Describe by the Yin-Yang symbol

Description of a Character Imagine a person who is supportive as a family member and a unique friend that would be there for you at the drop of a hat. My uncle Matt fits the description perfectly by being an adventurous kid stuck in an adult’s body, without this person in my life wouldn’t be who I am today. He is a muscular middle-aged man who wore old, broken Harry Potter style glasses. Would always make fun of him by the way he dressed with an old t-shirt from some random event and jean shorts.

Matt wouldn’t care about what people thought about him because they would never confront him about it because of how he stood like a statue. He was a very wise man who told me, ” Don’t live your life around what people think about you”. Thought of him as a wise monk instead of just my uncle. My uncle had witnessed many different events in his life that he would change if the opportunity arose. That’s why Matt would always give me advice so wouldn’t have to go through what he had already lived through. D more of a father-son relationship with him more than my biological father. He was a loyal family member just like a soldier that would die for his country. He was as healthy as soldier, Matt was actually the one that influenced me to get a membership at a gym and actually utilize it weekly. He was able to change my well-being but also changed my attitude. When was a child, I would be extremely shy and nervous around people. However, when went out with Matt I noticed on how he was out going and fearless.

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He was also adventurous as Tarzan. Every summer he would take us to warm, beach resorts of Mexico with my older brother and two friends. He would always have something different planned; he would be running all over the place like a addict on cocaine. While in Mexico, the sun would always be out and Matt is Irish, so this resulted in him being covered with layers and layers of sunscreen. Whenever I was in his hotel room it would smell like spray on sunscreen. That would explain the reason why he is pale as sour cream.

Although he has attributes of being a fearless and muscular man, Matt also is a humbly spiritual man. At times he can be calm as turtle floating on top of water. However, he mastered in the fighting style known as Tea- Swoon-Do. I was enrolled in his class, when we all were dressed in white robes with our belt that demonstrated our rank. I was a beginner with a yellow, while he had a black with gold lettering belt to show that he had mastered the style of Tea-Swoon-Do. Matt can be described by the Yin-Yang symbol.

Even though he is a large, masculine Uncle is he can also be a humble protector. In conclusion, other people see a large, fearful man I see a protective gentle giant. He has played a huge role in my life by showing not to be shy of what other people thought of me and just act myself. Would describe my Uncle as the wise grandmaster with all of his past experiences. I owe him the world and I am blessed with everything he has done for me. He fits perfectly in the position of a character that is important to me.

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