The pros and cons of the mobile phone

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The pros and cons of the mobile phone In the last couple of decades, there has been a tremendous step forward in the world of technology. So many of the new inventions have become more familiar to us and much easier to get at any time. And with these new devices that make lots of thing easier, the world around us suddenly changed. For example the mobile phone is used by almost everyone today, so when you meet a new person, their cell phone number is among the basic information you get about them.

However cell phones have disadvantages as much as advantages. Pros Always connected You are always connected and anyone who knows your mobile phone can contact you. You can speak to them, text them, send pictures and use lots of other features. Internet access Now most of the mobile phone service providers have GAPS, EDGE or G enTABLEd network. You can receive and send emails, always have the newest information, get the exact location of markets, hotels or any other places you need while traveling towards them, download music and movies. Entertainment

You can use your phone to listen to music while walking to school or work, play games or watch movies. Cons Always connected? Some times mobile phones can fail you just when you need them the most. You may be at a location where there is no network, your battery can be empty, the providers’ network might be overloaded and your call can suddenly stop, or your phone can simply malfunction. Health hazard Using mobile phone for a long time without break is definitely bad for your health. There have been some studies about the possible radiation from cell hones.

The radiation isn’t really that dangerous, unless you’re talking on your phone non stop. But even if you’re not using it that often it can still damage your hearing, especially if talking on the phone is combined with loud music on your headphones. Using mobile phones is very important in today’s world, but we need to make sure that we get enough time for face to face communication to Our family and friends, and make sure we don’t overuse mobile phones to the extent for it to become bad for our health.

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