Analysis of Tiger Airways Singapore Pte Ltd, Which Operated Tigerair

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Brand Analysis

Tigerair is a Singapore based company that offers different going options at low-cost monetary values. They claim consumer satisfaction excellence and they started their operations in 2004. The going organisation offers flights up to 37 different finishs. In Asia they touch base with 12 states ( Keeping, 2015 ) . Within the old decennary Tigerair has won awards for client service and lowest rates. Of class the lowest rates awards didn’t mean that quality at any point in clip was effected. Among the local air hoses in Singapore, Tigerair maintains the taking place in supplying quality services to the general populace.

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SWOT Analysis

Tigerair holds a dominant place in the local industry due to its low cost rates. That means aiming the low cost section they have attracted a immense client base ( Hauser & A ; Shugan, 2008 ) . It has a immense web operation in all of Asia. The rate of growing for Tigerair is exceptionally high ( Holding, 2015 ) .

However harmonizing to certain faculty members ( Bisignani, 2006 ) when large concern expand at an exponential rate they are the worst hit by fiscal crises. Hence Tigerair can be in a vulnerable status if there is an economic crises.

Right now Tigerair is offering flights for 12 finishs in Asia, nevertheless Asia is composed of 48 provinces. Hence if it thinks to spread out its operations Tigerair should get down thought of get downing their operation in other zones in Asia. This could be a large chance for them as shacking in Asia, they know the industry and operational quandaries. Further every bit compared to outside Asia enlargement it could efficaciously cut down the cost. Further some faculty members ( Flores-Fillol & A ; Moner-Colonques, 2007 ) history that for regional air hoses affairs with other air hoses can pull more client and salvage costs. Hence Tigerair should be looking into that peculiar paradigm.

Equally far as Menaces are concerned, for air hoses lifting monetary values of Oils is ever a concern harmonizing to many surveies ( Flores-Fillol & A ; Moner-Colonques, 2007 ) ( Fu & A ; Zhang, 2010 ) . Further right now Tigerair has a cost effectual advantage but if another air hose comes with the same cost construction or lower monetary values with same quality that could present a stiff competition for the air hose.

Actual Placement

It should be noted that Tigerair poses itself to be an highly cost effectual travel. This means it tends to aim two sections of the market. First are the concern personals who normally seek many trips on low cost and second are the domestic travelers who look for low-cost travel ( Holding, 2015 ) . Because Tigerair has marketed itself offering assorted finish in Asia and outbound it looks to be an attractive stake for all the consumers who are looking for a good travel experience at low-cost rates.

Customer Analysis

As already discussed above due to the low cost paradigm Tigerair has attracted a important loyal consumer base domestic and concern personals for air travel on cheap rates. There is no specific age client but the portfolio for Tigerair include people of assorted background and ages who seek low-cost travel ( Holding, 2015 ) .

Harmonizing to faculty members ( Lederman, 2007 ) this is a large success for any organisation to pull a diverse audience of assorted background. But critics ( Bisignani, 2006 ) ( Hauser & A ; Shugan, 2008 ) besides maintain that pulling a consumer base based on cheaper rates can be easy deflected if another air hose comes in the market with low rates and better quality strategies. In decision the relationship between cost and client base is mentioned below ;

Competitive Landscape Analysis

As the above figure explains Tigerair chief competition is shaped due to the three factors above. First the local traditional air hose which have been bing for a important clip have been affected due to the low cost paradigm of Tigerair. Hence the traditional air hoses which offer full service poses the immediate competition for them ( Keeping, 2015 ) .

The 2nd 1s are the international lines working in Asia through different paths and monetary values ( Keeping, 2015 ) . Tigerair maintains it edge with the same low monetary value theoretical account with good services. And in conclusion the international entry by Tigerair with consequence in international monetary value wars. The immediate instance was witnessed when Tigerair decided to establish its operations in Australia. Australian air hose faced the force per unit area of the cliental as Tigerair offered low rates ( Liang, 2005 ) .

Further as discussed in the grind analysis competition is enhanced and effected due to the undermentioned factors as good ;

  • Oil Monetary values
  • Political Stability
  • Weather Issues
  • Barriers to entry in local and international domain
  • Economic conditions
  • Tax rates by the authorities
  • Inflation in maintaining the monetary value hikings

Market Trends – Pestle Analysis

  1. Political Factor: Harmonizing to the surveies ( Liang, 2005 ) the political environment of Singapore is rather stable and that finally helps any turning industry in the market. Academicians ( Liang, 2005 ) keep that political stableness and no authorities perturbation maintain the monetary values and the trust of the factor in cheque. Hence politically Tigerair has a good advantage
  2. Social Factor: Singapore has a really sound and intellectually mature public with above 92 % literacy rate ( Mundi, 2015 ) . That means that they have an informed populace. There are both advantages and a downside for any industry for this factor. The positive point is the populace is cognizant to do comparing so if they see Tigerair with a good service and low rates they will choose for it. However it should be noted they will ever be on a expression out for a better merchandise in the market.
  3. Economic Factor: Over the past decennary Singapore economic system is in a good place ( Liang, 2005 ) . A good and sound economic system really allow the market participants to play with the monetary values. If the rising prices rate of any state is stable cost effectual monetary values can be easy be maintained ( Zook & A ; Brunn, 2006 ) . However in economic crises this cost effectivity might harm and is hard to be maintained over a longer period of clip.
  4. Legal Factor: Cost effectivity of any company consequences in low rewards for the employees. That is because low cost monetary values of the merchandise means the fabrication cost for that peculiar service or merchandise is well lower ( WEN & A ; YEH, 2010 ) . Tigerair apparently has a challenge here, good rewards is a good index for employee keeping and therefore Tigerair need to concentrate on this portion.
  5. Environment Factor: Harmonizing to the information on the beginnings ( Keeping, 2015 ) given out by Tigerair it seems that it is making equal stairss to command its C print on the Earth. However there is ever a room for betterment.
  6. Technological factor: Pedants understanding ( WEN & A ; YEH, 2010 ) hold that uninterrupted betterment is paramount for any company endurance. Whether the concern is presently making good, it is of premier importance they look for other locales and services to maintain the client keeping.

