Myself: Person Hello kitty collection thing Homemade spaghetti food Downtown Dallas place Jasmine Gatewood English 0331. 2 Ms. Fischel 10/12/12 Description Essay Downtown Dallas home of the dart and the drug dealers on every corner, my friends and I used to visit regularly to have a nice chipotle dinner. When you are hear you cannot help but, visit the many food places, and cultural areas. Certain places are dirty, and littered by trash, but you also have the nice areas with all the tall buildings.

At night the globe that’s over Dallas glows, brightly and light up the whole city. This place is not recommended for kids the drug dealers will try to sell you some substances or even try to talk to you. This is teenager central because all the high school boys flock here after they get out of school. If my friends and I had money every day, we would take the dart, to the downtown area. Even people with cars ride the dart it’s very calming and it takes you to the center of all the action. With all the many spots and stops on the dart there is no excuse why not to explore Dallas.

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This place is home to beautiful, vibrant, are museums with an array of different artist. If is not you are of expertise then the cowboys football team or the mavericks basketball team, are located here. All the high end clubs and shops are made for the decorated, rich people who visit every now and then. Dallas is one big city it has over 8 million people on top of Houston 7 million. Dallas is beautiful and is the place to be. I have been living here for almost 7 years now and I wouldn’t change this for the world, I am a city girl at heart.

Dallas contains over 10 malls in the Dallas Fort Worth area really depends on if you are willing to walk a lot or just some casual shopping. The Garlicky smell is coming from the kitchen and I already know what is cooking. Every other Wednesday my dad cooks his special spaghetti that he learned from his, a professional Cajun cook. He starts off with the Italian sausage the spicy smell travels all over the house. Rolls them into medium round balls and throws them in the huge skillet until the skillet is flowing over and popping from the grease.

Fry them until they are a beautifully deep brown with a soft core and dense flavor. The homemade sauce, with garlic cloves, onion pieces, a dash of cayenne pepper, and bayou magic. Let the sauce and sausage simmer while you start on the delicate noodles. Start cooing the angel hair pasta cut diagonally and cooked for at most 25 minutes. A Dash of salt, and a hint of pepper, with milk, to make them fluffy and soft. Of course, you have garlic bread to finish an Italian prepared dinner. The frozen extra cheesy will do just fine for a family occasion, not recommended for a public party.

You cut up some parsley and chop up some chives, and your dinner is complete. Cooled mozzarella cheese shredded and put on top of your food puts the finishing touch on the pasta. Shredded cheese for the cheap families out there would do just fine for a family occasion. This could be made into a snack for yourself or a full course meal at a party. Most people just prefer to buy sauce, noodles, and meat cook it and throw it on a plate. I prefer homemade meals over frozen food at college any day; it’s one of the things that make me miss home.

I hate to cook unless I absolutely have I would go out every day if it wasn’t for having to pay so much in a little town. As for eating and gaining weight it does not hapeen I try so hard, but I just have a high metabolism. Jasmine is 19 years young and is a working student that attends the University of Sam Houston in Huntsville, Texas. She is very outgoing, loves to meet people and start her own relationships with people. Being very random at times could seem fun, but sometimes people see it as me being annoying. She laughs and jokes a lot for entertainment.

She never lets a conversation go bad, when she knows she can fix it. If she could talk all day I would, but it does get annoying sometimes whether you like it or not. Her favorite color is purple, the color of royalty in many countries. A criminal justice major, with a huge interest in the forensic field, and I eventually plan to get in the FBI. She currently is awaiting the arrival of her child on November 19th, she has become very anxious. She came from a very harsh background with her father not there, and her mother in the military. She grew up in the church, went to church every Thursday and Saturday, she had no choice.

She stayed with her grandmother for 4 years of her life and was taught the right way, until my mother intervened. She is a frequent mover, has stayed in almost all 50 states, her stepdad gets a different job almost every year. She is a socialite with a very big group of friends; she has to learn to trust them before she can call them real friends. She has attended 3 elementary schools, 3 middle schools, and 3 high schools over her 18 year life. She used to model in Dallas Texas for access world talent, then she grew up and they seemed to lose interest in me.

She has a grandfather that she has just met 2 years ago, that loves her and spoils her to the fullest. Both her parents are divorced and moved on to new partners and I am their only child. Life always has not been so perfect she got kicked out at 18 years old because my stepfather could not act right no matter what I told her. She was born into a high end family; she is used to the good life. She is far from being a bratty, spoiled child, but everything was always handed to me on a platter. When she lived on her own, with her best friend, she had to learn to save money and spend it on important things only.

Jasmine is all around just a great person just have to get to know her. Hello kitty has been my favorite cartoon character since the time that I turned sixteen on February 2, 1993. I discovered hello kitty at a late age, but I have seen many adults with more hello kitty merchandise than me. Hello kitty comes in many different colors from baby blue, to a very light pink; it depends on her mood on the show. She has very big ears and a petite black nose only shown in animated cartoons. My item I prefer out of my huge collection that I did not buy has to be my purple, diamond incrusted, watch.

I was blessed for college when my grandmother bought me towels, blankets, and washcloths with hello kitty on them to last me a couple of years. Pink and decorated with over 20 hello kitty swatches, that were sewn on my hello kitty blanket goes with me everywhere. If it was not for my wonderful family I would not have the collection I have today. Hello kitty is a very funny, silent cartoon and she is married to a hello kitty dog. The real hello kitty called Sanrio is based out of japan with their real products costing over 200 dollars if not more. Hello kitty was not very popular until the early 2000’s nobody knew too much about her.

Her show airs on the anime channel late night times so nobody ever gets to watch it. The only hello kitty products that I don’t own are undergarments and regular shoes I can wear every day. Every time my grandfather sees something hello kitty he buys it and ships it out to me, I am very spoiled. Ever since my grandfather came into my life he has fed into my hello kitty obsession it can be somewhat overwhelming on how much stuff I really do have. Last year, my grandmother bought me a hello kitty microwave from best buy it was 70$, I would never pay that much for anything.

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