Business Ethics in Employee Motivation in Virgin Media

Organizations are run in a enormously immense competition today. Due to the immense competition in these organisation, organisations has to convey in and implement different schemes to last and every bit good as for enlargement.

Apart from the competition a scope of outer and interior factors affects for the concern success. Those are the economical factors, political factors, environmental factors and every bit good societal factors. For an illustration an economic crisis in a society may modify the entire demand for a peculiar merchandise or service. Besides factors such as societal inclination can alter the demand for a merchandise. Likewise there is assortment of factors which can be critically affected for functionality or a demand for a merchandise.

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Therefore runing a concern in a fiscal system is non merely a simple undertaking. So as a consequence organisations need to convey in several schemes for endurance and every bit good for the enlargement of the concern.

In presenting diverse strategies the human resource of the organisation is an of import factor which should be managed decently to guarantee the employee motive. Employee motive is extremely indispensable for an organisation for its success. Without motive of employees, they do non develop as dedicated squad where who works exceptionally to accomplish organisational ends while accomplishing personal ends and aims.

Consequently in this survey the deliberation was given to analyze the function and importance of concern moralss in maintaining the employees motivated and reexamine its impact for the Virgin Media.

This research proposal identifies the background to the job justification, range and restrictions, aims, methodological analysis and the literature reappraisal of the survey.

Aims of the Study

  • To clearly specify what is employee motive
  • To recognize what is meant by concern moralss
  • To happen out the impact of concern moralss on employee motive
  • To happen out the impact of concern moralss on Organization Productivity

Research Question and Justification

“What is the relationship between productiveness and employee public presentation ” – In today ‘s competitory concern environment organisations are retained in the concern as a consequence of productiveness which comes through competitory advantage of the production. When the productiveness is lost, the organisation losingss its competitory advantage, market portion, trusts of clients etc. Therefore if an organisation is losing its productiveness, it ‘s equal to make the organisations demolish. So if we examine the ground for diminishing the productiveness of organisation one of the chief ground which base is that the employee public presentation are acquiring lower or it has gone down extended.

“What is the relationship between employee public presentation and motive ” – Employee public presentation lessenings due to run of grounds. So if we can place the grounds which decreased employee public presentation we can happen an reply to increase it and so to increase the productiveness and finally to make organisational success. Consequently this research survey is focused on employee motive which is a critical factor which enhances employee public presentation.

“What are the factors consequence for employee Motivation ” – The employee ‘s are motivated due to assorted factors, it may be fiscal incentives, non fiscal incentives etc. The motivational factors range in a diverse country.

“Whether concern moral principle is a factor of motive ” – Consequently in this research study the consideration is given on a non fiscal incentive which is the ain concern moralss of the organisation. So it is analysed the function and importance of concern moralss in maintaining the employees motivated and assist to better the productiveness inA Virgin Media.

This subject will heighten the cognition base into an of import country in employee motive and finally to the well being of Human Resource Management.

Scope and Restrictions of the Study

Employee Motivation is non an result of one ground ; a scope of facts determines employee motive. For an illustration acknowledgment is a one factor which improve employee motive, likewise there are series of factors which affect for employee motive. Business moralss of the organisation where an employee plant is besides a important factor which extremely affects for employee motive. Therefore my purpose of this research survey is to analyze how the concern moralss of the working organisation motivates the employees. Consequently this research range is to analyze what are elements of the concern moralss which affect for employee motive and how those elements have been affected in the selected instance survey organisation which is Virgin Media.

Although this research examines an of import country which affects for employee motive, there are certain restrictions excessively. The chief restriction of this research is that this research focuses on merely one chief key factor which affect for employee motive which is the concern moralss, but as mentioned above there are many other factors which affect for employee motive, so here in this research it is considered or assumed that affect of all the other factors are nothing. Besides this survey has been done merely for one organisation, and its my ain proposal and thought to farther behavior this survey for more two or three organisations where it will give an thought to employers to see how they must develop their concern moralss to acquire motivated the employees.

Literature Review

This literature reappraisal is considered on facets. One is the survey has been identified the literature on specifying employee motive and so it has been found out the literature on concern moralss after that a literature survey has been done on Virgin media which provides a better thought about the concern and eventually the literature has been found about the Effect of Business moralss on Employee Motivation.

