Value Chain Analysis Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut is the top brand of Yum! Inc., additionally it has Taco Bell, KFC, A&W and many other brand names. Pizza Hut is the one of the world’s biggest and largest pizza chain. Pizza Hut has over 13,000 restro over 90 nations. Pizza Hut has more than 150 restaurants over 40 urban areas in India including Delhi-NCR, Bangalore, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Punjab around others. Currently Yum is opening more Pizza Hut restros at different areas to serve more and more customers across the nation. Pizza Hut is also well-known for their Good quality foodstuff, food worth, brand name, good services, different and new kind and style of Pizza’s in their Menu.

Pizza Hut started their business in India early in 1996; they opened their first pizza hut restro in the Bangalore. Later on, Pizza hut has taken a prominent and share in the Pizza market and they managed a good rate of growth of over 42 % per annum. Yum is the holder/owner of the Pizza Hut chain all over the world. In India, Pizza Hut hasn’t included all kinds of Pizzas which they provide in rest of the world. But they specially confined their menu as per local Indian customers.

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Samsung is one of the biggest and largest billion dollar company in around the world. In 2007, Samsung surpassed the 100 billion dollar milestone in yearly sales. This milestone makes Samsung one of the world’s top 3 electronic companies in the industry where other 2 different companies are Hewlett-Packard and Siemens; they have posted bigger earnings than Samsung. Samsung presently made himself pioneer in consumer electronics, and providing a range of leading finest products and, in their own specific words and expressions. Samsung has made a significant makeover from copy-cat maker to become Asia’s most valuable technological advance company.


Primary Activities
Inbound Logistics: In Inbound logistics Pizza Hut purchases the raw materials required for their final product like Different types of base: Thin Base, Full XL Base, Pan Base, Stuffed Base. Different types of cheese and sauces.

Non-veggie items like Diced chicken, Pepperoni, Italian Sausage etc. Vegetables like Onion, Tomatoes, Sweet Corn, Paneer, Chilies, etc. Wheat, Sugar, Salt, Spices, etc.
Garlic bread and Breadsticks.
Hot Deserts and Ice Creams.

Preparation of pizza base utilizing the aforementioned sources according to the necessities i.e. in how much amount the material is required to include, delicate quality, size of the pizza base according to the necessity, heating the same for the right time. This with the goal that the base comes to be according to the expectations set for it. Centralized areas for preparing the pizza bases to retain the consistency, from where these Pizza bases are transported to the different outlets. Customization of Pizza, according to the orders of the customers like what kind of toppings and essences he needs. Samples: A orders for a chicken pizza, while B orders for a Vegetarian unified with bunches of topping like mushroom, onion, on other hand C orders for simply cheese pizza with no toppings whatsoever. So different customers have diverse orders relying on their taste and preferences. Make Pastas as per the orders of the customers from the raw material. All this done within the particular time period in order to deliver to the customer in the said time period and also obeying to the company criteria of maintaining the quality of the food items. Outbound Logistics:

Delighting the pizza bases to the Pizza Hut outlets, where they are preserved and used for customization as per the order. It helps looking after the consistency of bases, and resource in preparing of pizzas at every outlet. Pizza and pasta and so forth aiding hot to the consumers at the eatery or restaurant and at their doorway. Marketing and Sales:

Segmented Market: Pizza Hut essentially focuses on the people below the age of 50-55 years, employed individuals, families, kids, and students. Pizza Hut redefined its menu in India; they have presented products that the Indian people like e.g. Paneer Pizza, Tandoori Pizza etc. This serves to increase the customer base and satisfy their needs. Additionally, not using the products which are not worthy in India like beef, ham etc. Nowadays, Pizza Hut is opening many outlets. They are focusing on a large number of customers, with the intention that more societies/people can appreciate their offerings. Pizza Hut promoting themselves through hoardings, daily papers, TV advertisements, ads on web, mobile phone applications, handouts etc. Pizza Hut also gives the promotional offers to the customers like buy one get one free, different Meal for different people. Like they provides the meal for Individual, Two’s and four’s. Service and Support:

Pizza hut provides the best services to their customers at the restaurants. They provide their customers worthy services by making them feel enjoyable, comfortable and also satisfy the requirements of the customers. They also provide their customer ordering online facility. Customers can see the menu on the site, and they can order according to their taste and preference. Supporting Activities:

They need to look after the quality of pizza, delivering of pizzas, keep their customers happy, this at competitive and affordable costs. Hence, to realize this they sustained the supply chain for 85-90% of its ingredients of their local suppliers. Furthermore to sustain their extremely popular Pizzas taste, they import their core ingredients like mozzarella cheese and pepperoni from Spain and Australia respectively. Pizza hut strategy is to buy some ingredients from the local suppliers and also get some imported which helps them to sustain the quality and also minimal the cost which is especially required according to Indian point of prospectus. Technology Development:

