computing machine system: Provided. that the punishment to be imposed shall be one grade higher than that provided for in Republic Act No. 9775. Unsolicited Commercial Communications. The transmittal of commercial electronic communicating with the usage of computing machine system which seeks to publicize. sells. or offer for sale merchandises and services are prohibited unless. Libel. The improper or forbidden Acts of the Apostless of libel as defined in Article 355 of the Revised Penal Code. as amended. committed through a computing machine system or any other similar agencies which may be devised in the hereafter.

He besides discusses Punishments. Enforcement and Implementation. Law Enforcement Authorities. Duties of Law Enforcement Authorities. Real-time Collection of Traffic Data. Preservation of Computer Data. Disclosure of Computer Data. Search. Seizure and Examination of Computer Data. Jurisdiction. Competent Authorities. Department of Justice ( DOJ ) . Cybercrime Investigation and Coordinating Center. Composition. Powers and Functions. After explicating those things about Cyber Crime. I learned much about this jurisprudence. and even deploy my head to understand the things that bother my head about cyber offense jurisprudence. In my sentiment. it is for the good of everybody that societal media will now be controlled. All of us will be protected and one time bullied ; we have justness within our range.

All of us. particularly the adolescents among us. will larn how to manage and modulate their posters. remarks and tweets. We still can notice anything in the societal media. but the jurisprudence now prompts us to first inquire ourselves whether or non our station will ache people before snaping it into the Internet universe. And after that treatment I realized that the cybercrime jurisprudence does non restrict our freedom of look or any of our rights. it teaches us how to be well-disciplined and how to esteem other people’s privateness and rights. after the treatment some pupils in other subdivision asked their inquiry to atty bembol and their inquiry as expected was answered by Atty Bembol really good. And tonss of inquiry can non reply because the clip is out. but Atty Bembol Said That he answered those inquiry in out of the seminar. and When the forum was ended Prof. Lourdes Soro our dean give a plaque to atty. Bembol. they take some exposures as a recollection possibly.

When Atty Bembol Castillo ended his Discussion and after some image taking ma’am sally sison introduced our following talker Dr. Emmanuel S. San Juan. he is besides a merchandise of our School and merely like atty Bembol in his high school and college yearss he received many awards. he is a good professor of many schools and universities in our state. He is a decision maker of the municipality of gen. mamerto natividad. he said that he is a good friend of Atty. Bembol. and in Ethical motives for IT Professional is our 2nd subject for our afternoon seminar. Dr. San Juan is a great and exciting talker. you will non be bored he speaks because he is a witty. frequently laugh and he truly state he’s amusing but truly much you can larn. he taught us how to be a good individual. He taught us to be good employees if we can work. he frequently jokes about the narrative of his pupils. the group of sir Cerin. he tells many animating narrative to us.

While the treatment continues. our bites had come. and even other pupils was disappointed because the bites was tardily they non excessively lose their attending they are told by Dr. San Juan. while we eat our bites Dr. San Juan continue animating us and told us many animating Story. And he discusses to us the different good wont that we should retrieve when we are employed. Dr. San Juan besides tell narrative about his job that he had in the first twenty-four hours of our seminar. and he thanks God because his hereafter job was solve after he travel to Pampanga after the first batch of seminar that he was able to talk and portion some animating narratives to other 4th twelvemonth pupils of NEUST.

After Dr San Juan Speaks to us. similar happened after Atty. Bembol Castillo Speak to us there will be a Short forum where some of pupils asked inquiry to Dr. San Juan and besides like Atty Bembol. he answered those inquiry really good. And after that Prof. Lourdes Soro our dean give a plaque to Dr. Emmanuel San Juan and they take some exposures as recollection. and ma’am Ruth asked us to take some image to our talker. And the seminar was ended. terminal we went place with full of inspiration and cognition about Cyber Crime Law and Ethics for IT Professional…

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