Conduct an Informal Survey within the Local Community of Boynton Beach

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                       Introduction This is a brief study of the conducted informal survey within the local community of Boynton Beach, Florida to determine the availability of the following services for older adults (aged 65 and older): transportation, nutrition, home health services, personal assistance, homemaker assistance, and mental health counseling. The study will shows income-eligibility requirements, the programs funded, the information-gathering process at which this survey was made and the availability of services to the local community as well. Transportation services: “The City of Boynton Beach Shopper Hopper Service is offered to senior citizens for grocery shopping and trips to the malls.

The service also provides transportation, to the civic center of seniors and center park (”. The Greyhound terminal in West Palm Beach is located in the Seaboard Train Station at 205 south tamarind avenues. This is accessible very much among aged person when they tends to travel safe and conveniently.  The station provides convenient access to passengers and easy connection with other modes of travel, including Amtrak, local public transit and Tri-Rail. Greyhound offers approximately 32 schedules a day to destinations such as Orlando, New York City, Atlanta and other cities nationwide. This priorities aged person to travels safely. This is just one of the terminals, as best example that caters a good service to passenger especially the aged one.

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Nutrition: “Although many studies have suggested that foods rich in dietary antioxidants have a positive effect on chronic diseases, the evidence is not conclusive that consuming adequate amounts of antioxidants through foods may help reduce the risk of diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease; cataracts; age-related macular degeneration, a common form of blindness in elderly people; diabetes mellitus, and neurodegenerative diseases (”. In the future, Dietary Reference Intakes (DRIs) will replace the older RDA (now RDI) values and may impact food and nutrition policy such as food labeling, the Dietary Guidelines and the Food Guide Pyramid. But it will take time. Currently, a committee of the Food and Nutrition Board is studying how best to represent DRI values on a food label.  This is referring to Florida’s one basic goal, for orderly people, that is, to be more lenient to have such dietary measures of their health.

Home health services: “Medical conditions can place a senior at a greater risk for falls. Some conditions, such as poor vision, arthritis, heart problems, and knee problems, may cause dizziness, weakness, loss of balance, or loss of consciousness. In addition, prescriptions and over-the counter medications may have side effects that might place seniors at a greater risk of falling. Seniors should notify their physician or pharmacist (”. It was surveyed that home health services in Florida has a greater care given to all aged person which are their concerns.

Personal assistance: The strategy to avoid guardianship and long- term care poverty, this important idea comes out among most family in concerned. Biology and history have decreed that parents take care of their children, not the other way around. Such was the parenting cycle throughout the ages until now.” The number of people over 65 has tripled since the turn of the century, and people in their 80s are among the fastest growing segment of our population. (”.Consequently, there are many individuals are finding themselves caring not only for their children but for their aging parents as well.

Since we can expect ourselves, parents, spouses, and relatives to live to a ripe old age, we can also anticipate chronic illness for longer periods of time. Homemaker/chore assistance: “According to recent data, 48.6% of people age 65 and older may spend some time in a nursing home and 71.8% of people age and older wants to be cared at home rather than outside their home. They might feel much more loved and care at home by personal care givers (”. It means that many aged person over 65 prepares to care at home rather than in a care institution.

Mental health counseling/support “Many now acknowledge the importance of continuing social and mental engagement and purposeful life roles in old age. That explains why many older adults engage in volunteer activities. This report gives insights about the experiences of older volunteers who participated in Experience Corps in three cities. Experience Corps is a national service program that recruits, trains and places teams of older adults (55 +) as tutors and mentors in underserved urban elementary schools(”. Conclusion As the research prevails that old ages does not need to spend a lot and work to earn a living.

They are all funded by the state and cared was cater by the government insurances. As notice in every literature discussion in this paper, there are no income-eligibility requirements for any of the above services. On the other hand, the programs funded by insurance and health benefit for aging and disabled. Ages over 65 were fully considered funded all by the state insurance benefit as well. In contrasting to other locality at other countries in general, there was a big gap in treating age’s services.

Just to take in contrast among Asian country, ages are not send to institution most of them coz it was not fully or not even catered by government benefit. The information gather in this paper is accessible through internet sourcing which is known to be recent information. Likewise as per observation in the other locality, make mention the Asian, there is no such a very good service offers to the country prior to the aged person. References:  

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