Demonic Possessions Essay

Yes, I do believe demonic possession is possible for several reasons. First, God could have allowed for and created demonic possessions as a way of testing our faith. People possessed by the devil or demons go against God and his teachings, so doing this to people could be a way of showing how much they actually love God and want to follow him. If people are able to overcome the possession, it will show how devoted they are to God. Second, according to the Bible, demons and the devil exist, so I feel it is possible for them to overcome people. The devil is known for tempting people, so it is possible for him to possess someone as a means of temptation. Satan supposedly has powers near to the powers of God’s, so Satan too may have the power to possess someone’s body. Third, as of lately, there is medical and scientific evidence that supports demonic possession. There have been several instances in which men had committed crimes, but have stated that they don’t remember doing that, and don’t feel that they had control over themselves when they did it. It is still debatable though as to whether or not these people were making this up and lying, or whether it has some validity to it. Such, “sleepwalking” murders are being tried now, and it is being debated whether or not these people were conscious or not and had control over their bodies.

Objections to demonic possession could be that God would never allow Satan take control of a person. Why would He allow Satan to take control of one of His followers, and to try to make his powers parallel to Gods by going over His head and taking control over one of His people? This could be proven wrong in saying that God allowed for this because He wanted to test people faith and devotion to Him.

In closing, I feel that it is possible for demonic possessions to take place because it says that they occur in the Bible and also that God would allow it as a means of testing our faith and devotion to Him. They aren’t always meant to be a direct offense against God.


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