What is Employee Motivation?

There are several definitions has been identified by several professionals on motive. The Lecture notes of Amarasingha. D. For the Professional Qualification in Human Resource Management of Institute of Personnel Management Sri Lanka, informs that the term motive has been reproduction of the term from a Latin word ‘Movere ‘ and merely its significance is something that moves people to action. Further it is described this may be a physical or mantel thing which moves people for action, in the work environment there are physical and mental environment which can be given to employees to travel employees for action.

Harmonizing to AMTA-LIMRA ( USA ) employee motive is the lone tool which is available to do people to make what they have to make. This says that motive is the 1 and merely tool which can be exploited to acquire the upper limit from the employees. Harmonizing to Jucius. M.J. motive is the act of animating person or oneself to acquire a preferable way of action, to force the right button to acquire coveted action.

The significance of this is that motive is an accomplishment which should be carried out to acquire completed some work from set of employees or from people. And further it describes the motor factor for every individual will non be exact, it will be different individual to individual hence in actuating employees, and the employer should acknowledge the right incentive for that peculiar individual.

And besides there is a different definition of motive which speaks that “ Motivation is an interior province of head, which straits or directs behaviour towards the accomplishment of pre-determined ends. ”

This definition elaborates that for every people they have there ain provinces in there head where they want to accomplish, consequently in motive the incentive should clearly place the demands of that peculiar individual or group and act consequently to there demands.

The Lecture notes of Amarasingha D. For the Professional Qualification in Human Resource Management of Institute of Personnel Management Sri Lanka, farther discusses that motive is non merely agencies of money and it ‘s a mixture of finance and non fiscal motivates. Consequently when an employer needs to actuate his squad he should clearly specify what type of incentives will be the incentives for an exact group or group of people.

Consequently it can be concluded that employee motive is factor which enhances employees public presentations and every bit good as strike hard down under public presentation of employees, the motor factors of employees may be non fiscal incentives such as fillips, inducements etc, or non fiscal incentives such as wagess, acknowledgment, etc.

But as our research country is instead different from these actuating factors it is required study the consequence of concern moralss for the employee motive. So the following consideration was given to place what it means by concern moralss.

Motivation Theories

Extrinsic Motivation

Extrinsic motive is considered as motive which comes from an persons ‘ exterior. Wagess such as money and classs are good illustrations for external motive factors. This wages provides satisfaction and pleasance for person and it is caused to actuate them.

Intrinsic Motivation

Intrinsic motive is considered as motive that semen from an person ‘s interior. It is hard to make to person is given force and that individual should hold existent involvement for that, as an illustration if person require to bring forth intrinsic motive in an person, he or she need to make that relevant individual ‘s involvement to affect in the related undertaking or action

Maslow’sA Theory of MotivationA – Hierarchy of Needs

Dr. Abraham Maslow, in 1943 introduced new construct relevant to the motive with physiological facet. It is called Maslow ‘s hierarchy of demands and it is by and large display as a pyramid. Most basic demands are displayed in the lowest degree of pyramid and top of the pyramid is displayed most complex demands

How Impact Motivation on Growth of Business?

Proper Human resource is indispensable portion of any company to increase its productiveness and public presentation. Employee motive is the cardinal factor to success in any concern. Each and every individual has their alone motive and personal inducements to work in efficaciously and expeditiously. Some employees can be motivated by grasp and company concern moralss, and others can be motivated by hard currency inducements. In the work environment, there are many motive factors and money is non merely the motive factor.

Incentive plans and company proper moralss codification for employee gives guaranting employees experience acknowledgment and fluency. The importance of this company ethics is non individualized. Company moralss should be matched the demands and wants of employees in the organisation. Company moralss addition motive because it is non merely animating dynamic public presentation but besides it show employees the company cares.

The most of import consequence of improve employee motive is that increased productiveness of concern. This is a 1 of cardinal purpose when making the concern moralss. If any concern can better employee motive, its productiveness will increased harmonizing to that motive increase.

What is Business Ethic?

Harmonizing to the definition of Cheryl Cran ( 2010 ) , Business ethicsA is the actions that aA businessA clasps to in its day-to-day traffics with the universe. TheA ethicsA of a particularA concern can be varied. They apply non merely to how theA concern act together with the universe at big, but besides to their one-on-one traffics with a private client.

