Helen Keller – Person Whom I Admire

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The article discusses Helen Keller’s life story and how her strong character and spirited soul inspired the author. Despite losing her ability to see and hear at a young age, Helen overcame her difficulties and became a legend. With the help of her teacher, Anne Sullivan, Helen learned how to read, speak, and eventually became a successful and productive person. She was also tenacious, courageous, and ambitious, becoming the first deaf-blind person to be admitted to university. Helen fulfilled her dream of helping others like her by becoming a writer and lecturer, traveling to different countries to give speeches on world peace, and advocating for disabled and feminist rights. The author concludes by encouraging readers to have faith in themselves and work hard to achieve their dreams.

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A Miracle Maker “Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved” – Helen Keller. Helen Keller may be misfortunate for losing her ability to see and hear. However, the things she has done to overcome these difficulties are the reasons why many people admire her. After having read her autobiography and her book “The Story Of My Life”, Helen has greatly inspired me with her strong character and spirited soul.

Helen Keller was born in 1890 and was just like any other ordinary baby. Unfortunately, hardly had she had the chance to perceive all the beautiful sights surrounding her when a severe illness struck her. That awful disease, which was thought to have been scarlet fever, left poor Helen the disability to see and hear. At the age of seven, being half wild and desperate to be understood, Helen met her teacher, who was also known as her strongest companion – Anne Sullivan. From that moment on, Helen’s life changed dramatically, making her a true legend.

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Helen soon managed to have a rough image of her surroundings by constantly asking and studying from her teacher. Helen enjoyed learning and was eager to learn anytime and anywhere. Obviously in the end, her keenness and hard work was paid off. Helen learnt how to read first, then speak and eventually learnt to become a very successful and productive person. Furthermore, Helen is considered to be a very tenacious person. Throughout her life, Helen never knew of the word impossible. Although Helen faced adversity but she never gave up. She was a courageous and ambitious person.

In addition to all the terrific personalities mentioned, Helen fulfilled her dream and was the first deaf-blind person ever to be admitted to university. This event has completely changed the world’s thought towards the deaf and blind, and also motivated those like Helen to have faith in themselves. It can be considered that after the phenomenon, Helen’s name started to spread and so did her fame. After getting a bachelor of arts degree, Helen had her own plans and targets for the future. She wanted to help others like her, and wanted to prove to them and the world that “Optimism is the faith hat leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence”. Helen started her career as a writer and a lecturer. By the time Helen passed away, she had written 8 books which has been translated to over fifty languages! Undoubtedly, this has proved Helen to be a very talented writer. Besides that, Helen also travelled to different countries to give speeches on world peace, and on behalf of the disabled and feminist rights. All of Helen’s speeches has deeply touched her audience and in one way or another, changed people’s views and thoughts.

An amazing thing to do especially for one who had become deaf at a young age. Overall, we can’t deny the fact that Helen was a very productive and successful person. Everyone has their own dreams and everyone can achieve it if they want to. Life is full of obstacles trying to prevent us from our destination, only those who have faith in themselves and the will to go through all of them will reach the place they want to go and truly deserve what the get. Therefore, don’t just sit and wait for miracles to happen. On the contrary, miracles are made by your effort and patience. – Thuy Karaki. – Nguy? n Ng? c Thuy Duong

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