Like to Play Football

As I stand on the faded white sideline, I can see little patches of the bright green grass gone by cleats. Watch my team get into their positions. I could look back and see all of the many loud and cheerful fans in the metal bleachers on the side of the field. I had a clear view of the apposing team kick off the football near the dark blue goal post. Could hear the clashing sound of helmets and shoulder pads bursting together, and the wind rattling around inside of my helmet.

There was the very loud and up beat sound of the fans in the stand cheering on the team. I could almost hear the faint noise of the players grunting. The wind at some points got so bad that I could hardly hear my coach with a deep and serious voice giving commands to the other players. As I was standing, could feel the very wet and mushy grass beneath my cleats. I could feel the cold wind hitting my skin and the cold sweat rushing down the side of my face. The helmet is very tight and when I took it off it felt as if my ears were flat up against my head.

When I was in for a play, I could eel the other player crash into me with all of his strength as I hit the cold, wet grass. After was out of the play felt like my heart was pounding and I was out of breathe. Like to play football because it is very fun to see the fans cheering on the team, and to watch my team get into their position to play. Like to hear the sound of helmets clashing together and the sound of the wind rattling around inside of my helmet. And I love the feeling of the wet, mushy grass beneath my cleats, and the feeling of having to bite down on the mouthpiece so hard.

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