Employee Motivation in a Government Organization Essay

Q1. Discuss the long-term relevance of motivational techniques used by Baheti in the light of prevailing environment in the organization. Appreciation, Rewarding, Recognizing and Awarding are the motivational technique used by Baheti. Appreciation (Personal Motivation) Face to face interaction and motivating employee frequently. Timely appreciation for the good work and other excellence has made the operators to work hard and speak out freely about their problems in work, because operators are the people who had practical difficulty in implementing the written process.

Reorganization (Public Motivation)

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Employee Motivation in a Government Organization
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Efficient operator was chosen and his name is made to display on board of honour. This type of motivation will induce others to excel in similar manner. Naturally a healthy competition would occur inside organization and within the operators. Appreciation and reorganization will remove the fear out of employees to open up issues related to work. Rewards Appreciation letters from Area Manager and General Manager were conferred upon these operators in a public function (BSNL). This motivation technique is also a kind of public motivation but in a large scale and in a special occasion.

Rewards are given at a special day to individually appreciate the employee’s with not only words but also in a proof format (Incentive, Certificates). Motivation through rewards has a bigger reach within the organization and its parent firms. Awarding Prize of their own choice were given to them. Awarding is also a motivation technique usually a memento, gift, cash etc. Since the criteria for awards were minimum 200 calls and 20 days attendance, the servicing in numbers increased and customer complaints reduced.

Rewards and Awards being a status to the individual and therefore each one do their part of job efficiently also bring up enough confidence in handling difficult situation. Q2. Had you been Baheti, what other techniques you would have used to improve the special services provided by the organization? Other motivation techniques used by me as Baheti are Promotion, Allowance, Incentives, Suggestion Box, and Grievance register. Promotion within the department is one of the motivational techniques that can be used. Since it is a government organization, there is a huge scope for this type of motivation.

Allowance for exceeding the required service is always the best to bring the individuality. Allowance is usually in the form of conveyance, lunch & snacks token, mobile bill reimbursement, etc. Incentives are other motivational technique which is usually cash and so has a sharp effect on the service quality and quantity. Suggestion Box is one form of motivational technique, where an employee of any designation can share his idea to improve a process / service. Grievance register helps to know the practical and emotional difficulty in implementing the work.

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