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Many people come to highland with their family’s and friends to play , practice or watch a tournament Of a sport or just to have a fun time tit friends or family or even both (interview). CONNECTIONS remember my first time in Highland Park had just move to a new neighborhood and the park always went was too far and the only local park was Highland park . It was the flirts w keen in my new neighborhood my dad had taken me to the park to ride my bicycle. At first, didn’t like that park but the same day my first memory in the park was made .

That day my dad decide to take my training wheels off my bike I was scared , I fell so many time one of those times I scraped my knee still have the scar . Got so mad I wanted to leave and wanted my dad to p t the training wheels back on but he said no he said “practice makes perfect” . I wanted to leave that park and never come back I wanted to go the the other park he said” no lets go to the soccer court” . I said” don’t want to play soccer was to go home” and he said ” I’ll buy you an ice cream if we play one game” then he convinced me and we played .

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I had so much fun I forgot that I said “l never wanted to come back” , that day I remember telling my dad can we come back tomorrow . I remember my first time going With my friends we spend the whole day since mama to about pm . That time I went with bout 17 friends we had a blast . When we got there the some of the boys decide to play baseball and we separated I went with the other to the playground we played in the swings . Then me and my friend Rheumy separated from the other we went to secretly to filled the water guns and water balloons in the water fountains, thankfully nobody noticed .

Then I went to look for the girl we were about 7 of us and Rheumy we go the water balloons and headed over to the baseball court to look for the guys but they weren’t there , we couldn’t find them . So we head over to the soccer court we saw them and we darted throwing water balloons at them but someone has snitched on us and told then our plans so they has bought water balloons too , we had a water balloon fight . Then one of my friends Andy picked me up and took me to the sprinkler ,then everyone followed we ended up soaking wet . Afterwards we played soccer since the guys were saying ” Oh you guys don’t know how to play hay suck” .

We were responded ” no hay suck” so we played a game girls against boys The guys won by two goals then, we got hungry so we order pizza but said “how are we goanna order we’re in a park” , but y friend Jonathan said “we’ll ask then and see if they can deliver it to the park and a couple of us can stay around the entrance and get the , so that’s what we did, after we eat we played basketball with pizza” the guys , but after a while some of us got bored. So we decided to run to the deli and buy more water balloons we had another water fight .

When I left at pm with my friends Namely and Jonathan, we were soaking wet but it wasn’t night because it was in summer and in Summer the sun sets late . I had a great time can definitely said everyone their remembers that day . Thus , Highland park is that eave a get connection two because of the memories there . DESCRIPTION Highland Park is a park located on the Brokenness’s border. The Brooklyn n neighborhood to the south is commonly regarded as Cypress Hills part of the East New York neighborhood Highland park offers stunning views of Rosewood Reservoir, the Rockaway’s, the Atlantic Ocean, and nearby cemeteries (internet wisped).

Highland Park is popular spot among residents of both boroughs, and plays an important role in the community . Highland Park holds children’s farm gardens act as Hansson classrooms, barbecue areas serve as meeting grounds for mass elaborations, and numerous tennis courts, baseball fields, handball courts, soccer court and basketball courts provide for the community (observation and interview). Highland park also possess two playgrounds one with sprinkler and one fitness equipment, a aka debarring area .

Highland Park is divided in two , parts called Lower and Upper Highland . Lower Highland is where all the courts and playgrounds are located . Upper Highland hold most of the barbecue areas , picnic areas and ball field (observation). Upper Highland has the Rosewood Reservoir which is fifty acres of length ND has ten thousand species of plants , trees , songbirds and turtles and insects (internet Rosewood Reservoir). Highland park is divided into upper and Lower Highland because of Highland Blvd . Highland Park borders with the Jackie Robinson parkway .

Lower Highland has a monument by sculptor Pitter Montana called The Dawn of Glory World War One” the inscription on the pedestal reads “In honor of those who fought for our country 1917 1978 ‘I. Highland Park was purchased by the city of Brooklyn in 1891 (internet wisped) . Highland park has a rocky bridge located in upper Highland. Thus, Highland Park in a place for entertainment for both the community of the boroughs of Brooklyn and Q unseen . ISSUES Some of the issues the community faces in Highland Park are their a road between the parks , nasty restrooms the lack of water fountains and needs a football and golf court .

The road between the park is Highland Blvd . The road between the parks causes a safety problem for children even though there a crosswalk and a traffic light . Because many children or teens cross the road without looking for any car is coming or looking whether the traffic light is red or green observation). Another issues is the bathrooms their nasty and most of the times the bathrooms lacks of toilet paper and the water is usually cold only (interview). To add on , there only one bathroom for ladies and gentlemen in Upper Highland and one in Lower Highland (observation). In addition, there is not enough water fountains in Upper Highland .

Highland park also needs a football and golf court (interview) . People usually play football in Upper Highland and golf too but there is not any courts even though there is plenty of space in upper Highland for a golf and football court observation). According to some parents , there is a need of a pool or more sprinklers for summer . Another issue is that there is not any food court only vendor in motorcycle or bicycles . There is no any guarantee that the food or beverages are safe or good quality and the local deli is five blocks away from the entrance of the park (observations).

A problem with the playground for older children is there is no sprinkler that’s an issue in summer (observation) . In that case the older kids will head over to the little children’s playground and the e sprinkler will get crowded or o the skateboard court where there is sprinkler too which becomes and issue to the people that are skateboarding (interview). Thus, the some issues there some issues the community of Highland faces. SOLUTION Improvements that should be made to the park are food court , pool and t he construction of sprinkler in the playground for older children .

Yes , there is sprinkler but the summer in New York are really hot there a need of a pool . Since there is space in Upper Highland there should construct a pool. Another improvement to the park is a food court since there is only vendors in motorcycle or bicycle selling water energetic drinks and Spanish patties called mandates or postulates (observation). Another solution can be the construction of another pair of bathrooms in both upper and Lower Highland or at least to clean the bathrooms more often and provide hot water in the sink of the bathrooms in winter .

Another solution for the bathrooms is to provide more toilet paper (observations). A major improvement in the park can be the closure of Highland Blvd for the safety of the people in the community when walking from Lower t o upper Highland . An option for the same problem of the road can e placing a crosswalk guard in summer mostly because many people only go to Upper Highland on Summer not winter (observations) . An answer to the problem of the lack of water fountains is placing more water fountains. A solution for the people that play football and golf in upper Highland is constructing a golf and football court . Some teens that are skateboard lover suggest to improvement for the skateboard court because the ramps are too easy there is not a space where to try more difficult stunts and tricks . Thus those are some solution to the problems the community faces in Highland park. CONCLUSION To conclude , Highland is a wonderful park located in East New York that’s divided into two Lisper and Lower Highland . The park borders with the Jackie Robinson parkway .

Highland is visited by both people from Brooklyn and Queens . Highland is a special place for me because is full with happy childhood memories and I hope for more memories in the future. Highland is pretty much my second home in the summer . Even though the park is huge know the park like the palm of my hand . Yes , Highland has some issues but what park doesn’t ? Highland also need some improvement but what many people don’t legalize is that the reservoir in Upper Highland is the home for thousands species and there isn’t a lot of places like that in New York City.

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