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Discuss the types of groups that are influencing gerard



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    Recognizing and Defining the Problem
    1) The problem that I recognize has to do with my position at Mark –Maker Co. where I work as a rubberer. The problem comes in when I have to read paperwork about a cutting die and may be confused as to what exactly the order as written is telling me to do. When we don’t know exactly what types of rubber we should be putting on a cutting die, problems can happen like the product not ejecting off the die. Selecting a Method of Solution

    2). The method of solution that I would propose would be a meeting with a member of each department and maybe even a few selected customers, to go over some more specific labeling on the order. It seems like that would result in a better product being put out and better customer satisfaction. Collect and Organize the Data and Document the Sources

    3). The customer service department or sales staff should take accurate information from the customer. The customer could even be asked to provide some graphics or pictures of what exactly they are looking for in how our cutting die would work on their machines. This would mean that there would need to be some responsibility on the part of: The Salesperson, The Customer Service Department, The Customer themselves and then also the person who will be doing the rubbering of the die. Our sales person or our customer service person takes accurate information from the customer about what they specifically want done and then that information is handed over to the cad room where the die is designed. After the die is created in the cad room the design and information is sent to the building where the dies are finally cut. Eventually the cut die is brought to the rubbers’ to add their specialty and then the order is checked for quality control and then either delivered or shipped. Arrive at an Answer

    4). When the information is first given to sales or customer service it should be described as much as possible to the customers needs, even if that means longer conversations and going over every detail to make things the right way the first time. It is important to get each detail covered from the start, so every department doesn’t struggle and deal with a poor product being made. The consequences of a poorly rubbered die means that the
    customer is upset and the company loses money. The consequences of a die rubbered the right way because we have the correct specifications to make the die correctly means a satisfied customer and a profitable company.

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