Emily Dickenson novel analysis “If you were coming in the fall” Sample

The poets of the 19th century wrote on a assortment of subjects. One often-used subject is that of love. The subject of love has been approached in many different ways. Emily Dickinson is one of the legion poets who use love as the topic of several of her verse forms. In “if you were coming in the autumn. ” Emily Dickinson uses several metaphors to heighten the subject of the clip exhausted waiting for love.

In this poem Emily Dickinson uses metaphor that paints a image about lost love. It shows that clip does non count when you’re waiting for your love. “If you were coming in the autumn. /I’d brush the summer by. ” give us the feeling that summer does non count if she knew that love was coming in the autumn. It suggests that if she could bury about the alone clip she spent in summer so she would. The comparing of autumn and summer pigments a pretty image. emphasizes that love is beautiful and is deserving waiting for.

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Emily Dickinson shows that it is non easy to wait for love. “If I could see you in a twelvemonth. /I’d wind the months in balls. ” this creates a image that the months spent waiting can be crumble up if she knew love was coming in a twelvemonth. “And put them each in separate shortss. /Until their clip falls. ” the crumble up balls can be put in different shortss and be forgotten. if she merely knew when her love will come. The feeling of crumpling up injuries. but as clip base on balls and as she waits for love. it shall mend easy.

Although love hurts it is still deserving waiting for. “If certain. when this life was out. /That your and mine should be. ” this suggest that love still lives on even after decease. “But now. all ignorant of the length/Of time’s unsure wing. /It prods me. like the hob bee. /That will non province its sting. ” This metaphor set a temper of uncertainness of when love is traveling to come. It hurts waiting for love. but non cognizing when love comes hurt even more.

Emily Dickinson uses many metaphors to show the subject. This provides powerful images and makes the subject more seeable. Through those images it shows that love is deserving waiting for and waiting is worth the love. Emily Dickinson has been able to uncover the subject that love is the accountant of human clip and energy.

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