All the People Using the Gym

As I sit here and observe my object I first notice it’s color; dark navy blue. It’s clear and you can see right through to the inside. It’s dark navy blue color hides the color of the liquid inside. The top is grey like a gloomy day in the rain. Then notice he shape is a cylinder with both ends closed. One end you can open and the other just stays closed. Notice the size of it is medium and it looks very smooth and round. Then I use my sense botch and grab my object that use every day. As I pick it up its light weight. It feels smooth and fits right around the palm to my fingers of my hand.

My water bottle is like a river. It shares the same crystal blue color of the river. It carries a lot of water that is re used every day. New water or liquid can be added. It makes a swishing noise, It makes ripples as there is movement. It could be hot or cold. My water bottle is also much like a hole. It has supportive sides. It is very deep and can be filled. The hole and my water bottle could be either empty or full. The hole is usually open at the top but also can be closed like my water bottle. My water bottle is a very valuable object that can be used for many things.

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As et my water bottle down I notice that there is a lot a straw on the inside to drink the water and a clear top to go with it. Also notice some writing on it that must be the company who made it. There is a also a handle that you can hold it or clip it on to something. I also notice that if the light is hitting it right I can see my reflection in the side of my water bottle. I notice the liquid on the inside is usually clear and is always at a steady level and looks solid until you shake it up or move it. But once you set it back down it levels back down to the same place. My water bottle is like the gym.

I use it every day, and it’s a lath benefit. I use it to hydrate myself during a workout. It is the same color of the gym’s floors it has shape the building. It is very strong like all the people using the gym. The water bottle is mostly like the gym because of its usage. It is used more than anything else. My water bottle is also like a chalk board. It Is used often but only when you have chalk. My water bottle is used often but only when you have water in it. It just sits there until someone is ready to use it. It is dark colored like a chalk board. It is used in school like a chalk board and you will find at least one in every class.

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