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Arranged Marriages – Pros and Cons.

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    Arranged Marriages are marriages in which are organized and arranged through family and friends of either the woman or the man of the marriage. This would occur since some states in the US outlaw marriages between White and Japanese people. Arranged marriages doesn’t only occur that way, because a lot of arranged marriages can be found throughout the world, many of them being traditional to their cultures. Some arranged marriages can be arranged at anytime, even while they are still children!

    Picture brides are a form of arranged marriages, except the couple would not et until they marry. They would only exchange pictures and letters to one another. Usually this would occur between a man in America and a woman in Japan. It would give the woman an opportunity to visit America, carrying only a picture in her hand. There are many stories of this, one such is “picture pride”. Think that arranged marriages are considered to be more prestigious. This is because in arranged brides the couple actually gets to see each other before they marry, and perhaps engage in some conversation.

    In Picture Brides, forever, the couple can’t see each other face to face, so it is difficult to tell whether the marriage might be happy and successful or not. According to my take on the idea of picture brides and arranged marriages, do not really believe in it. Think that many picture brides and arranged marriages may not necessary work out romantically. It does have its advantages over regular marriages, however. One, is that you wont be needing the approval of your parent’s before you marry, because they are the ones who select it for you, so they have your utmost support.

    Another, is that mom marriages that start out from two complete strangers can become the most romantic experience ever. Some arranged marriages are done strictly for business purposes only, however. Feel that the picture brides are the most strangest to me. First of all, you never actually meet up face to face with the person you are going to marry in a picture bride. Second, the pictures may be misleading at times, and so can the letters. Hear that it can be a great adventure of an experience.

    Picture brides are similar to Online dating however, in which digital photos and email re exchanged as well (Although Picture Brides are more safer)! Normal marriages offer it’s own advantages and disadvantages. First of all it gives you a freedom of choice, which can get as diverse as you would like. Second, you would be TABLE to make second choices on marrying that person without disappointing too many people. Third, you can spend as much time with the person as you’d want and be TABLE to marry at any desirTABLE time, although much preparation and time must still be done.

    Lastly, the marriage s started out entirely by love and commitment, which will let you know for sure that you want to marry this person. Overall, would prefer regular marriage over arranged marriages or picture brides, because it would give me more of a freedom of choice. Freedom of choice was not something that some Japanese immigrants in America had during the early sass’s, and they would have to handle the outlawing of Japanese marriages with whites, restrictions on Asian immigration, The harsh truths of racism in the American society and handling of arranged marriages all at the same time.

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