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The End of Medicine by Kaare Bursell

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Ever wanted to start a revolution?  You’re sure about what you don’t like — precious resources being used up by the cattle industry, modern medicine with it’s “magic bullets” and lists of “possible side effects”, corporations espousing modern materialistic beliefs while stamping out whole ecosystems…

But where to begin?  Ghandi would say: “Be the change you want to see in the world.”  The I Ching says, “take care of yourself, your family, and your state: in that order.”  Clearly, change starts at home, with each one of us.

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The End of Medicine by Kaare Bursell
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  To navigate the great morass of information on self-transformation, it’s hard to know where to find a compass.

But wait!  Before you write this off as another spiritual text to add to your long, long list of goodies, give “The End of Medicine” a fighting chance.   The “End Of Medicine” describes the process whereby all illnesses arise in the human individual. It details the illness process in terms of macrobiotic theory and anthroposophical concepts.

  This deep understanding is the root of personal freedom, since it underlies a comprehension of what health and healing really mean.   This is the touchstone of any revolution, for without true health, what have you got to keep you going?

This book will challenge your understanding of the Germ Theory.  Did you know a German pathologist, Rudolf Virchow, said on his deathbed that “if he had his life to live over again, all his scientific investigations would be devoted to demonstrating that germs attack diseased flesh, they do not cause disease”?  Pasteur, though he likewise didn’t realize it until the end of his life, expressed a similar conviction.  The Germ Theory is a touchstone for modern medicine, and it’s been challenged from its very inception!  How does this translate into a modern ability to create and sustain health?

This book will update your knowledge of where blood formation really occurs in the body, and you will discover what facial diagnosis and the Five Transformation Theory are all about.  What do these things have to do with a spiritual revolution??  Facial diagnosis, for instance, is an ancient art that allows us to see what’s coming down the pike, as far as physical degeneration.  This art renders the “annual check-up” obsolete and unnecessary, thereby creating a freedom from modern medicine, barring its uses in an emergency.

“The human organism, our physical body, is a microcosmic expression in the physical plane of the entire cosmos.  When we look around us and study plants and animals in all their variety and profusion these observations give us the feeling that the physical cosmos and the world of nature are informed by and permeated with a profoundly harmonious wisdom.  Thus, if we can discern the laws and principles of this wisdom, which underlies natural and cosmic harmony, and shape our lives accordingly, we will be therefore consciously harmonizing our lives with that of the earth and the cosmos.”

This book is an essential reference for taking personal freedom into your own hands. Kaare’s wisdom, stemming from 30 years of study and experience, is challenging and thought-provoking. The coming era is said to be rough and demands a special flexibility in thinking and living.  Acting on this book is an essential step in educating oneself as to what a human being really is, and how s/he can relate to life in a more honest way. Enjoy! And do your ginger compresses!

About the Author: Kaare Bursell has been practicing macrobiotics and anthroposophy since the mid-seventies.He turned to these two seemingly separate paths to find solutions to the problems of illness and health after a seven year career as a practicing veterinary surgeon and clinician showed him that modern scientific has no answer for understanding true health.

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