Energy Crisis Essay

Energy Crisis In Pakistan


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Energy Crisis
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1. Introduction
2. Pakistan’s Energy Sector
2.1 Energy Supply
2.2 Energy Consumption
3. Sources of Energy in Pakistan
3.1 Non-renewable resources (Fossil fuels)
Petroleum products
b). Natural Gas
c). Coal
3.2 Renewable Resources
a). Hydro power
o Current Hydropower stations
o Potential Hydropower stations
3.3 Alternative Energy Sources
a). Wind
b). Solar
c). Agricultural biomass /biodiesel
d). Tidal
3.4 Nuclear

4. Causes of Energy Crisis
4.1 Growing Energy Demand
4.2 Lack of proactive and integrated planning for production of energy
4.3 Imbalanced energy mix
4.4 Non-utilization of enormous indigenous energy resources
a). Thar Coal
b). Hydal power generation
5. Consequences of Energy Crisis
5.1 Economic Factors
5.2 Agriculture Sector
5.3 Industrial Sector
5.4 Unemployment
5.5 Social Issuesenergy use/saving unecessary energy usage
o electricity saving devices
o Awareness campaign for energy saving
o Reduction in unnecessary transportations
o Installation of effective equipment/energy efficient in industries
o Decreasing line/transmission losses
7.2 Developing new energy resources
o Tapping indigenous resources
o Using renewable resources (water) by constructing new dams and hydro power plants
o Import of natural gas
o Utilizing alternative energy resources
§ Wind power
§ Biodiesel /Biomass
§ Solar
§ Tidal
o Enhancing civilian nuclear capacity
1. Introduction :

Energy is considered to be life line of any economy and most vital instrument of socioeconomic development of a country. Energy is pivotal in running machinery in factories and industrial units, for lighting our cities and powering our vehicles etc.

There has been an enormous increase in the demand of energy as a result of industrial development and population growth, in comparison to enhancement in energy production. Supply of
5.6 Poverty
6. Conclusion

7. Recommendation/Solutions of.

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