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Digital Marketing: Web Analytics Assignment

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Who are the target users? Answer 1: Google analytics is a tool from Google through with we can create detailed report about our mobile APS performance website traffic and its source. Not only it provides business insight it helps your business to succeed. Google Analytics data is golden. By understanding what works and what doesn’t, you can be sure to invest your time optimizing the right activities, and dropping those that don’t work.

It also increases usability of your website by knowing how visitors use your website you can determine where you are lacking behind in satisfying the customer it also helps in identifying the target audience.

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Digital Marketing: Web Analytics Assignment
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Tableau Software: it is a data visualization software focused on business intelligence it can connect easily to any data source Tableau allows for instantaneous insight by transforming data into visually appealing, interactive visualization called dashboard This process takes only seconds or minutes. Tableau helps to process and analyze data in a logical, easy to follow manner.

Tableau can directly connect to Google analytics and take care of visitor, source and conversation effectively and you can avoid exporting your file to excel The target user of there applications are the company who deals in big data analysis and transform their business on the evaluation of the data mostly e commerce company marketing firms etc. . Key terms: Answer the following questions (a) IV vs. visit. What is the difference? Answer: IV: unique visitors are the number of individual people visiting the website one or more time in a time period.

Visit: A visit refers to a visitor’s session with your website. During the session, the user can view any number of pages, but the visit as a whole will count as one. The session ends when the visitor navigates to a new website, closes the browser (b) What does a high bounce rate tell you compared to a low bounce rate? Answer b: bounce rate is the percentage f people who visit the website and leave it rather than continuing. So if the bounce rate is high that means the page is not effective enough to attract users. (c) A/B Testing – what is involved?

Give an example of how you might test Google search ads? Answer c: Alb testing is an experiment with two variant, where there is version A and version B. Version a may be currently used version and version b is modified in this process different hypothesis testing is involved to get the result the main target is to identify the changes which is made to the weapon are they helping in changing the outcome. We can test Google search add by using current variant and creating another with changes and then we can analyze the difference. 3. You’ve pulled the following data set from Momentum.

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