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Dress Code Acceptance

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I believe that it would be beneficial for our scho ols to adopt dress codes. Although some may argue that this action would rest rict the individual student’s freedom of expression, I do not agree. Our right to express ourselves is important, but in our society none of us has unrestricted free dom to do as we like at all times. We must all learn discipline, respect the feelings of others, and learn how to operate in the real world in order to be successful.

Dress codes would not only create a better learning environment, but would also help pr

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Dress Code Acceptance
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epare students for their futures. Perhaps the most important benefit of adopting dre ss codes would be creating a better learning environment. Inappropriate clothi ng can be distracting to fellow students who are trying to concentrate. Short skirt s, skimpy tops, and low pants are fine for after school, but not for the classroom. T -shirts with risky images or profanity may be offensive to certain groups.

Stude nts should espress themselves through art or creative writing, not clothing. With fewer distractions, students can

concentrate on getting a good education which can h elp them later on. Another benefit of having a dress code is that it will prepare students to dress properly for different places. When you go to a par ty you do not wear the same clothes you wear to church. Likewise, when you dres s for work you do not wear the same clothes you wear at the beach. Many profession s even require uniforms. Having a dress code in high school will help studen ts adjust to the real world. Lastly, with all the peer pressure in school, many

students worry about fitting in. If a dress code (or even uniforms) were require d, there would be less emphasis on how you look, and more emphasis on learning. In conclusion, there are many important reasons our schools should adopt dress codes. Getting an education is hard enough wi thout being distracted by inappropriate t-shirts or tight pants. Learning to dress for particular occasions prepares us for the real world. And teens have enou gh pressure already without having to worry about what they are wearing.

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