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Airline industry in the current market become more competitive compared to last decade. This is because of the existing new competitors no matter in local or international airline service. With this competition among the airline service providers, each of the company needs to be very concern towards consumers’ needs and wants. This is important for the companies to create a great and effective brand image or identity no matter from internal and external sources.

Therefore, all the competitors are willing to do so because the brand image has the direct impact to generate nonuser satisfaction value. If a company failed to provide the positive brand image, it may directly or indirectly affect the consumers’ decision making on choosing the airline service. Consumers may shift to the other competitors which offered better experience. Nowadays, Airline services are becoming more competitive comparing last decade ago. Now, the most familiar airline service providers include Malaysia Airline, Air Asia, Starters and so on.

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Those airline services are most probably providing the air transport services for passengers. Scope 3. 1 Scope Statement The purpose of collecting the information is to show the services provided by Air Asia in Malaysia. The areas will be evaluated are the response of the respondents in the customers’ satisfaction, customers services, security services, and facilities by Air Asia in Malaysia. 3. 1. 1 Customers’ Satisfaction In this area, it investigates the level of customer satisfaction among the customers who fly with Air Asia, a budget airline in Malaysia.

The factors which investigated involved price offered, pre-flight services, customer relationship management, cabin environment and in-flight services. The independent variable is customer satisfaction. A quantitative approach’ findings show that there is no relationship between the price offered by Air Asia in Malaysia and the satisfaction level of the customers. The factors such as the pre-flight services, customer relationship management, small environment and in-flight services on Air Asia have shown positive significant relationship with customer satisfaction.

It looks like that Air Asia customers are no longer view the price as an issue as they are already enjoying currently when they are traveling. The management of Air Asia Bertha should focus their resources towards delivering customer satisfaction. Customers’ satisfaction is very important to marketers of products and services because a satisfied customer engages in favorable behavior intention such as repeating purchase. 3. 1. 2 Customers Services Air Asia offers Air Asia Cargo, Air Asia Go, Air Asia Megastars, Air Asia Reedit, Air Asia Travel Protection, Skywriter Kids Club, and Travel sixty.

The airlines industry sale office located in different location which include Brunet, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Macaw, Malaysia, Nepal, Philippines, Saudi Arabia etc. It actually operates in over 400 locations worldwide covering 25 countries including Manner, Brunet, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, South Korea, Cambodia, Sir Lankan, Laos, India, Taiwan (the Republic of China), Australia, New Zealand, and the U. K. Moreover, it has service such as online booking service and baggage allowance.

Air Asia Online Booking For individual booking, it is now easier and fast at their main website which is http://www. Eurasia. Com/my/while for group bookings, if you and your friends re traveling to a particular destination, the Sais’s no-frill transporter offers group bookings. To qualify, your group must be more than 9. We can also charter a flight from Malaysia to other countries. The popular Asian air company is also providing chartered flight services to serve business travelers through their Airbus 320 aircraft.

Proper Air Asia Online is observed to reserve seats for domestic and international charters. Baggage Allowance When flying, checked baggage can be pre-booked online at cheaper rates or can be done at airport check-in counters at regular fees. Bags must be checked n at least 45 minutes before departure for all flights and at least 1 hour before departure for X flights. Checked-in luggage is 15 keg and proper baggage fee is levied for every kilogram excess weight. There will be free baggage fee for baby buggies, manual wheelchairs, walking frames and mobility equipments.

For unchecked baggage, a passenger can carry a carry bag of less than 7 kilogram with 56 CM x 36 CM x 23 CM dimensions. 3. 1. 3 Facilities In Sucking, regional low-cost carrier Air Asia Bad (Eurasia) is improving its service offerings with the inclusion of its new ‘Web and Self Check-Len’ facilities, which are errantly located at the low-cost carrier terminal (ELECT) in Seepage as well as at selected regional airports. The new service purposely is to provide guests with a faster and easier way of checking-in. For added comfort and convenience, guests could also utilize its web-based check-in service.

