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These intricacies would have been lost otherwise. My project has been a success only because of her guidance. Would also like to specially thank Mr.. Pariah S. J. , owner of Sere SAA Caterers without whom I could not have obtained the necessary information and support. Have been permitted to analyses the functions of the business as part of my industrial visit and observe it’s operations for 3 days. Hereby certify that the project was undertaken by me as a part of CBS curriculum. The data used in the project has been provided to me by the firm and therefore, I take it to be authentic and reliable.

Name of Student: Certificate This is to certify that Mr.. Irish Aphasia (Signature) of Class XII C of Delhi Public School Bangor North has completed his project file under my guidance. He has taken proper care and shown utmost sincerity in completing this project. I certify that this project is up to my expectations and as per the guidelines issued by CBS. Ms. Destined Gaur (Entrepreneurship teacher / Head of Commerce Department) External Examiner: SSL. No. Particulars Executive Summary 2. Main Business Idea 3. Business Name 4. Business Logo 5. Business Tagging 6. Similar Services In the Market

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Competitive Advantage and LISP 8. Marketing plan 9. Cost Per Unit 10. Selling Price 11. Start-Up Costs 12. How Will Start Up Costs be Met? 13. Risk Factors of Business 14. (Signature) Contents Performa Profit and Loss Account 15. Break-Even Point 16. Pictures Of Industrial Visit 17. Bibliography A business plan is a comprehensively written down document prepared by any entrepreneur that formally describes all the relevant internal and external factors involved in starting an enterprise. It’s a formal set of business goals, the reasons they are believed attainable and the plan for reaching those goals.

As per the CBS guidelines, this project elucidates the methods of the preparation of the business plan of a catering firm- Custom Cuisine, with a small business innovation in it’s waste management as well as proving the scope of better quality food against the malpractices to consumers which involve providing them with adulterated bad quality food. The objectives of the plan are as follows: To create a catering service organization whose primary goal is to exceed customer’s expectations through its Unique Selling Proposition. To increase the number of client’s served by 20% per year through superior laity service.

To develop a sustainable start-up business. We live in a fast moving world where everyone’s lives revolve around their job and careers. Situations like employees being late to work doesn’t even give these hard working people enough time for their basic nutrition; healthy meals means better work. Without that basic source of nutrition who’s to say that they will be able to function long hours of work? The business idea chosen by me is a catering service which involves the production, supply and service of food that caters to business firms in Bangor city, particularly the fast growing IT sector..

It caters to the firms during their lunch and dinner hours. It may sound like any other catering firm but there’s a lot more to it that would raise the expectations of firms and employees in the market with the best quality Of food provided in the respected market and a very unique and effective waste management system. “Custom Cuisine” ” To suit your custom, your life. ” Similar Services in Market The Bangor catering market is an interesting one. There are several caters that offer services that are quite similar to each other in terms of price and menu options. Some of them include: 1 . Sere Rehashed Caterers. 2.

Visas Caterers 3. FEM. Caterers For whatever reasons, there has been little demand by the customers on the improvement of the quality of food and services offered to them. This is not too say that consumers would not welcome better quality, it is just that people have incorrectly made the assumption that better quality meals are way too expensive. Also, there’s always the issue of what to do with excess food at the end of the day. Food produced on a large scale everyday is highly perishable and would not even last a day. But the real problem here is that food that is to be reduced for 1000 people will be produced for 1 500 people.

This has to be done for any occasion as it always depends on the demand of the people. And so there is bound to be an excess of leftovers. These statements are particularly relevant for the small part of the market that is to be catered to by us, which is the Corporate/ Information Technologies working sector. Any person living in Bangor would know that most of the IT companies are situated in the eastern parts Of the city. Areas like Whitfield, Henry, Sundial’s, Electronic City comprise the eastern part of the city and the sections of our target markets.

Custom Cuisine will occupy a niche in the working sector’s catering market that offers new, better quality, creative menu items, broadening people’s conception of good food with its exceptional advantage of relatively advanced waste management techniques in this sector. This sector of the market consists of one target segment that is similar by household income – The corporate and IT working sector, situated mostly in East Bangor. Competitive Advantage and USPS The business I have chosen, along with a certain innovation gives Custom Cuisine a huge competitive advantage as well as a LISP.

A JSP is the abbreviated form of unique Selling Proposition, which a firm possess to keep up with the competition and which is used to achieve a larger market share. The USPS of my particular business that gives me a competitive advantage over my competitors are as follows: Better Quality food: Custom Cuisine aims at providing better quality food that would improve the taste as well as maintain the health of the employees of business firms which would in turn help to pursue the sought level of sales in the catering market.

Through our effective cost saving techniques, we do not only have enough funds to reoccur more expensive, higher quality raw materials but also maintain the price as our competitors do, thereby cooking better quality food. One of the cost effective techniques is procuring less perishable raw materials in large quantities to achieve economies of scale. Waste Management System: Our waste management system is not a new a concept. It is quite simple, but extremely effective and has not been taken up by any competitor in this industry target market.

A modern day problem in the life of a catering business is how to deal with the waste produce of the day and the wet waste impede by each individual customer, since it is not perishable enough to be served the next day is the food wasted by each nor is it hygienic to be given to the poor at the end of the day. This calls for a certain innovation which can help solve that problem. The innovation being, disposal of waste produce and other wet waste food to agricultural contractors who can convert the food into slurry and then manure at a minimal cost. This manure can then be used to grow our own basic vegetables which are used almost everyday.

These do not even take much time to grow. It does infant involve the procurement of and and specialized labor (to maintain quality as per KUMAR scheme), but it’s an investment which is effective in the long run. Managing Plan The marketing plan will include the following aspects: 1. Market Research Plan 2. Target Customers and How will we reach them 3. Promotion Ideas 4. Packaging and Serving 5. Distribution 6. Quality Assurance 1 . Market Research As stated in the above section, there are three other major caterers that serve the middle to high end of the market. These caterers compete to some degree on service, but more so on cost.

