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The Beach: an Always Relaxing Getaway

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  • Pages 3
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    My home is and will always be Sarteneja Village, no matter where I reside. The only thought of Sarteneja brings back so many memories to me – my family, my friends, but most of all, the beach. Sarteneja has one of the best beaches our country Belize can have. The most peaceful and panoramic place one could long to be is the wonderful beach found in Sarteneja Village. This beach has something special which up to today, just the thought of it makes me be with nature and feel in peace. I would normally walk to the beach when I felt stressed after school since it’s just a block away from my house.

    While I make my way to the beach, I can clearly see the light blue color of the crystal sea slightly covered by the green trees which are greeting me while on my way. The fresh salty smell of the sea dances around me while I’m walking to the beach telling me I’m getting closer with every step I make. The breeze slowly passes whispering through my ears bringing that peace inside me. The green parrots flying above my head, the woodpeckers working on the old coconut trees, the small lizards running a race with the breeze rushing through the nearby bush – all these make me be with nature.

    As I lay down on the sand, I can clearly see the blue sky filled with cotton balls that are alive, dancing and moving all around. I could see some changing shape from being the face of a young child to being a cute teddy bear or even a mighty dragon. As I close my eyes, I can feel the leaves on me by just listening to the way the breeze gently caressed them. The breeze itself embraced my body with such love that I feel I’m home. I can even hear the waves crashing up against the sharp jagged rocks of the coast line. The rhythmic timing of each wave brings to me a relaxing sensation and makes me to almost fall in a deep sleep.

    What a great moment. As I gently sit down playing with the sand, the crystalline sea makes me a special invitation. I stand up cautiously as to not hurt the sand while I take some in both hands and slowly throw it as I make my way in the water. I can feel the warm sand between my toes, trying to blend with the cold water that is slowly embracing my body. With every step I make, the water climbs up my body like a spider does when trying to get its prey. Slowly and cautiously the sea moves up my body until it has total control of it. The sun so hot and the sea so cold: a perfect combination to free from stress.

    I have been in other places and enjoyed myself, but in none I felt the same way I feel when I’m in Sarteneja. This beach is special, not because it is close to my house in Sarteneja, but because it brings me such wonderful sensations. The beach helps me forget all my problems; it makes me feel as if I am one with nature even by just remembering about it. The cool breeze, the crystalline waters of the sea, and many other things, even the pettiest details, are what make every thought of the beach be unique and at the same time be placid for me. I enjoy and cherish every moment I spend on the beach because for me it is my only relaxing getaway.

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