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We’d love to tell you more about what our mission means to us: how we spend years developing our unique and inventive fresh fruit concepts, how we require that every piece of produce we use meets the highest standards of laity, and how our in-store Fruit Experts@ craft each arrangement with care, because they understand exactly what it takes to make your special occasion extra special. ” (“Edible Arrangements Customer Service I Contact us,” n. D. Developing an advertising campaign before a marketing strategy could create problems for the product because an infinite number of combinations of market segments, positioning statements, advertising budgets, prices, and other factors may not have been determined yet. This can cause major issues in what is being communicated in the advertisements, ND with prices, etc. , of the products. (Winner & Dear, 201 1, p. 5) Making my first presentation to Atari Afraid the Founder and CEO of Edible Arrangements@, the following is the consumer and business to business marketing planning document that I will be presenting.

The SMART objectives that would like to accomplish are to open more Franchise Stores starting in Maine, moving to Idaho, South Dakota, and then Vermont where we have only one store currently per state. (“Stores I Store Locator,” n. D. ) The goal would be to have a minimum of 2 stores per state, which would increase ales and public awareness. We will measure our progress and offer discounts and rewards to new Franchise owners to help make this happen. We will also offer free advertising for a limited time on the new locations opening.

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I believe this will increase sales, increase growth, and public awareness of who Edible Arrangements@ IS, what we offer, where we are, when our new locations will be open, and how one can order until then. My goal is to have these stores opened by December, 2017. I also believe there is room to target the business industry more. Business previous, managers, directors, and employees are always looking for that unique and easy gift to reward their employees and each other with, why not an edible arrangement or chocolate dipped fruit?

I think by targeting the business industries with promotional items such as catalogs, emails, advertisements, etc, there is an additional opportunity for growth. These arrangements and fruit dips may also be purchased for meeting, banquets, and parties for the businesses. As with all companies, there are competitive companies that offer similar products out there. To name a few we have Hickory Farms, Harry & David, Gifted. Com and Wine. Com. Harry & David seem to be the ones that offer the most similar products as Edible Arrangements@.

The value proposition is that Edible Arrangements@ offers a unique fresh fruit bouquet or variety of specialized chocolate dipped fruits, often with same day delivery at no additional charge or guaranteed with next day delivery. To elaborate on this, We look at the product which is the unique fresh fruit bouquet or variety Of specialized chocolate dipped fruits. Customers can choose from several efferent items, and at their convenience. The next thing we will look at is our place, where do buyers look for our product or service? They will be looking at our franchise stores and at our online store.

Continuing, we look at the promotion of our targeted customers which include advertisements which may include television and radio, catalogs, and the internet to name a few. Finally ending with the price; edible arrangements vary in price depending on the sizes on the arrangements. A small arrangement can start at $40. 00 depending on the variety you are selecting. The prices also vary depending on whether you are ordering the fresh dipped chocolate covered fruits and the sizes as well. These start at approximately $29. 00 and increase on the sizes. (“The Marketing Mix and the ops of Marketing – from Middleton. Mom. ” n. D. ) Advantages for Edible Arrangements@ is the uniqueness of its products, it stands out among the competitors in its trade. As you see from the competitive companies, there were only a few that offered the fruit dipped chocolate, and I was not able to find many the offered fresh fruit baskets with same or next day delivery as Edible Arrangements@ does. The Wow factors that they offer and the unique appearance and sizes are true advantages, plus the same day delivery at no extra charge. You cannot get that with Harry & David, for a cheesecake they offer a flat rate shipping of $9. 5 for a limited time only, and then the cheesecake itself is $44. 95. You also are charged additionally for same day or express mail. (“Harry & David I Gourmet Gifts For Every Occasion,” n. D. ) believe the customers are currently buying our products because we are unique, we are using fresh fruits such as strawberries, apple wedges, nipple daisies, banana slices, orange wedges, and more, all of which are dipped in varies chocolates, which provide the look and taste that they are looking for. They can get same and or next day delivery on their arrangements and this is what they expect.

Rowers are a dime a dozen, our product is unique and you know has to be fresh. Edible Arrangements@ began in East Haven, Connecticut in 1999. In 2001 the first Franchise was opened by Chris Delegation. (“History of Edible Arrangements – The Fruit Experts Since 1 999,” n. D. ) Currently there are 1 240 Edible Arrangement Stores relied; however there is still room for growth (PL). As I stated above, 4 states in the Unites States only have one store, and the other locations could benefit from additional public awareness for increased sales. “Franchise Opportunities I Own an Edible Arrangements@ F-ranches Edible Arrangements@,” n. D. ) Given that Advertisement’s@ products are made of fresh fruits, you know that you are going to get a fresh arrangement. You cannot have an inventory sitting in a warehouse and waiting for orders to come in ready to ship to the customer. Therefore, when an online order moms in, it is forwarded to the closest Store to the Customer for fulfillment. The store owners receive fresh fruit from vendors on a regular schedule to fulfill their orders.

This makes this online ordering great for Franchise Business Owners. This also gives the customer the availability in many cases to request same day delivery. To increase sales believe we need to increase public awareness. There is only one store in Maine, where I am from. I have heard more marketing and advertising on Hickory Farms, Goodie, and FED. Com then I do about Edible Arrangements@. The promotion needs to be increased if they want sales to increase and want to compete against these competitors. Also believe Edible Arrangements@ needs to keep their prices at a minimum and their products fresh and unique by adding variety to keep their current customers. The goal of Edible Arrangements@ described is to improve and increase sales with their current customers and also in the current market. To do this we need to continue to offer premium fresh fruit products, including fruit bouquets, chocolate dipped fruit, and other assorted items to our local market and expand to the business industry more.

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