And besides as Gwendolyn Cuizon defined the Business moralss need that a company inspects its behavior in the way of the outside universe. It obtains into deliberation morality, right logical thinking and moralss application. For illustration, the director ‘s ethical beliefs are depending on the state of affairs of director ‘s ethical doctrine. Moral and beliefs are relevant to the overall guiding belief system at the back the person ‘s perceptual experience of right or incorrect.

Business moralss are applied in order to do certain that a positive needed degree of faith exists between clients and a assortment of types of market subscribers with concerns. For illustration, a instance director must supply the same deliberation to the choice of household members and little single stockholder. Such patterns confidence that the populace is treated reasonably.

Effect of Business moralss on Employee Motivation

As the organisations accountable for maximal client satisfaction for their concern intents, organisations should maintain their liability of maintaining their employee dedication in their dedication in their field of work. In Business moralss, portion of this liability of the full organisation and their duty is enclosed in the nucleus values and rules. The concern moralss are besides guild the concern and their leaders to do determinations. It is because concern moralss consist with the rules in Torahs and ordinances, inner policy, and actions. Mostly organisations try to continue the concern moralss connected to merchandise quality, Healthy, safety, and competence and to accomplish these ends most organisations maintain up such moralss as being true, working with honestness, esteem, and justness and allied harmonizing to the rules and so on.

This is a instance survey of American Xtal Technologies which can be recognized as an illustration for the result of concern moralss to hanker last Over 500 of employees were left unemployed. In this instance American Xtal Technologies which is besides celebrated as AXT was non able to percolate up the safety conditions of their workers, the mill itself functioned with less rigorous wellness ordinances in the on the job environment. This cause to do the organisational physical milieus creates potentially sick workers and diseases.

The short of information, short of risky preparation, and deficiency of doing safety steps to do certain that the air was non over toxic bounds are all fixed issues which caused an ethical job for AXT and its old employees. Even before begun observe the air excellence in the works ; the concern had carried out an internal air monitoring. The internal monitoring had been exposed that their workers had been uncovered to over twenty one times the tolerable bound for immense dust since 1999 and did little to advise, educate and better conditions for their employees. So consequently long last with the bad standing for the AXT direction, because that they have played the taking function in the misconduct for the organisation ‘s employees.

From this illustration we can clearly acknowledge that how the concern moralss can be affected non merely for the employee motive but even for the entire autumn down of the organisation. Because if they had an ethical attack on occupational wellness and safety they may can seize the position of that and consequence for even the success of the concern.

An organisational civilization most likely to determine the high ethical criterions in one that ‘s high in hazard credence, low to chair in force, and concentrated on its agencies and same as results ( Benefits ) . Directors in such a concern are supported for speaking hazard and innovating are dispirited from appealing in unchecked competition and will pay concentration to how ends are achieved every bit good as to what how ends are achieved.

If the organisation civilization is powerful and it helps standard ethical frame for organisation, it should give a really strong and really positive impact for employee behaviors. For illustration Johnson and Johnson have a powerful civilization that has long stressed corporate duties to clients, employees, the community and stockholders in that way. When poisoned Tylenol ( a Johnson and Johnson merchandise ) was found in shop shelves, employees at Johnson and Johnson across the United States individually pulled the merchandise from these shops before the direction had even issued a declaration refering the meddling. No 1 had to state these persons what was morally right they knew what Johnson and Johnson would anticipate them to make.

Virgin Media is a British provider of Television, cell phone and broadband cyberspace services to household and industry clients in United Kingdom. It is headquartered in New York City, and employs 17,000 people. The company recorded grosss of ?3,602.2 million during the financial twelvemonth ended December 2006, an addition of 85 % over 2005.


At the Centre, Virgin Management Ltd ( VML ) gives the consultancy and managerial aid to every one of the diverse Virgin companies and their specializer Sector squad around the universe. Their employees in London, New York and Sydney present provincial support and between them and the Sector squads they manage Virgin ‘s safety across the whole of the Virgin Group.

SWOT Analysis

To hold a comprehensive apprehension on the organisation of Virgin Media it was focused on state of affairs analysis of the Virgin Media and the method which was used to analyze the state of affairs of the organisation is that the SWOT Analysis. Consequently the SWOT analysis of the Virgin Media is as follows.



