Personal statement Essay

In the past thirty one years I have attained valuable experience in aerospace ground equipment, powered systems, processing aircraft cargo and passengers, and teaching. I have inspected, troubleshot, and repaired aircraft support systems and managed security staff. I am a high energy, reliable, self starter who thrives in a challenging and dynamic environment. I have the ability to multitask while still paying attention to the smallest details, and have developed excellent communications and customer service skills that allow me to interact with individuals from very diverse backgrounds. I effectively communicate with both technical and non-technical individuals and have demonstrated skills as a resourceful problem solver. I am inquisitive, driven and determined.
? Twenty six years of military experience
? Twelve years of Aerospace Ground Equipment experience
? Twelve years of experience with powered support systems
? Ten years experience planning, processing, scheduling, and loading passengers and cargo onto aircraft
? Performed fleet service on aircraft
? Nine years of providing vocational instruction in small gas engine technology to correctional inmates, including curriculum development, instruction, occupational hazard training, safety concerns, and evaluation of trainees.
? Experience inspecting, troubleshooting, repairing, modifying, and maintaining aerospace ground support equipment
? Supervised and trained individuals in support of aerospace ground equipment
? Proven success managing a team in a dynamic and fast paced environment
? Successful experience providing technical direction and advise to team members
? Proven ability to ensure regulatory compliance with agencies such as OSHA, EPA, and the US Military.
? Successful experience in the day to day operations of air transportation
? Directed air transportation activities, including loading and unloading, scheduling, fleet service, passenger check in, air terminal operations, and record keeping.
? Experience managing a commercial kitchen.
? Proven success in culturally diverse atmospheres
? Successful experience in private security, including training, scheduling, and supervising security personnel
? Proven conflict resolution skills
? Experience in budgeting, work orders, and maintenance plans
1983, 1994 Community College of the Air Force
? Certificates in Aerospace Science Technician, Air Transportation Specialist
1981 Solano Community College
? Associate of Science, Electronics Technology
? CAV International, AMC-5 EAMS – Kuwait City, Kuwait August 2006 – Current
Ground Support Equipment Technician
o One year contract
o Perform scheduled and phase inspections
o Schedule and perform safety inspections
o Assist with implementation of maintenance plans
o Perform repair as required
? Budd Group, Inc. – Orlando, FL 2006
Security Field Supervisor
o Training, scheduling and supervising security personnel
o May be assigned security duties at client sites
? Aramark Corporation – Florida Department of Corrections 2005 – 2006
Assistant Manager
o Managed the operations of food preparation and production
o Managed accounts payable/receivable, inventory, cost and budget control, maintenance, safety, inspections, and training
? Florida Department of Corrections – Clermont, Florida 1996 – 2005
Vocational Instructor
o Provided small gas engine vocational training to inmates, including curriculum development, instruction, evaluation, and counselling
? United States Department of Defense 1983-1995
Powered Support Systems Technician
o Indoctrination, training, and evaluation of Air Force Reserve personnel in powered support systems
o Management and operations of the equipment
o Inspection, troubleshooting and repair
? United States Air Force – Active and Reserve 1976 – October 2002
Aerospace Ground Equipment Technician (1976 – 1983)
Powered System Technician (1983 – 1994)
Powered Production Technician (1994 – 1995)
Air Transportation Specialist (1992 – 2002)
o Honorable Discharge – Active Duty, 1980
o Retired E7 (Master Sergeant) – Air Force Reserve, 2002
o Served in Operations Desert Storm, Desert Shield, Enduring Freedom, and Northern Watch
? Teacher Certification – State of Florida (1996-2009)
? Load Planner Specialist – 2001
? Aerospace ground Technician – 1983
? MHE Operator, 60k, 40k, 25k, 10k F/L, 10k AT
? Military License
? Fluent in Spanish
? Proven public speaking skills
? Proficient in Microsoft Windows
? Microsoft Office Products:
o Word
o Excel
o PowerPoint
o Outlook

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