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Describe What You See in the Picture



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    Describe what you see in the picture This picture shows a busy street. The road is divided into 3 lanes, two-way and signaling lanes. On the the single-way lane, a man is Jaywalking. It has caused an oncoming car to stop in front of him. On the road side, I can see, a boy and a girl. The boy is helping old lady to pick up some fruits that she dropped, while the girl is helping old lady to get up. On the opposite side, there is a two-way lane and an overhead bridge.

    There are pedestrian crossing on the overhead bridge and some of pedestrians are stopping to look at what is happening on the road. There was an accident in the left side. The accident is causing a traffic jam. A queue of vehicles like lorries and motorcars are stuck in it. A crowd of onlookers has formed around the accident scene. A man has injuries. The paramedic are dressing the wounds of the victim before transporting him to hospital.

    Near the accident scene, a man is climbing over the railing to cross the road. He might be the driver involved in the accident and is trying to escape from the scene. I front of him, there are a double-Decker bus. the passengers on the bus are looking very curiously at what is happening in the other side of the road. On the same lane, a motorcyclist looks like he is using mobile phone. He is also speeding. To have safe trip on the road. Everyone must have good practicing on the road safety.

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