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Differentiation Strategies I have chosen the three brands of Apparel & Clothing for this assignment. [pic] | | | | | | | | | |[pic] | | | | | | | | | | | |[pic] | [pic] Introduction: Brioni is an Italian fashion house founded in 1945. It specializes in the sale of hand-made suits. Brioni’s first fashion show was held in 1952 at the Pitti Palace, Florence. The show gave the company exposure to clients worldwide. In 1954, Brioni held a fashion show in New York City, followed by shows in eight other American cities. That year, Brioni opened new shops on both sides of the Atlantic. Product Differentiation: Form: Brioni is currently producing handmade complete suits, pant, shirts, tie and shoes also in different sizes for the selective customers worldwide. Features:

The foremost feature of Brioni is that mostly garments and accessories are handmade. It specializes in the sale of hand-made suits, ties and other products. Each garment needs at least 30-35 hours of work, and there are more than 5,000 different fabrics to choose from. They are working on the basis of Single Needle Tailoring which made the products long lasting and helps to retain its original form. Performance Quality: All Brioni products are high quality and all are in the line of luxury goods. Only the rich people can afford. I’ve written above that each garment requires more than 24 hours of work. It creates too much cost but don’t compromise on quality and performance.

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Conformance Quality: Brioni is applying the concept of customization. More than 60% sales of Brioni are based on customized products. So they don’t have a clash on the conformance quality as they fulfill what they say. Customers are satisfied. Shirts are assembled with what is known as SINGLE NEEDLE TAILORING, the most expensive method, involving as many as 21 stitches per inch. Not only does this make the stitching almost invisible but it enables the shirt to retain its original shape through many more washings. Durability: All the Brioni products are durable. Stitching is very good as the suits are being made by hands. Hands are better than machine works.

Even the company doesn’t compromise on buttons too. Australian Mother of Pearl buttons are cut from the thick center of the pearl which has given Brioni dress shirt buttons an incredible reputation for strength and durability. Reparability: Brioni is applying the concept of customization so the reparability, here it means that customers can also alter their garments. Though Brioni is on customization method, the company doesn’t give another chance to customers to come and ask for alteration. This is the highest conformance quality of Brioni. People may ask for alteration. Style: When you locate a Brioni boutique, you will find unique handmade suits for all tastes.

These include a number of colors and styles, such as the examples below. • Nomentano, Navy Blue • Blue Pinstripe, Navy • Chalk Pinstripe, Navy • Wool Power Suit, Gray • Nomentano, Gray • Microdot, Gray/Black • Wool Tuxedo, Black Of course, the latest from Brioni is the hand tailored “James Bond” suit, a replica of suits worn by James Bond himself. It comes complete with the “James Bond” tag stitched to the inside. Design: Alexander McQueen Brioni is not working on the concept of what Alexander McQueen and Gareth Pugh is having. Brioni is for high and elite class businessmen and royal families mostly. They design simple and attractive products for the customers.

People who wear Brioni don’t focus on latest fashion trends like McQueen and Pugh. McQueen and Pugh are on the peak of latest fashion trends. You can see the picture of Alexander McQueen Fashion. Service Differentiation: Ordering Ease: Brioni is on customization; people come to their one of 25 boutiques worldwide and place the wholly customized order to Brioni. They also provide the facility of ordering through website but they prefer the self appearance of the customer as it is more suitable. Now days, Brioni is working on its website again and it is closed to get information and ordering. Delivery: Brioni delivers the customized products door to door.

But if anybody has standard size, they can visit the Brioni outlets and find the products. Customer Consulting: Brioni gives the complete care details with every garments or product what they deliver to customers so that customers feel easy and comfortable. Personnel Differentiation: Brioni’s expert tailors hand-sew jackets and trousers before adding the finishing touches by machine. Brioni’s 900 tailors create 200 models in different styles and sizes every year. All the tailors are experts in their relative fields. Brioni is producing handmade suits so it requires the most efficient and experts in its factories. A quarter of the production consists of made-to-measure tailored suits for elite of 25,000 customers.

