Enduring Love Chapter 9 Essay

It is interesting to observe that chapter nine of Enduring Love is told from Clarissa’s perspective. It could be suggested that by allowing this chapter to be told by Clarissa enables the audience to be able to see what she is thinking opposed to what she thinks through Joe’s perspective. The sudden change in narrative style and voice could indicate a change in relationship between Joe and Clarissa.

This chapter shows how Clarissa is unsure about how to react to the Jed situation and who she should believe “you ought to be asking yourself which way this fixation runs” she insinuates that it’s not just Jed who is mad but also Joe, furthermore this emphasises how the first cracks in their relationship are starting to appear. The shift in narrative from Joe’s perspective to Clarissa’s perspective also allows the audience to choose you they should empathise with whilst getting to grips with Clarissa as an independent character and not just a figure of Joe’s character.

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This chapter in particular is arguably the beginning of the novel, because it is the initial fall of Joe and Clarissa’s relationship and the start of Jed coming between them, which foreshadows what is yet to come. Throughout the novel McEwan tells the story from Joe’s perspective. As a narrator it could be suggested that he is unreliable “Two. I’m not absolutely sure, but I think two” because at times he is forgetful and shows signs of insanity. As McEwan shifts narrative voice it gives the audience a chance to see Clarissa as a reliable source, because she is able to witness Jed and Joe’s behaviour first hand.

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