Pizza hut always believes in taking feedback from their customers and improvising themselves to provide best quality of pizza to their customers.
In this way, all the customers those who go to the Pizza Hut restro’s and also those customers who orders online give their esteemed feedbacks with reference to what they enjoyed and by what method would they be able to enhance to oblige better. Pizza Hut also does research to finalize their products to how to enhance the existing products and innovate the new products. This is to offer new products to the customers, and furthermore give a unique outlook to the. Human Resource Management:

Pizza Hut emphases on employing the best employees at work.
Provides them the required trainings so they can execute according to the expectations set for them at work. They endeavor to increase the skills and knowledge of their employees (including soft skills like how they talk to customers). They give their employees annual appraisals as per their performance. This appraisals system helps the employees to get motivated and work hard so that they get appraised. They have the employees who have the capability to handle some basic situation where sometimes they have to choose as per needs be according to the demand of the situation, without even the support of their Managers. This also provides them a freedom to take decisions. SAMSUNG VALUE CHAIN ANALYSIS

Primary Activities
Inbound Logistics: Samsung have their own operations and different activities in their manufacturing process of the smart mobile phones, most of their activities included in their inbound logistics process are comprehensively superior. The crucial thing in the executions in their strategy is to be synchronizing Samsung’s existing scheduling and stock controls with a specific end goal to persistently make more quality without easing off their production process. Operations: Operations plays a key role in respect of value chain context, next to marketing and sales. In light of the fact that Samsung’s manufacturing process has mainly been restricted to South Korea, Seoul. In Samsung logistics plays an enormous part in scheduling and stock analysis and control are coordinated with Samsung’s pace; but because of Samsung abroad shipping and irregular deferrals happened, these operation decrease the worth. A possible solution for this challenge might be to take these operations part closer to the Samsung’s accommodations for instant
control over hardware manufacture. There might be impressive expenses included with this move, like increased labor costs as compare to the previous country where it was previously setup. But the payback period for the revenues in the operations offsets the cost rapidly. And it might be a worth making move. Outbound Logistic: Existing outbound logistics are remarkably dense on Samsung’s end. In light of the fact that it has the majority of its processes restricted inside Samsung Metropolis in Seoul, all process identified with the storing and appropriation of their finished mobile phones (including other products) are carried out adequately, through small defer and with a efficient logistics methodology. Marketing and Sales: The sales and marketing is the utmost significant point afterwards operations to be considered in the value chain context. The sales and marketing ought to be oblique to incorporate both, the biometric scanners and also the safe email/messaging system together as a security package agreement. New market examination directed on the most proficient method to contribute the products in a approach that will pull the corporate women and men who manage sensitive information normally and depend on the safety of their mobile and data networks for interchanging data or information. Service and Support: The worth that services serve to keep up ought to be recognized in both Synchronic ns and authentic acquisitions. Small training is needed for employees in any classification in light of the fact that they recently have their proficiency since before the attainment. There might be a few principles that Samsung should incline toward to change in accordance with regarding security standards or in the slight alterations needed to acclimatize their technology in to Samsung technology. The establishment of the projected safety system should have numerous brought about expenses because of its range (internationally), which Samsung need to prepare to protect keeping in mind the end goal to continue with guarantee of improved and superior safety. Support Activities

Procurement: Samsung is a domain leader in digital technology, Samsung advanced to a new era in product growth, corporate values and offerings to the universal community. To attain these targets, Samsung follow it is so paramount to assemble relations and have the complete sustenance of the seller class. Technology Development: Samsung is the one of the world’s top
electronics companies, focusing in digital media and applications, and system assimilation. Presently the quality of product and creativeness of products and Samsung have been known in the world. Everything turned into a main turning point in history of Samsung, showing how company has advanced its accomplishment and product range; increase market share and its revenue, and company is in charge to give an improved and improved life to their customers. Human Resource Management: Samsung services group was built in 1994, as a Korean company who is designed to enable the contribution of its employees. Samsung has 300 central offices for promotion in the world. Samsung completely empower and support their employees. More than 65% of employees worldwide, Samsung give their abilities and time in different activities, and about 75,000 volunteers involved in the program from 1900 volunteers. One of the Samsung bigger holdings is their group of capable specialist’s architects and researchers. At and among their 45 research services around the world, they cooperate on vital innovations for what’s to come and unique advances intended to manufacture new market patterns and set new benchmarks for excellence.

Human Resource: At Pizza Hut, People are their most valuable asset. Pizza Hut provides structured on the job training that can see their staff, through diligent work and commitment, moves through the ranks. Currently, many of Pizza Hut managers began as delivery drivers. Pizza Hut managers/supervisors comprehend business from “the ground up” and the vitality of Customer Service to their company. They give their employees annual appraisals as per their performance. This appraisals system helps the employees to get motivated and work hard so that they get appraised. Physical Resource: The physical resources of Pizza Hut are their stores, property and ingredients.

Human Resources: Samsung has 300 central offices for promotion in the world. Samsung completely empower and support their employees. More than 65% of employees worldwide, Samsung give their abilities and time in different activities, and about 75,000 volunteers involved in the program from 1900
volunteers. One of the Samsung bigger holdings is their group of capable specialist’s architects and researchers. At and among their 45 research services around the world, they cooperate on vital innovations for what’s to come and unique advances intended to manufacture new market patterns and set new benchmarks for excellence.

