Employment Legislation

For example, a woman bathroom vacancy can be specifically advertised for women. The recruiter while advertising positions has to consider both sexes. They also have to treat people the same while employment and not discriminate. Sometimes, this may work against a business, for example a construction business may ideally want men for heavy lifting. Junk 10, 2013 A woman, who had two miscarriages and claimed she was sacked because of the time she took off work after them, has been awarded more than El 2,500.

Race Relations Act 1992 This act makes it illegal to discriminate anyone based on ethnicity.

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Employment Legislation
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Employees have the right to be protected from discrimination, factorization and harassment. This can be used by an industrial tribunal in order to force employees to change their ways. Indirect and direct discrimination can also apply to this act. Direct discrimination would be saying a job is only suitable to a black person. Indirect discrimination WOUld be the job requires fair headed people. A business must accommodate all races and ethnicities; there aren’t any limitations o this.

An employer is expected to interview and have a certain amount of different ethnicities within a workplace.

Nina v Employment Service 2002 A Black African employee applied for the post of equal opportunities manager in his organization. He was assessed as having the skills and ability for the job. However, his application was rejected because; unknown to him, the post was open only to permanent staff at higher grades than his. Monitoring data showed that the organization had no permanent Black African employees at the grades in question Equal Pay Act 1970 The Equal pay act forces employers to pay men and women the same.

This includes every aspect of pay from pensions, benefits, sickness benefits and car allowances. The act was introduced when women were paid 37% on average less than women. A company must make sure that they pay (inclusive of all incomes) the same to all genders. They must advertise a vacancy at a universal salary.

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