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Education’s Past and Future



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    Education has changed a lot over the years in every country in terms of the methods of teaching, learning, resources, equipment and other artifacts. Education has developed due to external factors like technology and science. Technology has changed education by the way of learning for both teachers and students in a beneficial way. Teachers have understood how to combine and use technology in the classroom. Due to this students have become more inclined towards learning. Usage of technology in education has enabled teachers to outreach students living across frontiers or in remote areas. (Karehka Ramey , March 14, 2013).whereas, education in the past which is called also ( traditional learning ) is more different than now it is defined as the ‘provision of teacher-centered learning to groups of students who receive information. Traditional schools generally focus on basic educational practices and expect academic learning in basic subjects in mathematics, reading, writing, science, and social studies.’ (Julie Alice Huson , N.D). This research will discuss the transformation of education and how has the improvements of education helped students in their results, skills and the way they think, or caused a decline.

    Education’s past and present

    The ways of teaching have changed a lot in schools in the past compared to the present. According to what Mondal’s said an Indian philosopher from institute of technology Delhi, From this point of view, during the Vedic period, a child used to be surpassed over to the trainer at the age of about eight years in the boarding schools. The child was imparted understanding for growing perfect behavior and no longer for its pragmatic end. Education, it used to be felt. Knowledge was something that provided meaning, prestige, and energy to life. The teacher took non-public pastime in the lifestyles of his students. Education was once all comprehensive study of logic. It dealt with the rules of reasoning and artwork of rational thoughtfulness. After which the science of Arts and Crafts was discovered. Hence, languages, logical reasoning, art and craft, and strengthening character formed the fundamentals of schooling in early India. However, Education these days is aligned with advertising values of an urban, aggressive purchaser society. In around five years, India has produced a variety of technocrats, experts and scientists through the current education system. These professionals have excelled in their fields and had set a benchmark across the world. These changes resulted due to globalization , openness to the world and development . (Puja Mondal , n.d).

    The transformation of education

    Technology has transformed education in different ways and has diversified in many scopes. Evenson a data security consultant claimed that the affect of technology on training due to the fact the creation of the WWW (World Wide Web) has grown immensely. Technology has generated a new technique of gaining knowledge in schools and colleges via on-line applications and research. The range of students beneath the on line getting to know program doubled within six years. Online packages no longer only provide obvious function in today’s working surroundings however additionally shapes and improve innovation and a clever strategy to learning.In addition Evenson added also that technology has made schooling a great trade than it was a long time ago. Anybody has access to training via online publications from their workplace or house. Every university, school and other establishments of greater studying have branched out. They are providing some of their guides online. Another universities have taken such steps similarly and are now providing all their publications on an on- line platform. As a result, online courses have made it convenient for all people to get entry to their preferred schooling via their computer systems and mobile phones. Technology has been capable to seriously change and assist schooling in several ways. The internet has made studying low-priced and available to nearly anyone who wants to learn.(Carol M.Evenson December 8 , 2017).

    The future of education

    However, in the future there will be a lot of changes in education and one of the most important factors of change in education is technology. As Bliss said an author from the e-learning industry, A latest poll displays that around 75% of educators consider that online content material will replace textbooks by means of the year 2026, and there are greater exceptional applied sciences on the way. In fact, deciding on which improvements to convey into the study room is quite of a mission for educators. Virtual Reality (VR) is one magnificent technology that instructors are deploying in the classroom. Mobile EdTech (educational technology) is another useful resource that’s rising in the field. In different areas, innovators have created academic software program that affords analyzing substances based totally on students’ comprehension level. In addition, today’s college students have get admission to many part-time and certificate on-line studying programs. These assets are not accessible only for k-12 beginners, but they prolong thru college stages as well.

    Bliss added also that there is a developing style toward on-line approach to academic content material and studying resources. Now, greater than ever, there is a wealth of accessible on line studying opportunities. Part of the enchantment of on line lessons is that they’re convenient. Students can take instructions at domestic 24/7. In 2017, on-line mastering used to be a disruptive pressure in education. Now, schooling leaders understand that studying needs are going via a procedure of transformation. Resultantly, academic content material developers are transferring their center of attention towards the studying desires of the future.( Kali Bliss , January 18, 2019).

    On the other hand, as a result graduates and undergraduates in the lecture rooms of tomorrow can appear ahead to experimenting with interesting resources, like robotic tools that trainers used to train coding. Furthermore, the trainers are tired of using the typical standardized frameworks. These days, digital trying out is rising as a useful resource that allows trainers to track pupil performance and measure the studying enchantment. Moreover, institutes can utilize Artificial Intelligence (AI) to strengthen customized pupil studying solutions. Technology is in excessive demand to develop mastering results and make sure that absolutely every body can get a first-rate education. ( Kali Bliss , January 18, 2019).

    Furthermore, technology have some issues in education. Early accounts of science integration centered a lot of their activity on growing the availability of computer systems in faculties (Fisher, Dwyer, & Yocam, 1996). Certainly, the most simple step towards effective science integration is giant get entry to to tools critical to run instructional pc programs. If laptop lab time is restricted to one hour per week, chronic use of academic technology is no longer viable. While many colleges throughout the country are making the transition to one-to-one (1:1) computing (Warschauer, Zheng, Niiya, Cotton, & Farkas, 2014), many college students do not have normal and dependable get entry to to a computer. Inconsistent pc access makes it extraordinarily challenging for instructors to combine science into existing lesson plans.

    As a solution , Research demonstrates that much development had been made to enhance tools and web get entry to in faculties over the final 20 years. Results from the National Center for Education Statistics’ (NCES) 2009 survey of public college teachers published that 97% of all instructors have at least one laptop in their study room each day (Gray, Thomas, & Lewis, 2010). Compare this result to the 1999 survey which observed that solely 84% of public college instructors had computer systems on hand in the school room (Smerdon, Cronen, Lanahan, Anderson, Ionnotti, & Angeles, 2000)


    In conclusion, education has change a lot due to many reasons. New advancements in technology are helping the education industry progress. The old methods of learning have been replaced by online learning. Everyone has access to online books and study materials and education can be easily imparted in remote areas as well due to the transformation of education. Hence it can be said that this transformation of education has impacted the students learning positively. However, After reading this we can draw the result that the transformation of education has helped in students learning. Students are now getting a vast knowledge about everything through digitalization.

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