The quality and the serving of the DOD are the main areas of service that the caterers compete on. A) Share Rehashed Caterers Is one high-end caterer. This caterer, while serving to the upper-end market, does not provide its clients with upper-end service. This company is not a strong competitor because of their overpriced service offerings relative to the service provided, and its business has been declining over the last few years. B) Visas Caterers Declared as the undisputed capital of authentic north Indian cuisine by food lovers, Copper Chimney has been Bangle’s foremost culinary landmark.

It souses mouth-watering and rare delicacies of Punjab and the north west frontier. This company may be quite a strong competitor but it lacks a main advantage. For one, it is situated quite far from east Bangor, and more towards the southern part Of the city. Catering to firms in the east section Of the city would increase costs and prices even more by a huge amount I. E. Increase in fuel expense. The Custom Cuisine kitchen is strategically placed in the city within a ten kilometer radius of our clientele. ) FEM. Caterers Specialists in Indian Managerial, Goanna, and Chinese cuisine, FEM. caterers occupy a large share in the market. It’s diverse range in cuisine only makes its demand stronger. But fortunately the firm is more oriented towards events like weddings, parties etc. So it wont affect the business of Custom Cuisine much. Custom Cuisine aims to occupy a niche in the working sectors catering market to offer newer, better quality, items, with its roots in simple, yet modernized Indian food. 2. Target Customers As mentioned before the growth of the Information Technology Sector is vast in Bangor city, making it Indian’s IT hub.

The software sector is also one of the main pillars keeping the economy up high. Karakas stands first among all the states of India in terms of revenue generated from software exports. Software exports from Karakas amounted to excess of 487 billion ($1 1. 6 billion) in the year 2006-2007. Along with the IT sector a lot of other firms operate in same areas that could benefit from our organization, namely: Accentuate IF upstart Froze Schneider Electrical I-Gates Shasta These companies form the basis of our clientele.

The method to approach each of them is of similar procedures. The first step on approaching them is by presenting a business plan, from which they look at factors like costs, experience in the field, whether the firm can keep up to the company’s needs, capacity of our firm, strengths and weaknesses etc The second step usually deals with trials conducted by the company. The respected catering firm is usually given a period of 15 days to a month (depends on the company hiring), whereby the business is allowed to function by providing its lunch and dinner services.

As the second procedure goes on, the employees of the firm provide the feedback to their senior managers as to the quality and result of the services provided. A contractual agreement is made between the many and the caterer as a result of positive feedback from employees. 3. Promotional Ideas Since our firm does not cater to commercial activities nor is it set up for commercial purposes, it doesn’t necessitate resolution towards large scale, Above the Line Promotional tools.

However, it is preferred by us to engage our catering business in a few sales strategies and below the line promotion techniques, so as build and improve customer relations with our small clientele. Sales Strategy A sales strategy is a plan that positions the sales of a product or service to gain a competitive advantage. Successful sales strategies help the sales focus in target make customers and communicate with them in relevant and meaningful ways.

Representatives of our business need to constantly keep in touch with the employees of the clients employees who are being catered to on a daily basis, to maintain good relations and collect feedback regularly. This will help our business to analyses deviations if they arise and take corrective measures. Below-the-Line Promotion Below-the-Line promotional methods are very specific, memorable activities focused on targeted groups of consumers. They are under control of the organization. 4. Packaging and Serving A catering business necessitates little packing and more “serving’.

The difference between the two is that packaging means a protection covering on a particular product or service. This keeps the product safe as it travels from the place of production to the place of consumption via channels of distribution and modes of transportation. In the particular case of a catering firm, food is transported to the place Of consumption and served to the customers on dishes and with cutlery. Good quality steel vessels can be used while transporting the food from the itched to the company’s canteen. Through this is it ensured the cooked food tends to stay hot and the nutrients are retained and do not react with the vessel.

To save costs and also promote the protection of environment, leaf plates will be used to serve the food. It is highly cost effective therefore leading to reasonable pricing and each plate can be disposed with the food and along with it, converted to manure which we will use to grow our own food. 5. Distribution Technique uses As per the requirements of any business, distribution is generally narrowed down to two main important factors. ) Channels Of Distribution b) Modes of Distribution c) place Of Distribution a) Channels of Distribution It is almost needless to say that the channels of distribution are zero level I. E. Direct distribution.

This means that there is no middleman here to take title or assist in transferring title of goods and services. The food produced is immediately dispatched to the point of consumption that is the client company’s canteen. Reasons for choosing direct channel of distribution: High permissibility emitted Buyers Small buying quantity Limited size Of market Cost effective Modes of distribution refer to the modes of travel used to transfer the food from production point to consumption point. For this sake around 3 lorries have been purchased that have the capacity to carry enough food to each of the three companies being supplied to. ) Place of Distribution Our initial target is to supply lunch and dinner to the employees off minimum of three companies, preferably: Accentuate As we expand our activities and operations we will apply to catering to more upcoming firms in the market. To save costs on fuel, our kitchen and office has been strategically placed in a 0 kilometer radius in the aforementioned companies of our target area, thereby also maintaining freshness of the food by the time it has reached the place of consumption. The demand for quality in food produce in this industry is constantly growing.

From the customers’ point of View, their constant growth of their awareness has induced a standard to them which requires manufacturers to pertain to, so that the customers are not deprived of their health and have obtained maximum utility from the service rendered to them. This also leads to long term interest of the firm From the service providers point of view, it is our social obligation and moral duty to comply with these requirements and maintain a healthy standard in terms of the services being provided in the catering industry.

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