Channel Differentiation: Brioni suits are exclusive, so it can be hard to get them. You may find Brioni suits for sale online, maybe even on eBay. However, if you want a new tailored suit of your own, your best option is to locate a local Brioni boutique. Look up “Brioni” in the yellow pages for your state. They are usually located at upscale suit and tuxedo boutiques. Brioni is also being sold to number of wholesale points and big departmental stores including Saks Fifth Avenue, Barneys New York, Bergdorf Goodman, Wilkes Bashford and Neiman Marcus. Brioni is also being sold in Pakistan by the “The Mens Store”, a brand of Buksh Group. Image Differentiation:

From the beginning, Brioni suits were luxuries only afforded to the privileged few, namely Europe’s wealthy aristocrats. Clients of Brioni are also very popular worldwide. It includes Kofi Anan, Daniel Craig, Carlos Slim, Kevin Rose, Vladimir Putin, James Bond and George W Bush etc… These all celebraties are making the image of high quality and standard and as well as luxury goods. |[pic] |[pic] |[pic] | [pic] Introduction: Louis Vuitton Malletier commonly referred to as Louis Vuitton, or sometimes shortened to LV, is a French luxury fashion and leather goods company. Founded in 1854, one of the main divisions of LVMH headquartered in Paris, France.

Known especially for bags and trunks, the company collaborates with prominent figures for marketing and design (most notably supermodel Gisele Bundchen and fashion designer Marc Jacobs). Product Differentiation: Form: Louis Vuitton is producing garments, shoes, belts, ladies bags, luggage bags etc… Louis Vuitton is the sign of luxury goods and usually people call it LV. Features: Louis Vuitton is using the latest technologies in their business. Louis Vuitton is having latest machinery to produce products but they use the man labor in its shoe factories. Louis Vuitton is using the high class fabrics and materials in their products that let the products life more with durability.

Louis Vuitton products are mostly made from the machines. [pic] Performance Quality: All Louis Vuitton products are high quality and all are in the line of luxury goods. Only the rich people can pay for. LV consistently pursued a luxury pricing strategy, which means high markups and limited availability. That drives up the brand cachet. At the same time, they do not forget the quality. Durability: All Louis Vuitton are very durable. Especially its leather garments are very much popular. They don’t compromise on the finishing and smoothness of quality products. At the same time, they also focus on top quality of its other products like shoes, wallets, belts, bags etc… Reparability:

Louis Vuitton is giving the facility of reparability to their customers. Striving for perfection, Louis Vuitton’s expert craftsmen work meticulously to restore the goods in the original form to the highest standard of quality. Currently Louis Vuitton is giving this facility for leather goods and time pieces and garments. Style and Design: Louis Vuitton has adopted the latest fashion trends in its all products. Louis Vuitton is also among the latest trend innovators like GUCCI, Dolce & Gabbana, and Armand Basi. [pic][pic] Louis Vuitton introduces different styles two times in a year. Spring Summer and Fall Winter Collections. Service Differentiation: Ordering Ease:

Louis Vuitton is also adopting customization; customers can come to the outlets of Louis Vuitton and place the special orders. The company doesn’t provide the facility of ordering through website but they prefer the self appearance of the customer as it is more suitable. The made to order and custom made facility is only available on luggage bags and leather goods. Delivery: Louis Vuitton delivers the customized products door to door. But if anybody has standard size or willing to buy any accessories like wallets, belts, they can visit the Louis Vuitton outlets and find the products. Customer Consulting: Louis Vuitton gives the complete care details with every garments or product what they deliver to customers. Personnel Differentiation:

Louis Vuitton’s staff is one of the highly paid staff who is motivated to produce the products with highest standards of quality. Louis Vuitton’s management gives the complete training time to time to all the staff members to meet the standard which is making Louis Vuitton the well known luxury brand of the earth. Channel Differentiation: The company markets its product through its own stores, high end departmental stores throughout the world, which allows it to control product quality and pricing. It also allows LV to prevent counterfeit products entering its distribution channels. Louis Vuitton has neither discount sales nor any duty-free stores.

