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Essay about Kinetic Energy

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Water vapor is less dense than ice because lessees in the gas phase are in constant motion. Molecules in the gas phase have more potential energy than in solids. Molecules in the gas phase have more kinetic energy than in solids. Gaseous molecules have less mass. Molecules in the gas phase have more space between them than in solids. 6. During the swing of a frictionless pendulum, what energy form(s) remain constant? Kinetic energy only potential energy only both kinetic energy and potential energy kinetic plus potential energy None of these forms remains constant.

. The most significant contribution to modern science made by alchemists was A. Heir fundamental work in the transmutation of the elements. Their widespread acceptance of observation and experimentation. Their systematic method of naming substances. Their understanding of the nature of chemical reactions. Their discovery of phlogiston. 8. Select the best statement about chemistry before 1800. Alchemy focused on objective experimentation rather than mystical explanations of processes. The phlogiston theory laid a valuable theoretical basis for modern chemistry.

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Essay about Kinetic Energy
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Lavaliere’s quantitative work on the role of oxygen in combustion was the beginning of modern chemistry. The interpretation of data by alchemists was not biased by their overall view of life. Alchemists failed because they did not develop any practical chemical methods. 9. Which of the following activities is not a part of good science? A. Proposing a theory developing a hypothesis making quantitative observations designing experiments indulging in speculation 10. A scientist made careful measurements of the pressure and temperature of many different gases.

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