Moving to New Surroundings and the Story of My Life

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Children who live in transient families have a difficult time adapting to their new surroundings. This opinion represents the traditional viewpoint of such families. My personal experiences do not coincide with these opinions. Many parents feel that sending a child into a new setting will result in a more vulnerable child who is terrified of the unknown. However, from my own experience, this is statement is false.

For instance, a young person may be intimidated when walking into a room where he or she knows no one, but with time and practice soon, the young person will feel more comfortable. The first little times my family and I relocated to different areas of the country. Knowing the difficult of being accepted in a new school, I was scared and nervous. Soon I learned that the most important thing is to simply smile, and enter new situations with a positive outlook.

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To start, I have moved ten times in my life, experiencing three different high schools, one middle school, and five elementary schools. Nevertheless, moving in high school is one of the most difficult experiences. In the beginning it is a challenge to adjust and make new friends, but after a few weeks things change and become more routine. Yet, some people are not welcoming, simply because they already have their cliques and circle of friends.

It can seem that the last thing they want is to add one more member, especially someone with a funny accent. But, eventually they begin to accept the differences and realize that the new person is not so bad after all. They begin to open their clique and they too learn that people who are different are not all that bad.

Just as things became routine, my parents would deliver the news yet again, We are sorry Lauren but we are going to be moving again. Those exact words were said so many times in my life. Knowing that my home will be in Waco, Texas for four straight years is somewhat boring to me. To some people that may seem weird, but for me it is all too monotonous. Due to all of the many moves excitement in my life is necessary. Moving to different areas gave me the motivation to get up in the morning and to go out and meet new and interesting people. The realization that it is up to the person to make things happen can really be the motivational push that everyone needs.

Imagine this: Entering a room full of people that have known each other for years, and being introduced as the new girl. It is uncomfortable and that is the joy of it. Learning how to be comfortable with my own insecurities is something that was acquired throughout my different moves. I would spend hours and hours staring at all of my clothes trying to find the picture perfect outfit to wear that first day of classes.

One realizes later that it does not matter what one wears that first day; it is the attitude portrayed to the new people. It is up to ones own self to make this experience a good one. It is expected for new students to come home during the first week and be distraught and I did cry because I missed my old friends.

Yet, the unusual thing is that the only reason I really cried was because I felt it was the right thing to do. My parents would always make sure my happiness was the first thing they made sure happened, and I honestly just wanted to receive th! e attention that I thought I deserved. Although being torn away from my friends and being introduced into a new and scary environment, is intimidating depression never struck me. I always had a positive outlook on meeting new people and was almost excited sometimes when I would get to start all over again.

Many people argue, saying it is wrong that my fathers job encouraged my family and I to move numerous times. Even though he did have the choice to stay or go, I am happy that we chose to make the decision to move. The transitions taught me a lot about life. I was introduced to many different types of people and learned just how diverse communities across America are.

For example, everyone in the South refers to Northerners as rude and mean people, but the truth of the matter is that they are the same as Southerners, except for the fact that they decide to say what they think and feel. Northerners joke that all southerners are cotton farmers, live on ranches, and say yall way too much! There are two sides to every story. On the contrary, fortunately for me, I have lived through both aspects, and realize that the only real dissimilarity is one place gets colder than the other. Moving to different places around the world teaches everyone to love and respect each other.!

One learns to deal with their insecurities in the best way. Instead of being saddened by my family moving so much, I rejoice that I had the opportunity that many people do not receive.

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