The prestigiousness of the merchandise name and the freshness that the trade name Virgin nowadayss.

Virgin Media is the lone concern in the UK that presents all 4 of the chief media services ware jointly,

i.e. digital Television, broadband, lasting line phone and movable phone correspondence.

As they are offering all the services together, the company has obtained advantages of scaly economic systems as it is combined to tonss of its general functions such as direction and support, consequently allowing the house to value more competitively for the advantage of their patronage.

technological capableness and communications are besides two of the cardinal inner potencies, which are been browbeaten to build a market taking place

The merger between NTL and Telewest is still comparatively consequence for the organisation and there are cultural struggles between the two attacks and the energetic Virgin manner.

Recently, with their effort to be film editing of the organisation have effected to several redundancies and outsourcing of client services. This has caused for disturbed public presentation and be short of fidelity from employees

Because of the size and complexness of the disposal, there is a potency of fragmental dissensions which will necessitate to be supervised whether this educating move will non bombshell on the buyer experience.

The bank does non be after to pay dividends on its portions until the 2nd half of 2009 and this brand less attractive to investors in the twelvemonth.



The media sector is developing an outstandingly rapid mode, ensuing to giving infinite to turn the concern more over in the hereafter.

Ability to offer value auxiliary services such as on-line gambling or more foolproof broadband connexions

Technical inventions may available for companies can follow.

Rivals from other parallel medium houses such as Orange or BT who stay on as great group of histrions in promote.

Virgin Media is alleged to hold jobs with their substructure dependableness, which can likely let rivals such as BT to hike their market place

The medium division as a full is enormously rapid traveling ; so, the chief danger is that Virgin Media might be unsuccessful to remain hurry, hence draging its client base to a new pioneering corporation

Methodology of the Study

The methodological analysis of this research survey can be divided into several subdivisions.

The first subdivision of the research survey trades with the literature reappraisal on several facets, foremost it finds out assorted articles, definitions, different surveies to precisely specify what employee motive is.

After clarify above from the literature, another wide reappraisal of literature has been carried out to place what is meant by concern moralss.

The following section of the survey trades with placing how concern moralss affects on employee motive and consequently a literature survey has been conducted about the Virgin media in order to acquire an overall thought about the organisation.

After that a complete inquirer study will be conducted with the employees ‘ of Virgin Media which will precisely happen out the impact of concern for employee motive. Apart from the inquirer study a direct interview will be conducted with selected relevant troughs of the Virgin media to farther analyze the findings and come to a decision. The information analysis can be done through the usage of thematic analysis system which will analyze the subjects of concern moralss which can consequence for employee motive and productiveness.

Ultimately the survey will be concluded with successful findings on employee motive in footings of concern moralss of Virgin Media.

Datas Analysis

In this Research will be used fundamentally qualitative and the quantitative informations.Relevant to the informations beginning graphical method and simple statistical methods will be used for the intent of the information analysis and informations presentation. Some statistical package as SPSS can be used to data analysis all the statistical method can be used harmonizing to the informations, state of affairs and intent of analysis.


This thesis proposal is focused on the subject of “Title: What is the function and importance of concern moralss in maintaining the employee motivated and to heighten the productiveness in Virgin Media ” . It means survey on placing How Does concern moralss of Virgin Media affects for the employee public presentation of the organisation. As this is a beginning of a research we can non reason an exact reply but any how efforts were given to summarize all the thought in to one subdivision here.

Virgin Media ( officially Virgin Media Inc. ) is a British provider of Television, telephone and broadband cyberspace services to local and concern clients in the UK. Main Aims of the survey is that to clearly specify the construct of employee motive, to understand what is meant by concern moralss and to happen out the impact of concern moralss on employee motive. Consequently this proposal study is focused on supplying background to the survey including research aims, research job, and range and restriction of the research, methodological analysis of survey.

Apart from that the chief focal point of this proposal was given on the literature reappraisal. Consequently in the first subdivision of the literature reappraisal was focused on the organisational background has been provided and so a comprehensive literature survey has been carried out to place what is employee motive and every bit good to deeply place what is concern moralss. Accordingly it was found out how important of the concern moralss in order to employee motive.

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