Database Thesis Proposal Essay

THESIS PROJECT PROPOSAL Name of Proponents: Jonn Wilfred Pablo Jeffrey M. Quinquileria School Year/Trimester: 2010-2011/2nd Tri Proposed Title: “Imatech’s Employment Resource Database” Area of Investigation Imatech is comprised of the best in the industry, with experienced sales staff and continuously trained engineers and technical staff. The company designs, supplies and integrates Audio Visual Systems that are technologically advanced and adheres to international standards.

The Problem that the proponents cited from Imatech Company was generally about their manual work procedure regarding their Attendance, Payroll, Documents, Reports, and Time Keeping.

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Database Thesis Proposal
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Basically they do not have computer based system at all. Hence all files are not organized and secured. We will offer them a computerized, organized, accessible, and user-friendly system that can cover all starter companies’ need to make their work easier, fast and reliable.

A system that you will never ask anything anymore from it, because all that a HR employee needed is already here. A complete and pack with organizer resource database.

Reason of Choice Using our modern technology the proponents want to give solution to this problem, to modify manual method to computer based system. We want to change old school manual procedure into a complete, computerized, organized, accessible, yet user-friendly system to provide easy-pulled-up information to Human Resource Department as well as to the owner of the company.

Importance of the Study The proposed system will provide convenience: an easy-pulled-up information, accuracy: provides authentic and based on facts information, organized; a well segregated files of all employees all in one system, Security: only the HR Department and the owner can pull up the information they need, Accessible and User-friendly: provides easy access and easy understanding to any user.

The importance of this study is the contribution for modern technology to our daily activities. This contribution can help any novice company to have an organized HR’s all in one database system for employees and to make the workload of the department easier & faster as well as it would be easy for the owner of the company, Bottom line the system would be beneficial for the both parties. Target User and Beneficiary

The target user and beneficiary of the proposed system are the employees and owner of Imatech Company. Similarity with any Previous Study The proposed system is similar to other study which provides a computer based system but it doesn’t have complete and organized system. Software Development Tool to be used The proponents decided to use Microsoft Visual Basic. Net or higher version of Visual Basic for software codes and SQL or MySQL for temporary file storage.

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