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Eminem The Real Marshall

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You would be surprised how many people judge and descriminate Marshall Mathers *Eminem*. He has been protested against and hated on throughout the most important years of his life- the years that he will remember for the rest of his life. Marshall was born in Detroit Michigan, 1974 and lived there for most of his childhood.

He moved once to Kansas but moved back soon after, into a black neighborhood where he did the rest of his growing. Marshall was the source of so many fights when he was in school, and he often got hurt- he was once hit so badly that he was knocked out and unconcous.

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Eminem The Real Marshall
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He was put in a hospital for five days untill they thought he was well enough to leave. It wasn’t till 1990 when Marshall started rap at a place called the Hip Hop Shop where he would preform for an audience doing rap battles.

For those of you who think Eminem was a crack addict or drug dealer, you’re so totally and completly wrong.

On October 25 1995 Eminem and his girlfriend Kim Scott, gave birth to their new baby girl, Halie- Aside from the embarrasing parts of the story which I won’t say, he wasn’t able to support his family for some private reasons and was found un-employed and not doing well with rap… so he attempted a new album “Slim Shady EP” as his last hope to make it. Eminem (The Real Marshall) Essay His new CD sold more that 1. 76 million copies in the first week.

The now rich and famose Eminem is now one of America’s biggest rappers and he has finally gotten what he had worked so hard on. Good for you Slim! He loves his daughter so much and even made a song for her… *Halie’s Song* – My favorite song,the best song in the world! And now I’m ending this essay with this – I hope you’ve learned a lot from this touching story and realized that Eminem might have written some songs that you don’t agree with, but the way he sings is his fellings and his opinion and I’m saying this in the nicest possible way – for those of you who have a problem with him, can just stick it up your asses.

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