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Dunkin Donuts Values and Principles

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Dunkin Donuts was founded in 1950 by Bill Rosenberg. Mr. Rosenberg opened the 1st store in Quincy Massachusetts. Mr. Rosenberg’s goal was to “make and serve the freshest, most delicious coffee and donuts quickly and courteously in his stores”. (www. dunkindonuts. com, 2012) Dunkin Donuts are now headquartered in Canton Massachusetts. Dunkin Donuts values and principles guide their franchises to success. There values and principles are (www. dunkinbrands. com, 2007): Values * Honesty * Transparency * Humility * Integrity * Respectfulness Fairness * Responsibility Principles * Leadership * Innovation * Execution * Social stewardship * Fun Dunkin Donuts franchises are independently owned and operated.

Dunkin donuts are an Equal Opportunity Employer and will not discriminate based on race, sex, nationality, disability, age or religion. Each establishment has a health and safety standard which puts the customer(s) and employee(s) well being first. They also have a Code of Conduct which each employee has to read, sign and adhere to before employment begins.

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Some of the rules are: * Honesty * Respectfulness * Fairness * Responsibility * Integrity * Humility * Ethical Dunkin Donuts hierarchy or chain of command: Dunkin Donuts human resources department handles all aspects of the hiring and firing of an employee including interviewing, training, evaluating, and enrolling in health benefits.

Dunkin Donut franchises are always hiring due to the growth of the business and employee turnaround. They pay minimum wage which is better than a waitresses pay plus tips. There are various jobs at Dunkin Donuts.

First is the Director of Operations whose responsibility is the overall operations of all of the stores. Next, the General Manager and they are responsible for one store and that person manages every aspect of the store with the help of an Assistant Manager. The shift leader oversee each shift is running smoothly with a shift plan on who is working in what station. The last job would be a crew member whose main function is customer service. The crew members are the people who deal directly with the customer. Crew members receive training on all stations in the store.

Crew members take orders from the customer, make coffee and sandwiches. Dunkin Donuts usually promotes within. Most employees start off as a crew member, after 6 months of experience they can be promoted to a shift leader’s position pending certification. To become an Assistant Manager, you need to have basic management training along with serv safe and shift leader certifications. General Managers need the same certifications as the assistant and store management training and human resources training as well. All employees are given yearly performance appraisals.

The appraisals are based on a rating scale from 1 to 5, with 5 being an excellent score. Each appraisal also has comments on where and what the employee could improve on and suggestions on how to improve. If an employee gets a very good appraisal they will then be promoted to the next level. Sometimes the employee does not want to be promoted because they do not want to take on any more responsibility. The owners of Dunkin Donuts along with the management staff do their best to keep the staff motivated with contests and bonuses.

One of the bonus programs is giving employees Dunkin Dollars which can be used for days off with pay or gas cards. In order to get dunkin dollars you have to have a perfect register at the end of your shift, perfect attendance for the month, be on time every day, going above and beyond your duties, or working extra shifts. There is also a downside to working at dunkin donuts. Some employees are not satisfied with certain shifts they are scheduled for or they thought they would make more money.

Usually the ones that are not satisfied complain and then they don’t show up for work or even quit. When someone quits the manager would ask the employees if they know anyone who would be a good fit to work at Dunkin Donuts or post a sign saying that dunkin is hiring. Then dunkin gets an enormous amount of applications that the manager has to go thru and narrow down to the best candidates for the job. Once the manager chooses the best candidates for the job she then schedules interviews.

After hiring a new employee, that person would comes in and start training, the training last approximately 3 weeks. The new employee would shadow a shift leader and then they are tested to see if they could handle being on there own or if more training is needed. Dunkin is a diverse employer; they have employees of all ages from 15 and up, men and women, and different races. All employees work closely together usually with the same group or team. We all get along fairly well but at times there is conflict between employees.

When a conflict between employees happens the manager steps in to try and resolve whatever the issues are. Dunkin Donuts values their customer’s opinions on the appearance of the store and how well they were treated by the employee(s) whether they are good or bad. Dunkin Donuts encourages the customers to fill out a survey on line explaining their experience at the store. Dunkin Donuts are a multi-million dollar business with a big demand for their brand of coffee as well as their affordable food.

Over the past 15 years Dunkin Donuts has had strong economic growth with new stores being built and current stores being remodeled. Dunkin Donuts goal is to triple the number of franchises nationwide by 2020. Each store is independently owned and operated. Dunkin Donuts strong brand, excellent franchisee relationships, and outstanding management team firmly established, Dunkin’ Donuts is very well positioned for expansion (Dunkin Franchising. com).

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