Steinbeck Sees American Character And Values As Most Illustrated By

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Steinbeck ideas were that a writer should be able to show the reality Of life; to show that life is a war for every single person. In every single story mentioned from Steinbeck, he has shown that the real war is internal. Internal of course being inside of us, he showed that fear and any sort of emotion can make something so much harder to decide the next step. For example, in MOMMA the only person, who seemed to understand the internal stirring within George, was his good pal Slim. Who clearly said “You Haddam, George. I swear you Haddam” (107). Also, the understanding was very clear in the movie as well.

As the men rode to look for Leonie, Slim looked at George and they both nodded at each other in a very knowing manner. George was trying to figure out how to protect Leonie while retaining the safety of the others around him. At the very end of the book George had to make a serious decision that would affect him for the rest of his life. The killing of Leonie was the decision since his actions had resulted in someone’s death; the death of his best friend. This of course was an internal conflict. George had to figure whether to end his friend’s life, or feel bad about it later to possibly stick round and see more people get hurt.

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Next on, excerpts from the book OUTVOTE showed more internal conflict, but not in the same manner. A particular chapter called “Magic Pieces” explains that in the time of war, comfort is very important. “It would seem that in times of great danger and emotional tumult a man has to reach outside of his self for help and comfort, and has to have some supra-personal symbol to hold to… ” The loneliness that can be faced can tear down even the strongest. “There are times in war when the sharpest emotion is not fear, but loneliness and littleness… In mankind’s mime of need, he who is lonely finds something to talk to. They need something, someone to comfort them. Reassuring them that home is still a real place and not just some dream they can never reach. Plus, in mankind’s time of need, he who is lonely finds something to talk to; something to comfort them. Reassuring them that home is still a real place and not just some dream they can never reach. This chapter really talks about how the soldiers really need the source of comfort. They need that ‘special piece’ to keep them sane. Such as any person would if they were away from home and family.

And it is during these times that the smooth stone or the Indian-Head penny or the wooden pig are not only desirable but essential. ” Whether this piece is a picture, a penny, an old shoe lace? For them their internal conflict is subdued, that they are not alone and they have to stay alive to go back home to family who they know misses and loves them dearly. It all ties into their sense of wanting to return home. Steinbeck spoke real words when he was giving a speech about his ideals. “The danger and glory and the choice rest finally in man. The test of his perfectibility is at hand. Revisiting this shortly n, he followed up with “Man himself has become our greatest hazard and our only hope. ” Mankind has to make the decision whether to save or destroy, and sometimes the choice is hard because one must sacrifice one or the other for the wellbeing of many. The benefits may not be instant but in the long run the benefit is maintained. In many of his slice of life tales his ideals are very much stated. Whether it be internal struggling, human nature, or anything he may have felt at the time of sadness; he stated that writers should be able to Conquer the ability to tell readers about these.

Steinbeck as demonstrated the acts of human nature as a whole. Life is a war for every single person especially internally. Whether someone uses the example’s from Of Mice and Men, Once There Was a War, or any other book he may have written. Humans struggle to keep their selves in check even if they must. Loneliness, happiness, t o protect others? Either way; The struggle will always be there. A true writer should be able to show all of these things whether fiction or not. The courage, the fear, the emotions, everything. All of this being in Steinbeck point of view and also how his ideals were reflected in his writings.

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