Describe a challenging situation in which you demonstrated leadership

Describe a challenging situation in which you demonstrated leadership. What would those under your leadership say that you did best? What did you learn that you can apply to future leadership opportunities?

I am proud to say that I possess the qualities and experiences suited to be a good leader. My leadership skill was honed early in high school as I was one of the youngest leaders to handle management and administrative posts in school clubs. My active performance in these groups and in extracurricular activities was commended by the school.

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            Moreover, my leadership skill intensified during my college years in (____________Please fill in the name of your college). I was one of the founding members of the Association of International Business and Economics Research (AIBER), which aims to provide students with quality research and information on business and economics. After half a year of active involvement in AIBER, I was appointed president. As such, I headed research efforts and seminars and established strong human resources succession plans. All our hard work paid off when AIBER won prizes and praises from the school administrators, professors, and fellow students. Under my leadership and with support from members, AIBER became the most outstanding extracurricular society in the College. Our vision of becoming one of the leading research associations among community colleges in the United States was realized when we caught media and public attention and was nominated as a remarkable student organization. We owe these recognitions to BusinessFocus, our monthly business magazine, and to our research report seminars. We experienced the hardships of putting up a publication, but we regarded these as challenges as we formulated marketing strategies and a strong sense to the global economy with BusinessFocus, not to mention with seminars that concluded in loud cheers. I am certain that AIBER would say that my leadership was excellent because under my presidency, we brought students’ attention to the international business world. Furthermore, my leadership and involvement did not stop with AIBER because I was also the activities director of the International Student Association and a member of my college leadership society.

            Through all these experiences, I will carry in future leadership opportunities my hard work and persistence in accomplishing tasks. I learned that a leader needs to have a vision for his or her members, for his or her group or company, and for the society as a whole, and persevere to realize this vision. There will be pitfalls along the way, but what is important is to learn from past mistakes and failures and take these as challenges in order to prosper. Above all, I learned that to be a leader is to be a member and to know that each part has an important role to play for the whole to succeed. All these I will take in my journey towards the fulfillment of all my endeavors in business.

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