Donatos Pizza Case Study Essay

Map the research design used by Donato’s for new product development.

Final Design Final Product specifications completed Final Design Final Product specifications completed Preliminary Testing Product prototypes built, tested and refined Preliminary Testing Product prototypes built, tested and refined Product Screening Product idea evaluated;Need to consider operations, marketing and financial requirements Product Screening Product idea evaluated;Need to consider operations, marketing and financial requirements Idea Development Product idea developed;Sources can be customers,competitoror suppliers Idea Development

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Donatos Pizza Case Study
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Product idea developed;Sources can be customers,competitoror suppliers A: Idea development Developing the product prototype : Donato’s used employee taste testing to know what customers preferences are and develops the new product Taste testing(by employee) : Is done with the organisation Displaying Photographs of food products: Displaying sample pictures of the recent developed food Uniqueness: Developing a unique product which reaches the customers attention.

Brand fit and price are the next key points and at last survey or feedback from the customers are important for new product development.

Above design is used by the donatos for the new product development. 2 Evaluate the Wassup meetings as an exploratory methodology to help define the research question. A: Wassup donatos meeting conducted by the monthly routine, where each employee brings knowledge of popular culture and explain its effect on donatos. It is this which makes donatos will have a lot of information about diet and feeling that exist within a culture within the employee’s information can be used by donatos, to become an opportunity to develop a new product. For example, according to 2003 healthfocus trend reports, 26% of consumers of food are “carb conscious”.

This suggests that they are eating low-carb diet into their diet habits This methodology can be used to establish the research question of product development. for example: * Whether consumers go on a diet? What kind of diet? * Whether the product can be consumed by the participant’s diet? How can it be? * If in the form of pizza, what kind of diet if it is a pizza? What formulations to be used? * 26% of consumers of food are “carb conscious”, what food can be called “carb conscious”? * Does require new technology to make it serve targeted? 3 Evaluate the test market Donatos used. What were its advantages and disadvantages?

A: After making a prototype and test the product internally by employees, donatos conduct phone surveys to determine what name to be used by donatos for that product. The survey is based on the name of no dough into a choice of respondents. They did the testing at two restaurants in different locations. This Process is carried by the donatos for about 61/2 months, after which donatos apply to the 184 stores will increase sales. Advantages from this research are: 1. The Primary data which is obtained by the research results are more secured because it is done directly on the object case study research. 2.

As the donatos conduct the survey’s they will have strong force for use marketing strategies and operations. Disadvantage from this research are: 1. Develop a product and implement it into market takes much long time, starting from product prototype to test in two restaurant outlets. Total test ,research that took place from july 2003 to 2004 January. 2. The cost is more expensive. 3. There is hidden information from respondents, especially for information relating to the nature, motivation or consumer behavior. 4 What measurement scales would you have used on the survey that was part of the in-restaurant product tests?

A: Based on the survey research methods: 1 The Data collected from the survey, I might be used for problem solving. 2 Emphases on the determination of variable information 3 Measure symptoms from the survey with the existing symptoms Questions about the attitudes of interest to researchers because each individual has a different attitude towards different objects seen and felt. Different attitude will result in different behavior. Behavior and attitude of a person affected by this are mainly in the restaurant: products, messages, weather, reputation, and competition, for some restaurants. But most affected by changes in eating habits.

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