“Daddy Day Care” Movie Review

Daddy Day care Is a movie about two fathers who lost their jobs In the product development at a large food company, was forced to take their sons out of Chapman Academy and become stay-at-home dads, and opened their own day care facility, Daddy Day Care. The plot opened with Ben, the son of Charlie Hint, who did his daily routine in the morning and when he woke up his dad, Charlie Hint, he asked him if he could stay at home with him. The dad honestly declined because he had an important appointment at work. At the food company, Charlie and his co-worker, Phil. D a presentation on their new product named Veggie-O and the kids who were asked to taste their product disliked it very much. As a result from this presentation, the boss of the food company fired the whole department Including Charlie and his co-worker which left them Jobless because the cereals did not convince the kids. Charlie broke the news to his wife, Kim, and was shocked about getting fired with the rest of their department. While the mom went to work, Charlie and Ben were left at home spending quality time together and he thought of taking Ben to the park with

Phil and his son. While they were at the park the next day, the friend of Charlie’s wife came with his son to the park and complemented Charlie and Phil for being full-time fathers because not all fathers she knew knew their own child. It would be Interesting If somebody would run a day care center In the neighborhood besides the Chapman Academy, a traditional preschool, because of what they could earn from the business. And from that moment, Charlie had an idea about running a day care and he told his co-worker about it so that they would avoid being bankrupt because they were Jobless.

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With this being their greatest Idea, they opened their day care known as Daddy Day Care. Several children were enrolled to this center with different personalities: Tony as the kid who was attached to his The Flash costume, and so on. Charlie and Phil also hired their friend Mervin, who had an ability to handle kids and a fan of star Track, at their day care. But Daddy Day care also faced different trials such as the visits of the Child Care Inspector and the intervention of the directress and her assistant In the fund raiser of Daddy Day Care.

In the end of the film, Charlie ND company bought a bigger space for their day care since their family was constantly growing. My Impression from this film left me a bigger excitement when I have children and how I approach the development of a child. It does leave a huge impact on parents. Now I know how my parents feel when they raised us, especially when we were babies. I saw a lot of lessons that were applied in the movie from our majors like Infants and Toddlers Development, Theories and Approaches to Early Childhood Education, Educational Technology, and Basic Child Health, Safety, and Nutrition.

For Infants and Toddlers Development, I saw how separation anxiety was seen in the film where the mother of was first brought to the day care and it takes a lot of observing to know how to calm the child. Another lesson that I have seen from the film is that a caregiver should have a developmentally appropriate curriculum wherein Charlie started off with no clue on what to teach the children and they Just played and wrecked the whole house. For Theories and Approaches to Early tofu and Daddy Day Care. Chapman Academy believed in the behaviorism theory or the traditional approach.

Daddy Day Care applied the constructivist theory or what most people know today as progressivism wherein teachers believe that learning should be based on hands-on. “Learning by doing. ” These are some of the lessons that I have seen from the film, Daddy Day Care. When I first watched this movie, I did not expect to see the different lessons being applied in the movie. It really struck me as a CEDE major. If I was not taking up CEDE as my course, then I would know why a child would react violently when he or she gets separated from the mother or why it was important to have a developmentally appropriate curriculum.

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