By adopting a cost effective service and comfortable traveling experience for its guests, this service will also avoid airport congestion, long queues and reduce waiting time at no extra cost. For check-in from Air Sais’s kiosks, guests should check-in below six hours prior ND one hour before the scheduled departure time. The check-in kiosks are located in airports at Seepage ELECT, Juror Barr, Jota Kimball and Sucking, as well as at airports of Jakarta, Bali, Bangkok, Packet, Aching Maim and Hat Way. 3. 1. 4 Development of Air Asia On 18 November 1996, Air Asia started operated while it is established in 1994.

Originally, it was founded by a government-owned conglomerate, DRY-Which. On 2 December 2001 , a former Time Warner executive Tony Fernando’ company Tune Air Sad Bad bought the heavily-indebted airline. Or the token sum of one ringing (about USED 0. 6 at the time) with USED 1 1 million (MYRA 40 million) worth of debts. Fernando turned the company around, producing a profit in 2002 and launching new routes from its hub in Koala Lump, undercutting former monopoly operator Malaysia Airlines with promotional fares as low as MYRA 1 (US$0. 7). In 2003, Eurasia opened a second hub at Sinai International Airport in Juror Barr near Singapore and launched its first international flight to Bangkok. Air Asia has since started a Thai subsidiary, followed by added Singapore itself to the destination list, and started flights to Indonesia. Flights to Macaw began in June 2004, and flights to mainland China (Examine) and the Philippines (Manila) in April 2005. Flights to Vietnam and Cambodia followed later in 2005 and to Brunet and Manner in 2006, the latter by Thai Air Asia.

Air Asia took over Malaysia Airliner’s Rural Air Service routes in Saba and Karakas, operating under the Pleasantries brand in August 2006,. The routes were subsequently returned to Massing a year later, citing commercial reasons. Fernando unveiled a five-year plan to further enhance Air Sais’s presence in Asia at the end of 2006. Under the Lana, Air Asia projected strengthening and increasing its route network by connecting all of its the existing destinations throughout the region and expanding further into Southern China (Gumming, Examine, Sheehan) and India, Vietnam and Indonesia.

Through its sister companies, Thai Air Asia and Indonesia Air Asia, the plan called for a focus on developing its hub in Bangkok and Jakarta. Air Asia increased passenger volume to 13. 9 million in its 2007 fiscal year with increased frequency and the addition of new routes. The company announced 106 new routes to be added to its then-current list of 60 on 27 September 2008. The number of old routes discontinued has not been publicly disclosed. After that, at August 2011, Air Asia agreed to form an alliance with Malaysia Airlines by means of a share swap. The alliance was struck down by the Malaysian government, in effect voiding the agreement of both airlines. By early 2013, Air Asia saw a steep increase in its profitability. The year-over-year comparison had shown a 168% increase in profits versus the same period in 2012. For the part ending 31 December 2012, the airline’s net profit stood at 350. 65 million ringing which is equal to US$114. 8 million. In spite of a 1% rise in the average fuel price, the airline recorded profits of 1. 8 billion ringing for its full 2012 fiscal year. In February 2013, Air Asia submitted an application to the Indian Foreign Investment Promotion Board, through its investment arm, Air Asia Investment Limited, to seek approval for commencing its operations in India. Air Asia asked to take a 49% stake in the Indian sister airline, which was the maximum allowed by the Indian government at that time. At first, Air Asia committed to invest up to US$50 million in the new airline. 3.

Criteria used for selection areas Customers’ Satisfaction Air Asia Sad Bad has the services and some factors such as the pre-flight services, customer relationship management, small environment and in flight services on Air Asia . The customers are now focusing their attention on the quality of pre-flight services, customer relationship management, small environment and in-flight services offered by Air Asia, which seems to be affecting their customer satisfaction levels. Customers Services Air Asia in Malaysia has good customer’s services such as booking online and baggage allowance.

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