Marketing Communication Plan

Tigerair – Market competition

It can be seen that nowadays the competition in the air hose industry is rather high and companies are endeavoring to do their place in the market. From the air hoses industry there are two chief rivals of Tigerair. One is Air Asia and the others Jetstar. Due to this the selling schemes that the rivals are following has a direct impact and influence on the Tigerair’s concern. Usually it can be noticed that the air hose industry are cost goaded which consequences in less trade name trueness from the client position. It is suggested that the Tigerair should follow better pricing scheme in the competitory market so that they could keep a stable market portion in the industry.

Tigerair – Marketing Strategy and the Competitive Positioning

Tigerair Segmentation Tigerair – Targeting Tigerair – Positioning

Promo Lovers


Value added searcher

Value added searchers Low Price – High Value

Tigerair Positioning

Tigerair is situated in such an country where so many other air hoses are at that place such as the Air Asia, Air Indus and etc. The range of the air hose industry has vastly grown with the spread outing new entrants of other Airline companies. However it has besides increased the much demand for the travel and touristry among the people who can afford it. Tigerair is looking recognizing that their part is rather competitory. The below mentioned Porter’s theoretical account explains the five forces of competition, which Tigerair are presently confronting is confronting.

Tigerair – Marketing Goals and Aims

  • Making Tigerair sole experience for its clients.
  • Constructing Tigerair as a robust trade name
  • Opening of the new paths along with low costs
  • Increasing the degree of gross revenues and grosss
  • Increasing company’s market portion
  • Communication of the new Tigerair Corporate values and moralss

Tigerair – Marketing Mix

The four Cs schemes and tactic programs that will be adopted by the Tigerair are as follows:

  • Opening the new path for the consumers
  • The new path will supply full services
Cost Puting low-cost pricing scheme:

  • The bearer airways inclusive
  • The mean low cost
  • Full service proviso
Convenience Online Smart Phone application initiation

Start of the Travel Agency office

Online selling and info handiness

Communication Provision of the 360 degree communicating with the clients including the media assemblage, advertizements such as TVC and you tube, Facebook

Tows Matrix

WO Schemes

  • The company can spread out and seek to develop in such countries such as Laos and parts of Cambodia which will derive them the low cost for the employees. The net incomes that would be earned from here can be farther invested in bettering the experience of client services.
  • Tigerair can work closely along with the engagement agents and besides startup of bettering the flights clip such as presenting them during the premier clip and with improved mechanism of booking system. Tigerair will the get to vie better with the rivals.
  • It is noticeable that the ASEAN understanding has now opened the new chances for winging to more finishs and this will be adopted by Tigerair which will widen the skylines for more consumers from other parts as good.

ST schemes

  • Normally people are non cognizant of Tigerair. The company has to regenerate the selling schemes which will be able to do them more into their low cost flights and the traveling to other finishs.
  • Tigerair demands to make out its networking capablenesss with the hotels, auto traveling companies and the companies such as the vacation places which can go as a complementary services to their clients.

SO schemes

  • Tigerair has a strategic location situated in Singapore which can give them more good progresss to open the new webs and affiliate themselves with the other large companies.
  • The Tigerair has the low cost care services and its operations that would guarantee them to salvage their safety policies and the concern of their valuable clients.
  • Tigerair should make out to such clients in Asia who are willing to hold less dearly-won going experiences.
  • ASEAN understanding will enable them to hold limitless travellers in their service.

WT Schemes

The company has no alternate if they won’t be able to follow better selling schemes other than to close their concern or any other air hose could get them.

Marketing Budget considerations & A ; Campaign prosodies

The budget that is allocated for the Tigerair will dwell of SGD 1,500,000 for one run in the set mark markets that are identified as the chief nucleus for the Tigerair air hoses. Our runs will be including the pulsing media flight during the vacation season get downing from December 2015 which will besides keep the online presence, outdoor and the new nomadic run every bit good. The budget allotment is as follows:

Television 750,000 SGD
Print 350,000 SGD
Outdoor 200,000 SGD
Online 150,000 SGD
Mobile 50,000 SGD


Tigerair should hold their chief focal point on bettering their client experience through the better client dealingss and services such as avoiding the hold and cancellation of the flights. Normally in the Airline industry the biggest issue is among the undependable flights and this cause the companies at interest.

Tigerair should look into better chances such as enlargement in other states most likely the developing states. They need to give warrant to their employers through occupation satisfaction which will raise their morale and supply better policy guidelines to the clients sing the security and safety policy.


Harmonizing to the analysis and the selling communicating program that we have done it is visibly noticeable that the success of Tigerair can make a new ballyhoo in the air hose industry. Furthermore, the efficient selling schemes and the operational public presentation is traveling to be the cardinal root of Tiger air achievement. The company is itself rather successful and they have gained a good trade name acknowledgment worldwide in the past few old ages. The schemes and aims that are proposed for Tigerair in this assignment can do them better their construction and derive the drift which they have engendered in the past five old ages among their set mark market.

Sing from the point of position of market research, concentrating on the mix audit we can clearly foretell that we are now able to place and supply recommendation for the better public presentation and improved mechanism along with the developed effectual selling schemes.


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