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Advantages of Substance Abuse being taught at University

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Substance abuse, also known as drug abuse, is a patterned use of a substance (drug) in which the user consumes the substance in amounts or with methods neither approved nor supervised by medical professionals. Substance abuse/drug abuse is not limited to mood-altering or psycho-active drugs. Advantages of substance abuse being taught in tertiary levels Persons would have knowledge of the harms drugs can do to both their body and mind, and determine within themselves if they want to go through this.

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Advantages of Substance Abuse being taught at University
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This abuse can destroy a person’s body inside and out, it can eat out their insides or even vive them cancer sooner or later down in life This abuse can also destroy a person’s mind frame, in that they can react differently than they normally would have without the drugs and in most cases it is for the worst. This abuse can not only destroy personally but it can destroy persons around these persons such as family or friends.

This also destroys families, such as wives, husbands or children even persons who are exposed vulnerable to second hand smoke because of these persons.

Persons under the influence of any rot of drugs may have no control of themselves especially if they are abusing it, and this can result in harm or even death of other persons, such as driving under the influence. These persons can thus make decisions for themselves personally and the persons around them to completely stop the use of any sort of substance abuse in their life. Persons may also not know that taking someone else’s medication can be very harmful or even fatal as they may be too strong for them and can destroy them. Disadvantages of substance abuse being taught at tertiary level

Persons would be exposed to more knowledge of various drugs and therefore are vulnerable to want to experiment with these. Persons, especially young start these either personal exposure or peer pressure, and both these ways can be very dangerous to them. They would have knowledge of various ways to experiment such as “Recreational drug abuse” and may think that this is alright because is just when they want and that they can control their use, not knowing that they can become addicted to this particular drug and may not be able to stop.

Persons may also see it as a use for “substantial or circumstantial use” not knowing that in this way they can become addicted and not even realize so that is why they should not even experiment in this way. Persons in wanting to experiment may not have done it right and can kill themselves in the process, or their body may not have reacted to it and also kill themselves Persons may also know about drugs which can cause fatal incidents, and in a desperate situation, may want to take these drugs to kill themselves or overdose on a drug and that will be veer, dangerous.

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