A Person You Admire

Every human being born into this world because of a woman. The incredible woman called a mother. The incredible woman who risked her life for nine months. The incredible woman who tirelessly raised her child. No matter what, these incredible woman always take care of us. Everybody should be proud about their mother. So do I. I am proud of my mother, so that I want to talk about her. My mother was born in Do Luong, Nghe An fifty-two years ago.

Growing up in a poor family made her becomes a hard worker since her early age and until now she still working hard. She has been teaching me everything since I was young until now and for the future. She always take care of whole family especially me of course I’m the youngest person in my family. Everyday she wake up early and goes to the market for buying some food and she prepares breakfast for us. She does everything, she cooks, she cleans, she washes and so on.

Me and my brother always help her u know what? the great thing is now she doesn’t have to wash dishes and our clothes anymore. She is also my friend, sometimes when I have some trouble I went to meet her for some advice and I always felt better after that. She always besides me. I want to thank my mother for all things that she gave to me, and all things that she taught to me. I love her very much. I think I am the happiest person because I have a great mother.  And what about you? Is there any person you admire?

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