Disadvantages: Education and Single Sex School

Co-education is male and female persons in a learning environment (school) together as opposed to gender segregated education. Having attended both types of schools I can answer this. Gender segregated schools allow girls in particular to develop their strengths without worrying that some boy is going to be put off by her abilities. She can be outspoken, smart and in charge and it’s seen as a strength not something that she can get put down for.

You can concentrate of your school work and not worry about your hair/makeup/how you look or act and what the guys think of you. You develop a strong sense of self. Coeducation has its values as well. It teaches you how to interact w/both sexes equally and to be able to be promote your ideas in a mixed group setting. I just think gender seg. ed works better to achieve your sense of self and develop your strengths so that later you can go out and generalize this to the ‘real world. Disadvantages There is a belief that by sending a child to a single sex school they can get away from the gender stereotypes that are typically seen in a co-educational learning atmosphere. Some of these stereotypes are placed on the students by society, others by facility, classmates, and themselves. William Pollack, in his book Real Boys: Rescuing Our Sons From the Myths of Boyhood, writes “In girls’ schools, it is plain to see that some girls are poets, some are athletes.

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Some are historians or mathematicians, some are scientists or sculptors. Stereotypes about “acceptable” roles simply do not apply. ” (What about Boys) By eliminating these gender based stereotypes the students are free to learn without worrying about the labels being placed on them. In conclusion the advantages and disadvantages of attending a single sex school or co-educational school are now being looked into more closely when the decision is being made on which environment is best for a child to learn.

Each school environment has pros and cons to offer the student. What is important is that the right learning environment is selected based on the one student and how they learn. When a student is not placed in the right learning environment for them they can begin to fall behind the rest of the class. It is important to keep in mind that neither learning environment has yet to show that is the best learning environment for all children to be taught in.

This is why the question “Is a single sex school or a mixed school the best learning environment for my child? ” is been asked more and more recently. but as a advantage they would able to know how to behave and the difference between them. The one big disadvantage about having boys and girls in the same class is when we go for physical education. Boys and girls just cannot do the same type of exercise or play the same game together. So we need to have two teachers, one for the boys and one for the girls.

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