Mediums for Visual Aids Essay

There are many different types of visual aids such as graphs, photos, maps, charts, videos, documents, and overhead transparencies - Mediums for Visual Aids Essay introduction. These are just a few to mention. Most, if not all, visual aids used in the court room need mediums (or tools) for demonstration purposes. Some people like to use the old fashioned mediums of flip charts or simple handouts. Of course these are not as impressive or stand out as much as the modern day mediums. Other mediums include overhead projectors, computers, poster boards.

Overhead projectors are for the use of transparencies. Overhead projectors allow the user to place a transparency (clear plastic sheet with writing or pictures) on a reflective lens and project a much larger image onto a wall or screen (Goodall & Hawks, 2004). This allows any and everyone in the court room to see what you need them to see just by placing it on a page. Computers are used for computer aided drafting (CAD), 3-D animations, or PowerPoint presentations.

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Mediums for Visual Aids
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PowerPoint presentations have become very popular and are very easy to use. PowerPoint is a Microsoft program that allows the user to create a computerized slide show (Goodall & Hawks, 2004). The material in a PowerPoint presentation is shown in a step-by-step animated presentation. This is because the user can choose from a range of colors, backgrounds, and layouts, and they may add music, sound, clip art, or photos.

The user is in complete control and can click their mouse to change from slide to slide in the order of the presentation as they are explaining the information they have included in the slides. All of theses advantages have helped to advance courtroom presentations. Poster boards are sturdy and come in different colors and sizes. They pose more for a background for visual aids to be mounted to. Any type of document can be enlarged and posted on the poster board. Potographs can be enlarged to aid the jury in viewing minute details (Goodall & Hawks, 2004).

An example of their usefulness would be to compare fingerprints. Fingerprints taken from a suspect can be enlarged as well as fingerprints lifted at a crime scene, and specific areas of comparison can be highlighted for everyone to see. With both enlarged, it is easy to view the comparison to support an expert testimony of a match in the prints. ? References Goodall, J. , & Hawks, C. (2004). Crime Scene Documentation: A Realistic Approach to Investigating Crime Scenes. Law Tech Custom Publishing.

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