In addition, the company distributes its products through a single online retailer, eluxury. com. Louis Vuitton outlets are located in several countries around the globe. Currently Louis Vuitton’s outlets are in more than 60 countries including USA, UK, Canada, Vietnam, Japan, Kuwait, India, Bahrain etc… Image Differentiation: Louis Vuitton has the strong reputation as it is the company of LVMH group owned by Bernard Arnault. The Louis Vuitton company carefully cultivates a celebrity following and has used famous models and actresses such as Jennifer Lopez and most recently Madonna in its marketing campaigns for creating the image of brand of celebrities and high class people.

The company announced that the former USSR leader Mikhail Gorbachev would appear in an ad campaign along with Steffi Graf, Andre Agassi, and Catherine Deneuve. [pic] [pic] [pic] Introduction: Giorgio Armani is an Italian fashion company. The company designs and manufactures products in several categories including fashion accessories, apparel, cosmetics, fragrances, home interiors, jewellery, eyewear and watches under several labels including Giorgio Armani, Armani Collezioni, Emporio Armani, Armani Jeans, Armani Junior, Armani Exchange, and Armani Casa. Product Differentiation: Form: Giorgio Armani is producing high class and luxury garments, apparel clothing, jewellery, pens and perfumes. Features:

The major feature of Giorgio Armani cloths and apparel products is that they are made from hands and also from machine. They give the technology with the m achine and quality of stitching and other things with the hands. Giorgio Armani is the symbol of highest quality luxury goods in the market. Performance Quality: All the Giorgio Armani clothing and apparel products are very high quality. The team of Giorgio Armani gives the full time to their work for Giorgio Armani to lead and remain in the market of luxury goods. The main competitor of Giorgio Armani is Louis Vuitton. But handmade, the Giorgio Armani can’t meat the quality of Brioni. Reparability:

As per my observation and research, Giorgio Armani is not giving the facility of make to order or in simple words; Giorgio Armani is not applying the customization. They have the standard sizes but they welcome the slight changes in clothing alteration. Design & Style: Giorgio Armani has its own designs and Mr. Giorgio Armani himself design the cloths of Giorgio Armani. Giorgio Armani designs are exclusive and the designers are very motivated to make something new for the luxury market. Giorgio Armani has also adopted the concept of latest fashion trends to some extent. Personnel Differentiation: Whenever you enter to any Giorgio Armani store, the staff will welcome you more excitedly and give you the complete VIP protocol.

Most of the staff working in Giorgio Armani factories and outlets are young not more than 30 years that makes Giorgio Armani to explore and design the most powerful and attractive products. Channel Differentiation: Armani today employs about 4,700 employees and has 13 factories around the world. It has nearly 300 stores in 36 countries. Giorgio Armani is selling its products through its stores and e market like. Giorgio Armani is also giving the facility to buy online but it is only fore USA. Emporio Armani is also being selling online through its own website. Image Differentiation: Giorgio Armani is the symbol of luxury goods and VIP lifestyle. Most of the time, Hollywood actors and actresses are found in the boutique of Giorgio Armani which is also making the image of Giorgio Armani as the brand of celebrities..

The brand image is so powerful. There are number of fake products available in the market of Giorgio Armani. It is also the sign of good brand image but it is so painful for the quality of Giorgio Armani. Giorgio Armani had also faced the bad image in 2007. In July 2007, Giorgio Armani told Time Magazine that viewing PETA materials “convinced me not to use fur. ” However, according to PETA, Armani’s Fall 2008 collection included fur coats for babies, floral printed furs, fur-hemmed skirts and fur-trimmed jackets. The animal rights group has contacted celebrities such as Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and Glenn Close asking that they not wear Armani-designed clothes.

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