Strategies adopted by PIZZA HUT:
Total Quality Management (TQM): TQM is very important for any food chain. They give classes to their kitchen staff or assistants keeping in mind that the end goal to meet their objective i.e. quality standards all over the world. Pizza Hut is strictly executed this strategy so they can to satisfy the customers and also maintain their quality of their products.

Business Level Strategy: Pizza hut made this strategy to gain an advantage over to their rivals in the market. Consequently, every business should need to implement this strategy to gain a good advantage in a competitive environment. Pricing Strategy: The competition in an industry defines its pricing strategy. In some cases businesses have the degree to fix their cost, also sometimes businesses can’t. When any industry or business has degree to fix their cost or value there is several pricing policies and strategies they may be select. There are lots of competitors in the market for Pizza Hut; all of them are competing with the Pizza hut for quality of pizza produced they produced. Pizza Hut has adopted pricing strategy in their business so that they can hold maximum share of the market to earn maximum profit or maximize the profit. They fulfill the need of the customer by providing the best food quality at lower prices. Because of the pricing strategy they get the worth of value, and also gained the maximum profits. New entrants set the prices low, but Pizza hut is maintaining their food quality by importing from different countries.

Strategies adopted by SAMSUNG:
Product Strategy: Samsung divided their products range into 5 different categories. I.e. Mobile Phones, Televisions, Cameras, PC/Printer and other Home appliances. Samsung offers the utmost different products in the
market, In Television they are offering LCD, LED and Plasma TV’s. In Mobile phones they are offering very good smart phones with Android market with the good quality of their smart phones. In 90’s Samsung was a traditionalist producer and dependably charted their brand with the bargains. Samsung understood that the low cost is a major expect to resist in the lower level market while in upmarket latest technology and the brand image are competitive means. Later on, Samsung take a decision enter in the upmarket and surrendered lower level market to create a brand image or to lift up their brand image. They repositioned the all series of their products, for example smart phones, LCD, LED. Samsung higher value might carry much more benefit and at the same time it is the better indicate of a better quality. Pricing Strategy: Price factor is also played a very significant role in Samsung’s success. Diversification is the key for any brand to be chosen by different buyers, when there is such a good variety of brand inside the similar product classification. Samsung has a belief in giving good products to their customer at reasonable price. Samsung’s technology board helps the company to earn or gain more market share, in spite of the fact that they didn’t offers any kind of discount or any kind of exchange scheme when they entered into India. Promotion Strategy: Offering advanced and good products will not help company to positioning itself and sell their products if they are failed in communicate with the customers properly. To raise their brand awareness and to create their brand strong Samsung uses different marketing strategies like corporate promotion, Celebrity endorsement, and many other promotional schemes. COMPETATIVE ANALYSIS

Pizza Hut with Domino’s
Dimension of Comparison
Pizza Hut
Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
30 Minutes Home Delivery Frame.
Dining Experience.

•Pizza with promise of fast delivery.
• They mainly offer Pizza, pasta, cakes and few other side dishes. •Mainly focused on pizza
•Casual dining experience with the fast delivery services (PHD & Restaurants). •They also offered their customer a wide variety of Pizza, Pasta, Deserts beverages etc. Price
•They only concentrate on the lower to middle group of the customer. •Caters mainly to price sensitive segment.
•The Lowest Offering by Domino’s is Rs. 39
•Starts from lowest end and goes up to an upper end.
•They cater their customers with different prices and different taste segments. • The Lowest offering by Pizza Hut is Rs. 44
• Different Coupons for different products.
•Many offers on weekends.
•Domino’s also encourages their customer to order online. • Different Coupons for different products.
•Many offers on weekends.
•Pizza Hut also encourages their customer to order online. Place
•More than 550 stores across India.
•Conveniently located for fast delivery.
•Also encourages their customer to order online.
•121 stores across India. •Pizza hut located their restaurant at different places where people visited for more leisure. •Also encourages their customer to order online.

Samsung with Nokia
Nokia is the Main adversary for Samsung. Most importantly, Samsung and Nokia are the two biggest mobile phone makers, who take up the largest market share. Second, Samsung Group and Nokia Company are worldwide multinational organizations. In the undertaking organizational structure, they have much in common. Finally, Nokia mobile phones brands and Samsung mobile phones brand are well-known brand. Many customers prefer to buy time to compare these two products.

Nokia has centered its drives on style and it has purchaser around business
people while Samsung has showcase initiative through its innovations and hot mobile phones and it has more youthful customers. Nokia is conventional product while Samsung is a more youthful product. Nokia has focused its initiatives on style forgetting that function is more important whereas Samsung has spent money on the latest advanced device. Samsung used innovation. One of the key factor for Samsung is today’s era intensely relied on upon distinctive mobile applications and they are succeed to satisfying the necessities of the people while Nokia is generally managing in ease mobiles phones and now Microsoft overwhelm the Nokia’s high cost mobiles market. Samsung stake is high around all the brands. In majority of mobile retail stores Samsung mobile share is half or more than 50%.

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