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Edible arrangements

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The Brand Reputation: – Edible arrangements offer many different varieties of fresh fruits with chocolate dipping. They are very unique and have new concepts, this makes them add value to reputation of their brand. Their main strength is an ingenious approach to fresh foods. Fresh fruits are always healthy more the less fresh fruits with chocolate dipping adds to the luscious delight. The artistic works on the fruits makes it more appealing for a normal trespasser as well . It invokes a wow factor for the clients.

Customers are highly satisfied with their artefact as well as aliments and are driven back with the urge for more. The flexible price factor also attracts more customers to Edible arrangements. The customer service provides the clients with the best hospitality and gives you an open choice of tasting your goodies before you intend to buy them . While marketing through this strategy of try and buy attracts the clients to buy more of their products and increases the sales for the company.

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The hospitality of the company also creates a warm and a welcoming atmosphere which serves as a major point in retaining the customers. A more customer friendly environment with the best products of fair pricing is what stand as the strength of the joint.

Moving on to the weakness of the company,
The company offers only limited products and needs to diversify on the overall products produced. This will attract more clients and increase the sales. Edible arrangements have very little awareness on the open community and hence this will lead to customer reduction. A restricted marketing and financial plan will affect the company growth. Edible arrangements need to rethink on their promotion strategies and increase awareness among the public people. This will make them competitive against the heavy competition in the market. Since the company focuses on fresh and high quality products their lifetime will not be long. And

hence has to sold out quickly, if not it will be considered as waste. Also adding on to this point the delivery of the products will also be a hazard and can be done only for short distance since the products are fresh and has to be consumed quickly. There will not be an extraordinary support from the finance point of view since the business is on the verge of being a established well in the market and hence backing will be limited. The overall number of stores in the country is marginable. However the need to promote their business and manage the flourishing demand, establishment of more stores will led to increase in its customers. Limited working hours during the day needs to be increased in order to complete the products and manage the delivery time for the customers.

Analyzing the Opportunities of the edible arrangements are the following The fresh fruits are mostly loved by everyone and wide range of people will be interested in such health conscious products. This will boost the company in their growth. Their unique idea on fresh fruits is totally a new innovative and different concept. This leads to increased stakeholders. The other opportunity for edible products is to redesign their gift basket and make it novel. They should also concentrate on continuous improvement of their products and have consistent variety. Special packages and gifts must be offered during festival times to attract more clients. Festival season must have number employees working since the number of orders will increase and there will be high demand for the products. The locality and ambiance of the stores must have high standard of quality so that it can accommodate more number of customers and have less waiting time. Hospitality must be at the peak even during those times to retain the customers even in crowded hours. Franchise can be sold to common people who are willing to make the edible arrangements proud and widen their business. This strategy will lead you to a next platform and increase the growth. It is important to have collaboration with third parties and promote the business to next level in order to be in the top markets. This will also help you build a good reputation and increase awareness among the people.

Opportunities also exist for Edible Arrangements to continue to expand into a younger demographic market segment. As noted in the previous section, North American youth are becoming increasingly health conscious and paying closer attention to the nutritional content of their food more than ever before. Edible Arrangements should remain highly active on social media sites, and maintain their innovative, fresh and colourful promotional campaigns to keep expanding their brand awareness and tapping into different market segments, particularly young adults and teenagers.

And concluding on the threats caused to edible arrangements, Competition is regarded as one of the major threats to edible arrangements. There will also be new competitors and they will tend to copy the ideas of products and try to dominate the existing competitors. There will be price variance on the products and hence the customers will look onto this factor as well. Since edible arrangements have high standard of quality it will remain a difficult competitor in maintaining good quality and also compete with the low cost competitors. There will be a threat to study the variance in the market and what the clients are expecting, in order to thrive market domination. It is also be possible in customer reduction, this terms of self preparation of the commodities by the regular consumers as it is easy to make. This can prevented to a approximate level by making the exclusive recipes and maintain secrecy in minute detailing of the products which makes the sold commodities by Edible arrangements unique. Since edible arrangements is a small company there are greater risks that larger companies

will begin to offer similar products and services thus this will be a big threat to edible arrangements.

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