E-Learning Management System

Net Corporation launches the country’s foremost and merely SCORM-compliant Learning Management System ( LMS ) and on-line campus.Philippines-based LexioNet Corporation announced the release of the country’s foremost and merely Learning Management System ( LMS ) that conforms to the strict specifications of the Sharable Content Object Reference Model ( SCORM ) the de-facto planetary criterion in Web-based acquisition. Widely adopted by the US authorities. big concern endeavors and academic establishments worldwide. SCORM chiefly addresses issues of interoperability between e-learning content tools and systems.

The Lexio™ Online Campus. powered by the company’s SCORM-compliant engine. is an synergistic acquisition environment that makes instruction and larning a merriment and prosecuting experience. Students can analyze and pattern any clip. from any computing machine with entree to the Internet. Teachers and courseware developers. on the other manus can make rich and reclaimable Web-based acquisition content utilizing a assortment of SCORM-compliant authoring tools.All Lexio™ practical schoolrooms have sole forums for on-line treatments to ease student-teacher interaction. squad acquisition. and coaction.

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Furthermore Lexio™ has multilingual characteristics and offers a wide spectrum of basic class stuffs that go beyond geographic boundary lines said “the launch of the Lexio™ Online Campus represents a important milepost in the Philippines’ attempts to speed up economic growing through educational development. information engineering and globalisation. ”E-Learning Management System by Angelo. G. Garcia Manila Bulletin Newspaper Online Manila.

Philippines — Never head that we are the texting or the Facebook capital of the universe. the truth is the Philippines is still far behind every bit far as e-learning is concerned. While most states are now following technologically-based larning experience in their instruction systems the Philippines is yet to get down on a 12-year basic instruction course of study.The authorities has no concrete programs either when it comes to e-learning. For case. Singapore’s Ministry of Education created a solid e-learning program in their instruction system every bit early as 1997.

Today. in Nanyang Girls’ High School in Singapore. pupils are provided with iPads as portion of their e-learning system.“Students today do non larn the same manner like their parents did. Children today are so captive with their devices. They don’t even talk to parents any longer. everybody is looking at their appliances and the interaction is non at that place any longer. ” explained Paul Tan section caput of Information and Communication Technology. Nanyang Girls’ High School.This school besides uses a system that allows pupils to entree their lessons anytime. anyplace.

Students merely necessitate a strong wi-fi connexion wherever they are and they are good to travel. “Learning should be extended. Learning should travel beyond the four walls of the schoolroom. We capitalize on the technological environment. E-learning makes it possible to make this even beyond the school walls.There are many possibilities in larning. Learning should be colorful and exciting but it has finally one end — to educate the pupils. ” Tan shared during the Diwa e-Learning presentation at the recent Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines Conference ( CEAP )  held in Davao City.When Singapore started their Information Communication Technology ( ICT ) Masterplan 1 in 1997. they started with the foundation. developing instructors with the basic usage of engineering and constructing the necessary substructure support.

Then came Masterplan 2 which focused on what engineering to utilize in the system. And so it was clip for Masterplan. The existent integrating of ICT in the schoolroom. All in all it took them 14 old ages to accomplish the system that they have now.In this system. schools are connected to the cyberspace. a necessary tool in e-learning.

Technologies such as Google Earth and Global Positioning System ( GPS ) are being used in Geography categories. for case.“We truly promote them to believe beyond the box. They can larn anyplace.

Apart from the engineering. the walls in schoolroom are painted with a particular sort of pigment that allows the pupil to utilize whiteboard marker to merely compose to show their thoughts. ” Tan said.Singapore besides tells its pupils to utilize better societal networking web sites like edmodo. com a secure web site that connects instructors and pupils. This site besides allows instructors and pupils to join forces. portion content entree prep and classs.“We purpose to hold a student-centered acquisition through prosecuting lessons. So alternatively of Facebook. our pupils use a web site that is safe and strictly for instruction. Tan shared.However. Tan qualified. engineering does non replace everything in school.

He said that instructors still play a critical function in instruction.“Students can acquire a batch of information online. How to turn this information to knowledge. that’s where instructors come in to verify and explicate to the pupils about all these information. ” he said.Tan shared that the most of import portion of this instruction revolution is commitment. “The authorities is committed. stakeholders are committed pupils are interested. instructors want to larn. Committedness from all parties is really of import.

In the Philippines several schools are already get downing to follow e-learning in their instruction system. One such school is Don Bosco Technical Institute ( DBTI ) in Makati which has been utilizing the Genyo e-Learning plan by Diwa Learning Systems for three old ages now. Genyo is the first and merely fully-integrated online larning direction system for basic instruction.DBTI foremost started with instructor preparation in 2006 and it was non surprising that there was initial opposition from the module. But they forged on. said DBTI-M high school chief Lito Tenerife. even carry oning changeless duologue with parents to do certain that everything was explained to them.

By 2009. the school had already subscribed to the Genyo e-learning direction system covering five topics: Filipino. Math. English. Science. and History. Classrooms were connected to the cyberspace. and equipment like laptop computing machines and projectors were acquired.

Tenerife said that the impact on pupils already shows. “If a instructor announces to the pupils that tomorrow they have Genyo. they participate as if it’s their last twenty-four hours in school. It becomes a motive factor that upon cognizing that the undermentioned twenty-four hours they will hold Genyo categories. Education today is non concern as usual.

The schoolrooms and scholars of today are wholly different from the scholars that we were in high school. As responsible pedagogues and policy shapers. we need to take a closer expression on how we are making things. explained Jose Maria Policarpio. executive manager of of Diwa Learning Systems.It is a fact that today’s pupils belong to the millennian coevals. They are kids born in 1990 onwards.

They have short attending spans. They are multi-taskers. And they are extremely intuitive in engineering.“These pupils have different acquisition manners Some are audile. some are ocular and some are haptic. They learn best when they touch things. when they interact with things. We have to esteem that if we want to be effectual. We have a worsening quality of instruction in the Philippines. We have to acquire our act together. If our basic instruction is non so steadfast we should get down with that. ” Policarpio stressed.He recommends that before a school goes into the e-learning bandwagon. they should carefully be after foremost like what Singapore and Don Bosco Technical Institute did in their several systems.

E-learning systems should be easy to utilize. They should actuate pupils to larn. It should be something the pupils have no antecedently entree to. It should travel beyond traditional techniques. But first. the schools. and the authorities for that affair. should be willing to put in their students’ instruction. The uneffective usage of engineering must be corrected. Many use the Personal computers merely to look for information. which is like looking at an encyclopaedia. There are many effectual engineerings the PowerPoint for illustration. it give you a new manner of presenting your old content.Leveling. engineering should afford to democratise instruction.

Whether you’re rich or hapless disabled or abled you should be able to acquire instruction. It should be transformative and should offer something new in making things.  Technology should be used to function a intent. Technology should non be used for technology’s interest. ” Policarpio ends.

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