My Father – a Person I Admire The Most

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My father showed me how a father should treat their daughters. This man educated me on how to have morals and values. Which were elements I did not have before I had a father. I was always his focus, the center of his world, well besides, my mother. It was how we always were until my sister was born and he had to share his affection. I felt like he did not love me anymore. I was not getting the consideration I deserved. Which, I know, sounds selfish but when you go from having all the attention to having to share is hard. My mother kept telling me he still loved me, but I was young, and I did not understand it.

Eventually, I began being disrespectful towards him and shutting him out. He exhausted himself trying to give the attention I thought I deserved. As time went on I slowly, started accepting that it was not going to be all about me anymore. That was something that I had to come to peace with it. As I increased in age, we had fewer things, in common; and that’s all right cause you were always there for me when I need you. When I am having a rough time, I know my father will be there. Little did he know that he shaped me into the person I am today. Which is a sport loving girl who can talk to anybody about sports. Who also likes to keep to herself rather than being outgoing.

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Nevertheless, a person who wants to help others because you have helped me in more ways than you know. That’s why I want to become a nurse to help people as he helped me. I especially want to help kids, because my father saved me. He helped me in believing that I was good enough by just being me. Because I usually do not have any confidence in myself. That’s why I am glad to call him my dad because he is the best thing that has happened to me. I know that I don’t tell him enough that I love and appreciate him, for everything he does for me. That is why I am proud to call him my dad because he stepped up for me after he married my mom. My father showed her how a man should treat a woman.

For example, when my parents have their tough times, they always make it through their struggles. My parents have that relationship with each other that I want to have one day. I had boyfriends before, and none of them has treated me like I deserve. A lot of the time I try to force those qualities on to somebody who doesn’t have them. That is the worst thing to do is try to make somebody who they aren’t. I let them think they are better than me. Like I am worth nothing to them, they make me feel worthless. My dad was always there right behind them telling me that I was worth something and that one day I am going to make a man very happy.

In conclusion, to me, it is so important to have a father figure in your life. He showed me that it is acceptable to be a strong independent woman. My dad teaches me to have morals. A woman that knows how a man is supposed to treat her because he treated my mother like a queen. He is the only one that is there for me when I need him the most. From breakups and fights or to make me laugh, my dad is my superhero. We may bump heads a lot because we are both stubborn, but it always works out at the end. I have become a woman who is not afraid to speak up for myself, even if it gets me in trouble sometimes.

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